Predicting every Warrior player’s rating in NBA 2K22

With “NBA 2K22” set to release in early September, Warriors Wire drops a rating prediction for every member of the Golden State Warriors.

The latest installment of the “NBA 2K” franchise is set to arrive Sept. 10, and Warriors fans can look forward to playing with a squad that looks remarkably similar to the glory years.

We already know that Stephen Curry, coming off a top-3 finish in MVP voting, is tied for the highest player rating in the game at 96. Draymond Green is still around, Klay Thompson will soon be back in action after two years of injury, and Andre Iguodala is a Warrior again.

But 2K’s all-important player ratings are bound to change for “NBA 2K22.” How will they judge Thompson after two years away? How can they quantify the value of a player like Green? Where do younger Dubs like James Wiseman, Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody and Jordan Poole stand?

Here are rating predictions for every player on the roster (besides Curry) heading into the season.

Andre Iguodala shares epic story on Steph Curry dropping 40 after golf

What isn’t Stephen Curry good at? Andre Iguodala shared a story of Curry going for 40-points after spending the day on the golf course.

Both Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry will go down as two of the best teammates in Golden State Warriors history, the duo shared three-storied championship runs, and their adventures on the golf course are pretty legendary too.

Both Iguodala and Curry have a lengthy relationship with their second favorite sport, golf. Both are avid players outside the NBA, with each stepping into the professional side of golf as well. Iguodala joined TNT’s broadcast of the PGA Championship in 2017, and Curry has participated in the golf tour.

Iguodala and Curry spent many off-days playing golf courses around NBA cities, even a back-to-back didn’t stop the pair from breaking out the clubs.

Now with the Memphis Grizzlies, Iguodala joined the Erik Anders Lang show to discuss golf and meditation. The former Finals MVP dropped an epic story about Curry and him on the golf course.

“Like, we got a game tomorrow, and it’s important for him to play well—If I don’t play well, it’s whatever they ain’t going to blame me,” Iguodala told Lang. “But he played great that day. He shot in the 70s like he always does. I shot ok— I shot in the 80s, so I was happy around that time. So, I might have broke 90 that day, and I was happy.”

The story gets better when Iguodala goes on to explain that Curry tallied 40-points after playing 18-holes on the golf course the same day, during a back-to-back in the NBA.

“I didn’t play well that night because I was like—’whatever,’ but he had like 40 that night—he had 40 that night. He killed them.”

Iguodala joked that no one on the team knew what the two were up to earlier, except the Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr. Kerr joked with Curry after the game that he should play golf every game day, according to Iguodala.

“Steve was like, ‘You guys better play good today.’ Then he was like, ‘Steph; you should play golf every day.’ It was funny— it was hilarious,” Iguodala said.

Chris Montano of House of Highlights, linked the Warriors against the Phoenix Suns in 2017 as the game Iguodala mentioned. Curry tallied 42 points, with eight three-pointers and 11 assists.

The percentage of the human population that can score 42-points in an NBA game is ultra-low, then to shoot a 70-on the golf course on the same day, all while traveling on an NBA schedule is astounding.