Dawn Staley took her talents to the American Cornhole League and she was so awesome

What can’t Dawn Staley do?

Dawn Staley is as decorated as they come when talking about American sports icons. She’s widely regarded as one of the best college basketball coaches in the world, an Olympic gold medal winner as both a player and coach and also a Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame inductee.

In short, Staley is uber talented.

And as we see her star in OOFOS commercials, we’re well aware that her stardom and talent go beyond the hardwood. Truly, there’s nothing Staley can’t succeed in.

So, should anyone be surprised that the basketball legend is also good at cornhole?

Yep, cornhole.

Watch her sink this shot during the SuperHole 3 event of the American Cornhole League World Championships.

Staley partnered with Mike Richards in the celebrity-incorporated event. Although the two ultimately lost in the final to Doug Flutie and Matt Guy, it was a fun and entertaining battle at the ACL World Championships.

Will Staley be back next time around to win it all?

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The NCAA’s revamped women’s basketball tournament format is a huge win for South Carolina

Change is coming to the women’s NCAA basketball tourney.

The NCAA women’s basketball tournament is getting a facelift in 2023.

On Friday, the governing body announced the upcoming tournament will shift from a four-host format to a two-host format during the regional rounds (Sweet Sixteen and Elite 8).

Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina will host eight teams, and Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle will host the other eight.

There are a couple of obvious things to note here:

  1. One of the host sites being in South Carolina is at least a little bit of an advantage for Dawn Staley’s South Carolina Gamecocks, though the defending national champions likely won’t need that advantage if they’re as good as advertised.
  2. With only two sites, there are going to be fans of schools who will have to really do some traveling to support their team.

The updated postseason structure comes on the heels of the WNBA’s postseason restructuring.

In the coming weeks, the W will begin its 2022 playoffs with eight teams competing in four opening round, best-of-three series’ — a welcomed addition and significant change from the former setup.

For more on the countdown to the WNBA postseason. read here.

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UConn star Paige Bueckers will miss the 2022-23 season after tearing her left ACL

This is devastating news.

While the summer winds down and the kids are getting ready to head back to school, the excitement of college sports is growing. But in our anticipation of what’s to come, we sometimes forget how unforgiving the grind of high-level sports can be for the athlete.

On Wednesday, we were reminded.

Out of nowhere, an afternoon announcement from the official UConn Women’s Basketball Twitter informed the basketball world standout junior guard Paige Bueckers would miss the upcoming 2022-23 season after tearing her ACL in her left knee on Monday. The injury came during a pickup game, according to the team.

This is obviously a huge blow for the Huskies’ basketball program, which impacts their season and the lay of the college basketball landscape. However, this news is just so much more difficult to stomach for Bueckers.

Of course, Bueckers missed more than half of UConn’s games during her sophomore season (2021-22) after undergoing surgery to repair a lateral meniscus tear and tibial plateau fracture in her left knee. She returned in time for the end-of-season tournaments, which included a run to the NCAA championship game.

Another major injury to that left knee has to be incredibly draining for the 2021 John R. Wooden Award winner.

Bueckers will be eligible for the 2023 WNBA Draft, and there’s plenty of time between now and then to speculate whether or not she’ll forgo her remaining college eligibility or return to school. But such a topic isn’t really all that important at the moment. Not when there’s genuine concern for Bueckers’ immediate career.

Let’s all hope that Paige undergoes successful surgery on Friday and makes a full recovery.

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Aliyah Boston rightfully declines ESPN’s disingenuous invitation to the ESPYs after initial snub

Aliyah Boston gets it. ESPN does not.

Aliyah Boston does not care for your sympathy invite, ESPY Awards, no matter how much the nomination meant to her.

For those who don’t know, let me fill you in.

Boston is one of the best college basketball players in the world — man or woman. You can take a quick glance at her long list of accolades and come to that conclusion (two-time AP First-Team All-American, NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player, John R. Wooden Award winner, etc.).

And as a result of all of her accomplishments as a player, especially this past season as led the South Carolina Gamecocks to a national championship, she earned a nomination for this year’s ESPYs for the “Best College Athlete, Women’s Sports” category. Yet, Boston was not actually invited to Los Angeles for the 2022 event. Nor is the award for that specific category being televised this year.

Weird, right? Especially after Paige Bueckers’ 2021 ESPYs speech where she called for more respect and recognition for black women in sports.

Apparently, even a public voicing by Bueckers wasn’t enough for ESPN to change its ways. But some recent public shaming may have done the trick.

Dawn Staley’s calling out of ESPN’s wrongdoings stood out the most.

Not long after, Boston received an invite to Los Angeles to attend the ESPYs. A disingenuous invite on the heels of social media outrage. Boston recognized the invitation for what it was and had the perfect response:


She said it best, “You matter. You are valuable, You are a priority. You are seen, and you are loved.”

Well done, Aliyah.

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Ohio State successfully registers ‘THE’ trademark, and THE internet had lots of questions (and jokes)

The internet had all THE jokes.

Ohio State University successfully registered a trademark for “THE” on Tuesday after almost three years since originally filing the application.

No, that’s not a typo. They trademarked “THE.” THE! A singular word. And not just any singular word, but the most frequently used word in the English language. I’ve already used the word three times in writing this, not including the (that’s four) three times I referenced the (five) actual trademark.

Anyway, the hold up was a dispute OSU had with (THE?) Marc Jacobs that’s now been settled, and the school needing to prove to the USPTO that its use of “THE” wasn’t “merely ornamental,” according to trademark attorney Josh Gerben on Twitter.

Now Ohio State owns the trademark for the use of “THE” on clothing, and the internet had lots of jokes and questions.

Dawn Staley had the best response to A’Ja Wilson saying she was ready to transfer from South Carolina

A’ja wasn’t never leaving, y’all. We all know it.

Dawn Staley is one of the most demanding coaches in basketball right now. She wants the absolute best out of her players each and every game and, if you can’t give it, she won’t play you.

Even amid an incredible run last season when I asked Staley if she felt her South Carolina team could be special this season, she was hesitant to say yes because, well, sometimes they fouled too much. Or maybe they turned the ball over a bit more than she’d have liked.

That’s tough. But it’s also why she’s now a two-time champion head coach and also why she’s put so many great players in the WNBA. One of whom is A’ja Wilson.

Wilson is one of the greatest college basketball players to touch the hardwood and rewrote South Carolina’s record book a thousand times over while she was there.

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing in South Carolina with Staley. Wilson actually said on Twitter that she was ready to transfer after her Freshman year.

Wilson only played 20 minutes a game and only started once that season after being the National Player of The Year in 2014. Of course, she thought she could do more. She wasn’t getting that opportunity so she was ready to leave.

This is pretty hilarious to think about in hindsight. She had literally one of the greatest runs we’ve ever seen in college hoops and it all may not have happened.

Was Staley worried? Nope. Not at all. Why? Because, first of all, Momma Wilson was holding it down. Eva Wilson was not letting A’ja leave.

Second of all, she jokingly told A’ja she had her replacement ready.

The Tar Heels? Tuh. Ain’t no way, y’all. These two are the best. What a hilarious moment.

South Carolina-UConn got a primetime spot and delivered primetime ratings

Women’s National Championship Game delivers huge ratings.

Women’s sports are continuing to thrive on the national stage and are rapidly debunking each and every one of the sad narratives that still exist.

Sunday’s NCAA National Championship Game between the South Carolina Gamecocks and UConn Huskies is the latest example.

The matchup was broadcast on ESPN at 8 p.m. ET, which is a primetime slot that is usually reserved for the MLB’s Sunday Night Baseball. However, with the start of the 2022 professional baseball season pushed back due to the recent lockout, the women were able to take the stage.

And they delivered, as they always do.

It is easy to imagine last season’s championship Game would have done similar numbers if given the opportunity, but it had to settle for the 6 p.m. ET tip as the Los Angeles Angels vs. Chicago White Sox game took the primetime slot at the conclusion of the women’s championship game.

This is just another reminder that the more coverage women’s sports get, the more people watch and the more these leagues succeed.

Just ask the WNBA.

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Why the TSA wants fans to keep Final Four programs out of their carry-ons at the airport, explained

This is really a thing!

A tweet from the NCAA Women’s Final Four account on Monday just confused the heck out of college basketball fans everywhere.

“If you purchased an Official Game Program, TSA asks that you please place the program in your CHECKED BAGGAGE,” it read. “DO NOT put any NCAA MFF programs in your Carry-On baggage and DO NOT pack more than 4 programs in any one CHECKED bag.”


What does it mean? Are these programs … dangerous? Were they made out of some kind of material that might do something bad on a plane? Is this a joke?

We (think!) we have answers here:

Destanni Henderson was the X factor in South Carolina’s national championship win

It was Destanni.

It was Aliyah Boston’s South Carolina against Paige Bueckers’ UConn. That’s how the women’s national title game was billed – and for good reason.

Boston is the 2022 Naismith player of the year who led South Carolina to a wire-to-wire season as the country’s top-ranked team. Bueckers is the 2021 player of the year whose return from injury is likely the reason UConn reached the title game. 

But when the game tipped off, the team that prevailed did so because it was more than its biggest star. Boston and Bueckers played well, but South Carolina prevailed because of the others. And none of the others were better than senior guard Destanni Henderson.

Henderson finished the game with a career-high 26 points on 3-of-6 shooting from deep, with four assists and three steals. She did it all for SC, from pushing the ball in transition, hitting shots from the outside, getting to the free throw line and everything in between.

Henderson’s outbreak performance is far from outside of her abilities — she was an All-SEC first teamer along with Boston. But she saved her best performance for the biggest stage in college hoops, and that was the X factor in this game.

Bueckers scored 14 for UConn, but no other player for the Huskies cracked double-digit points. As a team, they shot just 41 percent from the field and 25 percent from three. They were out-rebounded 49-24.

South Carolina played impeccable team defense, holding UConn to 49 points, including a season-low quarter total of eight points in the first quarter. But while Boston was doing her usual work on the boards with 16 rebounds to go with 11 points, someone needed to pick up the scoring slack and Henderson did that. 

She was the difference in the game.

[mm-video type=video id=01fzrwyr8k3js39g1xqg playlist_id=none player_id=none image=https://images2.minutemediacdn.com/image/upload/video/thumbnail/mmplus/01fzrwyr8k3js39g1xqg/01fzrwyr8k3js39g1xqg-b891c3da1509d6ee03bd31a6c80f54a0.jpg]

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South Carolina’s Aliyah Boston gives heartfelt interview after winning NCAA Championship

What a difference a year makes.

Aliyah Boston is an NCAA champion. After falling just short in 2021, South Carolina won the program’s second title since 2017 as the Gamecocks defeated UConn, 64-49. Boston, the National Player of the Year, earned the title of Final Four Most Outstanding Player with an average of 17 points and 17 rebounds per game against Louisville and UConn.

In the title game, Boston scored 11 points and grabbed 16 rebounds, including five offensive boards as the Gamecocks dominated the Huskies on the glass.

After securing the trophy, Boston chatted with ESPN’s Holly Rowe on the court and gave a heartfelt explanation about everything she was feeling in the moment.

“Everyone had a picture of me crying at the end of the Final Four (in 2021), and they put that everywhere…,” Boston said as confetti fell. “But today we’re National Champions. Happy tears, Holly.”

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