Celtics Lab 80: A Boston Celtics Festivus for the rest of us to get some gripes off of our chests

We’ve got a lot of problems with things, and now you’re going to hear about them.

The Boston Celtics are seemingly stuck at around .500 midway through yet another season that was supposed to be the campaign that saw them finally ascend to contender status while a large part of the roster (and for that matter, the NBA) is in the league’s health and safety protocol after testing positive for COVID-19 despite the majority of the team being vaccinated.

Between all this, the political zoo appearing on our televisions and cell phones on a daily basis, and a host of other disappointing to downright frightening things going on in the world at the moment, there is no limit to the things fans of the Celtics could — and should — be complaining about.

To that end, on this week’s episode of the CLNS Media “Celtics Lab” podcast, hosts Justin Quinn, Alex Goldberg, and Cameron Tabatabaie host a Festivus-inspired airing of the grievances for all things Boston Celtics, NBA, and beyond.

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We try to keep it mostly light in a bit of a dark patch in the NBA schedule with all the COVID-related news currently gripping the league (and put most of the pandemic related talk further towards the end), and touch on the team’s recent play and signing of former No. 10 pick Joe Johnson to keep things balanced.

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We even hear from you, dear listener, so be sure to check out the clip embedded above to hear all there is to gripe about in the Celtics media sphere on up with your three favorite NBA curmudgeons.

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Celtics Lab 78: On activism, Freedom, and Enes with Dave Zirin

Enes Kanter Freedom has caught flak for his approach to activism in recent weeks, but can learn from his missteps.

The Boston Celtics center once known as Enes Kanter is back with a new identity as a US citizen and human rights activist with an updated name to reflect this new iteration, Enes Kanter Freedom. He has been using his platform as an NBA player to draw attention to a number of important causes.

But as many have learned parachuting into a struggle they are not part of personally and thus do not have the same stakes nor familiarity with the details, Freedom is finding his efforts are not always going as planned — nor received perhaps as hoped. Getting flak for tactics and his comments about LeBron James, Jeremey Lin, and Americans protesting their government, the Celtic center has felt blowback in recent days.

To that end, this episode of the CLNS Media “Celtics Lab” podcast features your trio of usual hosts taking a closer look at Freedom’s activism with Sports Editor of The Nation and columnist criticizing the new US citizen’s recent activism, Dave Zirin. Alex Goldberg, Cameron Tabatabaie, and Justin Quinn talk with Zirin about what’s not gone right, and what could go better.

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They also cover how de-centering oneself from the work at hand and forging ties with affected communities that allow them to use their own voices for their own struggles rather than usurping their place in the fight could breathe new life into Freedom’s goals.

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And more importantly, help do less damage while trying to do good.

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WATCH: Celtics center Enes Kanter Freedom responds to criticism over his ‘Tucker Carlson’ appearance

The Boston big man appears to have walked back his earlier comments suggesting Americans ‘shut up’ and stop criticizing their government, but is that enough?

Most fans of the Boston Celtics and NBA more generally have heard or read Boston big man Enes Kanter Freedom’s controversial statement on the controversial Fox “Tucker Carlson” television show on which he suggested Americans “shut up” and stop criticizing their government by now.

Now, in a recent episode of the “Rematch” podcast with BasketballNews.com’s Etan Thomas, Freedom took some time to talk about those comments, his appearance on the show, and his activism more generally. “What I mean is people should feel lucky, and at least they are not in a country like Turkey, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Belarus, and many other countries,” related the Celtics center. “I would never tell a person to shut up” (about what is wrong with the US domestically).

Has the nascent activist come to terms with the responsibilities of using one’s platform for the ostensible greater good? Or does he still have work to do on managing the delicate balance between recruiting powerful allies and becoming their pawns?

Watch the video embedded above, and decide for yourself.

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WATCH: Enes Freedom getting flak for ‘Tucker Carlson’ appearance on ‘Young Turks’ show

This likely isn’t the sort of awareness he was hoping to bring to his cause.

New citizen of the United States of America Enes Kanter Freedom is finding himself the subject of quite a few recent publications about his activism for human rights, but it may not be the sort of attention he was hoping for.

While his causes are widely supported as he does his best to champion human rights causes in his ancestral Turkey, around the world, and in China in particular, a recent appearance on the controversial Fox television “Tucker Carlson Show” and the comments he made on it are dominating the coverage the outspoken Celtics center has been getting in recent days.

And while his comments taken out of context are undoubtedly worse than otherwise, it seems that Freedom now finds himself at the center of a minor political kerfuffle that is not doing much to further his ostensible goals.

One such example is a recent episode captured on the video embedded above that features Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian reflecting on the Boston big man’s recent activism in the public sphere.

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Shams: Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter to change last name to ‘Freedom’

He is set to become a US Citizen on Monday.

You might think that “Freedom” is veteran Boston Celtics big man Enes Kanter‘s middle name due to all of the activism of the Turkish center in defense of human rights in his native Turkey, and lately in particular, in China.

But if you did, you would be wrong — but only a little bit, oddly enough. According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, “Freedom” will soon be his last name. Set to become a citizen of the United States of America on Monday, the Celtics center will be known thereafter as “Enes Kanter Freedom” according to Charania in a tweet on Sunday morning.

Kanter has recently stepped up his stance against China and those he believes support their oppressive policies towards ethnic minorities with their borders.

He is even going so far as to publicly critique LeBron James and Michael Jordan for their endorsements of sneaker brands allegedly using forced labor in China to produce them.

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