Black Friday 2022: Best WWE, AEW deals and more

Looking for Black Friday 2022 deals on WWE, AEW and pro wrestling merch? We’ve got details on when and where to save.

Black Friday isn’t quite what it used to be. For those of us old enough to remember getting up and waiting in line outside malls or big box stores at 3 a.m. the morning after Thanksgiving, maybe that’s not a bad thing. But there is a question about where to find the best deals on WWE, AEW and other pro wrestling merch for the fans on your holiday shopping lists.

The good news is that there are still plenty of deals to be found, and they aren’t always limited to just one day. One of the nice things about holiday shopping circa 2022 is that retailers are now spreading Black Friday deals out over multiple days, sometimes even more than a week.

“That’s great,” you say. “But where can I find them?” We’re here to help with that part. Scroll down for the latest on Black Friday pro wrestling deals, updated as we come across more of them.

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Cris Cyborg says if people want to see her try pro wrestling, ‘I’m gonna do it’

Cris Cyborg seems up for giving pro wrestling a try despite her already busy combat sports schedule.

Cris Cyborg seems pretty busy. The Bellator Women’s Featherweight Champion is already an MMA legend, and is scheduled to branch out to boxing by facing Simone Silva on Sept. 25.

Could we see her in a pro wrestling ring at some point too?

That was one of the questions posed to Cyborg during a recent interview with combat sports journalist Denise Salcedo.

“It’s a different sport,” Cyborg said. “Like I say, I love challenges. If I have the opportunity, for sure I’m going to train and do my best.”

Cyborg noted that she has trained some in the past with (currently injured) AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa. She called that opportunity “fun” before ending with a more conclusive hint at trying her hand at it in the future.

“If you folks would like to see me one day doing pro wrestling, I’m gonna do it.”

You can watch the entire interview below, with Cyborg’s thoughts on pro wrestling beginning around the 3:48 mark.

The path from MMA to pro wrestling is a well-worn one by now, with fighters successfully making the transition for decades. There’s less of a history of it overall for women, though WWE has Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler in prominent positions on its roster, and AEW has Paige VanZant under contract.

Much of the current speculation around Cyborg is whether she will end up signing to a superfight with PFL star Kayla Harrison, which could potentially be the biggest non-UFC women’s MMA bout to date. PFL founder Donn Davis has proposed a purse that would pay both fighters seven-digit sums, and Harrison told MMA Junkie last month that the offer was serious.

Whether that fight comes together or not, Cyborg would bring name recognition with her to any pro wrestling promotion should she decide to give scripted combat a try, and fans will no doubt be curious to see if she follows through on her stated interest.

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See highlights of Ric Flair’s Last Match

See highlights from the main event of Ric Flair’s Last Match, billed as the final pro wrestling match for industry legend Ric Flair.

Ric Flair has always made “looking as only I can look” part of his Nature Boy shtick. At the aptly named Ric Flair’s Last Match event in Nashville on July 31, he lived up to that mantra by bleeding for the fans (literally) one final time.

Teamed with real-life son-in-law Andrade El Idolo, Flair took on Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett in a tag team bout complete with a story that Jim Crockett Promotions had built up prior to the event: that Lethal, who grew up idolizing Flair, had trained him for his swan song but turned jealous when the Nature Boy denied him a place on the card.

As you might expect at age 73, Flair was a shadow of his iconic self, though he certainly hit as many of the high points fans would expect from him, including his famous chops and the corresponding “Whoo!” Lethal took some of the bumps Flair has turned into staples, particularly the flip up and over the turnbuckles.

A number of pro wrestling greats were on hand, including The UndertakerMick Foley and Bret Hart, who Flair stopped and spoke with after he managed to pin Jarrett.

You can check out highlights from Ric Flair’s final match and a bit of his subsequent speech thanking the fans in the video package above.

The match was by no means a classic, but was memorable nonetheless. A debate can certainly be had about whether Flair should have been cleared to compete in any capacity — he looked as if he could barely stand when the match ended — but fortunately, he appears to have come out of it no worse for the wear overall.

All that is to say this should absolutely be it for Flair, and no one should entertain any more “final” matches after this. At least he got to go out on something of a high note, in front of plenty of family and friends..

Ric Flair’s Last Match live results

Check out Ric Flair’s Last Match live results from Nashville on July 31, 2022.

This is it … probably. Ric Flair’s Last Match is supposedly exactly what it says it is on the cover, the final pro wrestling match for Ric Flair, one of the greatest to ever grace the ring.

Now 73, Flair is supposedly calling it quits on the 50th anniversary of his pro wrestling debut in 1972. Along with the main event, which will see Flair team with son-in-law Andrade El Idolo to face Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal, there’s an entire card that’s been put together for the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville featuring talent from across the country and around the world — some recognizable AEW, Impact and NJPW wrestlers included.

If you can’t watch the show as it’s taking place, we’ve got you covered. Bookmark this page and check back throughout the evening for the latest.

Ric Flair’s Last Match quick results:

Scroll down for more detailed Ric Flair’s Last Match live results.

Ric Flair will tag with son-in-law for final match against old, younger rivals

After plenty of speculation regarding a current WWE superstar, the opponents and partner for Ric Flair’s Last Match were revealed July 18.

A former WWE star will be one of the opponents for Ric Flair in what is being billed as his final pro wrestling match ⁠— just not the one many fans were hoping for.

After Flair teased a WWE connection a few days earlier, the details were revealed this evening by TMZ Sports. Flair will team with his son-in-law, AEW star Andrade El Idolo, to face longtime wrestler, promoter and current member of WWE management Jeff Jarrett and AEW’s Jay Lethal.

Despite the relatively late announcement with the Ric Flair’s Last Match card less than two weeks away, the video made to divulge the particulars (which you can see below) does a nice job weaving a narrative connecting the four wrestlers.

Specifically, Lethal is shown expressing how he idolized Flair growing up and was honored to get to help train him for his last hurrah, but getting upset when told he wouldn’t be on the card. Lethal then confronts Flair after a press conference for the event, attacking the Nature Boy in the parking lot … then getting some help from Jeff Jarrett and wife Karen in beating Flair bloody.

In voiceover, Flair then says “this is f–king family” as Andrade is introduced as his tag team partner.

Despite knowing each other for decades, Flair and Jarrett have only wrestled each other a handful of times in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Lethal and Flair have locked up twice in singles matches in 2010, with each man winning once.

Andrade, meanwhile, became part of Flair’s family in an official capacity only recently, marrying Charlotte Flair on May 27.

Flair’s use of the hashtag #WWERaw in his tweet promoting the announcement had many fans wondering if WWE would allow a current performer to take part in the event, with speculation zeroing in on AJ Styles. Jarrett’s involvement is essentially the next best thing; while no longer an active wrestler, he is WWE’s Senior Vice President of Live Events.

Ric Flair’s Last Match will take place Sunday, July 31 at Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium, with a card that now consists of nine matches and talent participating from a variety of promotions. The event will be streamed live on pay-per-view via FITE TV.

NJPW G1 Climax 32 Night 2 live results: Kenta and ZSJ collide

Check out NJPW G1 Climax 32 Night 2 live results on July 17, 2022 from Sapporo.

G1 Climax 32 got underway on July 16, with the first four tournament matches (one in each block) providing some close, hard fought bouts and one surprise as well. Eight more competitors start their tournament journeys tonight, or more precisely, this afternoon in Sapporo.

Several of the matches were previewed thanks to the tag matches on the first night’s card. Among them were Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Kenta, who couldn’t help but thrown down whether they were the legal men or not and kept up their war of words well after the three count.

Another pairing who got acquainted during Night 1 was Toru Yano and Jonah, though in their case it was less fighting and more running … on Yano’s part, naturally. Also on the slate for Night 2 are Tomohiro Ishii vs. Taichi, and in the main event, Shingo Takagi vs. Juice Robinson.

Thanks to an earlier start time, it’s not quite as late for U.S. fans who want to watch live on NJPW World, but if you aren’t able to catch the action yourself, please bookmark this page, as we’ll be updating it with the latest G1 Climax 32 Night 2 results as they happen.

G1 Climax 32 Night 2 quick results:

  • Tom Lawlor and Royce Isaacs vs. David Finlay and Yoshi-Hashi

Please scroll down for more detailed results after each match finishes.

Vik Dalishus on battling injuries, dependency: ‘I’m really proud of myself for how I got through’

Vik Dalishus joined the Under the Ring podcast to discuss battling back from devastating injury to become a better wrestler and person today.

Injuries are an unfortunate part of being a pro wrestler, but Vik Dalishus had an experience with them that was worse than most.

In 2017, Dalishus (whose real name is Rob Begley) tried a top rope move to the floor he didn’t normally perform, and paid the price for a bad landing: a broken right tibia, fibula and ankle, along with other bones in his foot, which later led to infection and doctors telling him he may lose his leg.

Rebounding from that setback was a long journey, but one that Dalishus feels has made him a better wrestler and person in 2022, as he explained to Phil Strum on this week’s episode of the Under the Ring podcast.

“It defines who you are as a person, in different ways, when you allow it to, when you view things that are struggles as opportunities to improve yourself,” Dalishus said. “I went through a lot of different circumstances where I could have played the victim and certainly looked at the negative side of the situation that I had created and the choices that I had made.

“And I’m really proud of myself for how I got through on the other side of it, and for the person that I’ve been able to become and prove who I really am.”

Listen to the full episode above for more of Dalishus’ thoughts on:

  • Why he and Hale Collins complement each other as tag team partners so well
  • How he got interested in pro wrestling in the first place
  • His time in OVW in the early 2000s

You can catch a new episode of Under the Ring every Monday, as Strum has a straightforward, insightful conversation with a different personality from the world of professional wrestling. Recent guests have included WWE superstar Damian Priest, veteran grappler Davey Richards and former WCW President Eric Bischoff.

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WES cancels debut show again, blames ‘talent not showing up’

WES announced the cancellation of its debut Nottingham show, suggesting that talent backing out was to blame.

Maybe Alistair Overeem is fated never to make his pro wrestling debut after all.

The former UFC heavyweight was slated to participate in the main event of the debut Wrestling Entertainment Series (WES) show in Nottingham, England. The original date was June 4, but the fledgling promotion called it off just days prior and announced a new date of July 9.

Now that’s off as well. WES tweeted today that despite being “disappointed in the news,” it was canceling the show. It pointed to “so many talent not showing up” as the main cause.

The only wrestler called out by name in the cancellation post is Lina Fanene, the former Nia Jax during her time in WWE. Fanene had been adamant on her own social media as far back as June 23 that she would not be participating.

Adam Scherr, formerly WWE’s Braun Strowman, was advertised as Overeem’s opponent for the original June date, and he expressed his skepticism as well in response to a tweet from Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp.

It remains to be seen if WES, which was founded by Gzim Selmani and Sunny Dhinsa (known as Rezar and Akam in WWE), can recover from such an inauspicious start. But getting off on the wrong foot with the very talent the company is trying to court only adds to the hurdles any new promotion faces, ones that now seem too high to clear in the short term.

Ric Flair still doesn’t know who he’ll be wrestling in his final match

Even Ric Flair himself isn’t sure who will be on the other side of the ring July 31 for his final pro wrestling match.

Ric Flair is a pro wrestling legend, one who’s more than earned the right to go out on his own terms. Yet even after decades in the business, some things remain out of his control, and one of those, apparently, is who he’ll face in what’s being billed as his final match.

Indeed, a press conference held today for Ric Flair’s Last Match, which will be held July 31 in Nashville, ended without answering that very important question. The Nature Boy wasn’t able to provide any insight into exactly what kind of match he’ll be in or who he’ll be facing, noting that he’s not booking it.

Flair did say he didn’t need his opponent to be a “big name” as long as they could work. As for his own ability to put on a performance, he sounded confident he’d rewind the clock at least a bit.

“I promise you that on July 31st, I won’t be the Ric Flair of 1989, but I will be better than the Flair of 1999. Ha, wait. I mean 2009.”

The 73-year-old Flair also said he has no concerns about his health leading up to the event. While his heart has been an issue for some time, he suggested he simply won’t take his blood thinning medication that day, and that his pacemaker would also not be a problem.

Several matches for the card, including MLW’s Jacob Fatu facing Impact World Champion Josh Alexander, were revealed during the press conference. But Flair’s match remains a mystery, possibly because the original plans for it haven’t materialized.

Fightful Select reported that despite some interest, Ricky Steamboat is unlikely to participate. A six-man tag match of some sort still feels like the most likely format, but who will be on each side of it remains to be seen.

Ric Flair’s Last Match will now take place at Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium, a bigger venue than originally advertised. Additional tickets will go on sale Friday, June 24 at noon ET at

New WES card revealed, ex-UFC star still headlining

The first WES card for Nottingham has changed quite a bit since the show was postponed to July, but an ex-UFC heavyweight is still in the main event.

The fledgling Wrestling Entertainment Series (WES) has announced its new card for its debut show in Nottingham, UK, and ex-UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem is still in the main event — he just has a new opponent.

When the WES UK show was originally planned for June 4, Overeem was advertised to face Adam Scherr (known as Braun Strowman during his stint in WWE) to determine the promotion’s inaugural world champion. When that date fell through due to logistical issues around the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration, the card was rescheduled for July 9, remaining at Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham.

It was reported at the time of the postponement that some of the talent promoted for the show would not be able to make the new date, and that appears to be the case as the card is now much different. The changes start at the top, with Overeem now slated to step in the ring against former Impact World Champion Moose.

Another title match pitting Lina Fanene (Nia Jax during her time in WWE) vs. C.J. Perry (Lana while in WWE) is a holdover from the original card. All other matches now being advertised are new:

  • Legion of Pain vs. BT Gunn and Kez Evans (World Tag Team Championship Match)
  • Steph De Lander and Anastasia vs. She Wolves (Women’s World Tag Team Championship Match)
  • Samuray del Dol vs. Lince Dorado
  • Dean Muhtadi vs. Damo Mackle
  • Eric Young vs. Zac Zodiac
  • Levis Valenzuela Jr. vs. Jody Fliesh

The last two matches on the above list will be shown on a free live pre-show, with all others airing on pay-per-view.

Overeem’s continued involvement is the most intriguing part of the event. The 42-year-old MMA fighter raised some eyebrows when he was first revealed as a headliner by the WES, given that he’s been outspoken about his disdain for pro wrestling in the past.

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The brainchild of Gzim Selmani and Sunny Dhinsa, known as the Authors of Pain while working for WWE and now calling themselves the Legion of Pain, the WES has a mission statement dedicating itself to becoming “a global brand in the sports entertainment and professional wrestling industry.” Tickets are on sale now, and the PPV will be available internationally through