Updated projection of Steelers wins and losses

Updated season prediction for the Steelers season.

At the start of the season, we had high hopes for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even with the loss of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger this roster was loaded. But things haven’t gone according to plan and the Steelers are now 2-6 with nine games to play. We decided to update our predictions for wins and losses with nine games left and one of the easiest remaining schedules in the NFL.

4 things that must happen over the Steelers’ bye week

The Steelers have plenty of work to do over the bye week.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are hopefully enjoying their bye week and using the time off to rest up, heal up and contemplate the second half of the season. Pittsburgh sits at 2-6 with nine games to play and there are more questions than answers about this team. Here are four things that must happen over the bye week.

Ranking the Steelers coaches on the hot seat after 5 games

The entire Steelers coaching staff is on the hot seat.

Through five games, the Pittsburgh Steelers are 1-4 and rank near the bottom of every major statistical category on offense and defense. There has been plenty of finger-pointing at players and coaches. At this point, every coach on the team should feel their seats heating up with how poorly this team has played. Let’s rank this team’s coaching performances through 5 games.

Steelers WR Chase Claypool says offense still figuring out identity

Is a lack of offensive identity after nearly a month a big problem?

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are heading into their fourth game of the season. Pittsburgh is currently 1-2 and there seem to be no answers for the problems on offense. A big part of the problem with the situation right now is this offense lacks any sort of identity. A point first talked about by center Mason Cole and now backed up by wide receiver Chase Claypool

“We got playmakers, but I don’t know if we have an identity,” Claypool said. “I think we’re still figuring that out.”

A month into the season feels a little late to be figuring out what kind of offense you have. As the offensive line improves, it should be pretty clear to the coaches what this offense is capable of. The main things holding that back appear to be an unwillingness by offensive coordinator Matt Canada to open things up and see what this group can do and a quarterback in Mitch Trubisky who is still playing like he’s scared to make a mistake.

This is a team with two very competent running backs, three playmaking wide receivers and a huge tight end with elite potential. How can these coaches continue to mess this up?

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Pros and cons of the Steelers firing OC Matt Canada in season

Should the Steelers fire Matt Canada now?

If you listen to the internet, it is long past time for the Pittsburgh Steelers to part ways with offensive coordinator Matt Canada. Despite only being in his second season as the team’s offensive coordinator but has already worn out his welcome.

This is due in large part to the struggles on offense related to the same problems that plagued the team in 2021. Unimaginative offense, ultra-conservative approach and doing less with more in terms of the skill players. But what happens if the team fires Canada now?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Steelers cutting Canada loose during the season.