Georgia Was THE Team, Stetson Bennett: 5 National Championship Thoughts

5 thoughts from Georgia’s win over Alabama in the 2022 College Football Playoff National Championship

Stetson Bennett’s big drive, to the loss of Jameson Williams, to Georgia being THE team of 2021, here are 5 National Championship thoughts from the terrific game.

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Georgia 33, Alabama 18: College Football Playoff National Championship 5 Things That Matter

Prediction: Georgia 26, Alabama 23
Line: Georgia -2.5, o/u: 52.5
CFN Georgia vs Alabama Preview

Now that the dust has settled after Georgia beat Alabama for the College Football Playoff National Championship – and after getting a shot to watch the game again after spending a fun night in a raucous and very cold Lucas Oil Stadium – here are the 5 main takeaways with 24 hours to let it all sink in.

5. Georgia was the team of 2021

Yeah, of course – it won the national championship. Losing the SEC Championship – as it turned out – didn’t matter, and it might have been just what the Dawgs needed.

You want focus? LB Nakobe Dean was so locked in on Alabama that he ended up wearing a Tide national championship hat after it was all over.

Obviously that was a mistake, but the loss in Atlanta refocused the effort. Any possibility of overconfidence was gone, the mission was to take down Bama – of course it was going to be Georgia-Alabama in the national championship – and this veteran team full of superstar talent had the laser focus needed to pull this off.

2021 Georgia was the team of the year, just like 2020 Alabama was the team of the year, just like LSU owned the 2019 season.

Georgia’s defense stopped Clemson to start the season – getting the only touchdown of the game on a pick six – and it ended the season with a dramatic pick six.

2021 Alabama might have rented the top spot for several weeks, but it was Georgia’s turn thanks to that D that helped bail out …

Georgia – Alabama National Championship 5 Thoughts 
4. Stetson Bennett’s one big drive
3. Jameson William’s injury mattered
2. Bill O’Brien was fine
1. The talent level, oh, the talent level
National Championship Game Thoughts

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Alabama vs Georgia College Football Playoff National Championship Live Game Updates, Thoughts, Reactions

Alabama vs Georgia College Football Playoff National Championship live thoughts, updates, and comments as the game goes on

Alabama vs Georgia: Thoughts, live updates, reactions during the 2022 College Football Playoff National Championship.

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Alabama vs Georgia: College Football Playoff National Championship

Alabama vs Georgia live updates, thoughts, reactions: Pregame

Welcome back to the – ugh – 23rd year(?!) of my rolling pretentious game  commentary for the national championship. I actually used to do this for every bowl game. I was young. I needed the work.

For anyone new to the bit, I’ve done this ten feet away from Deshaun Watson almost killing me. I’ve done this in the back of the end zone for Georgia vs. Alabama. From a hospital room, a Potbelly’s, and for the epic Vince Young Rose Bowl against USC, sick as a dog on a couch, I’ve kept this all going.

I’m in the stadium for it this year – I think. I kept walking through various skyways and tunnels from the hotel to here, and all of a sudden I was on the field.

Yes, I’m posting my own tweet.

This is a very, very different feel from the 2018 version between Alabama and Georgia in Atlanta. That was all about the elite of the Southern elite coming to the game. It was like royalty, there was an off-the-charts energy level, and it was all made that much crazier with a two-hour wait in the rain to get in thanks to Trump’s appearance at the thing.

This time around? Fans are here, but it’s just too cold.

It’s not Indianapolis’s fault, and it’s possible to not be outside at any time if you’re a part of the media, but it’s tough to have fun outdoor events when the temperature outside isn’t fun.

After going to the Orange Bowl last week, anyone who says they’d rather be too cold than too hot is lying. Humidity rules.

Oh, by the way, you’ll be glad to know that COVID is over in Indianapolis. There was one mask among the thousands of fans jammed inside the fan fun center of stuff. It wasn’t actually on the young woman’s face or anything, but she was technically wearing it.

I am beyond sick of hearing that America is bored of this matchup. Really? Cincinnati captured your imagination that much? You would’ve rather seen something other than the two best and most talented teams in college football go at it? Yeah, I get it.

The Alabama fatigue is real, and that’s just the Alabama people here. The energy is almost all on the Georgia side – to a point. Alabama media people are exhausted. Georgia media types are more spry because their base is jacked for the opportunity.

CFP National Championship Preview
CFP National Championship Top Prop Bets

I ran into three different Alabama media friends when I first got here. All three whispered that they think Georgia will win, and one thinks it’s going to be a blowout. I have yet to talk to one Georgia fan who can bring himself/herself to dare dream that anyone but Bama will roll.

After two weeks of saying Georgia is going to win the national championship, I supposed I have to stick with it. The defense really is that good, Alabama really might be as inconsistent as it was throughout the regular season, and I’m picking a low-scoring slugfest with the Dawg D taking its game up another level.

But I want a 49-46 shootout, and don’t care who wins. I’d actually take a repeat of the Raiders-Chargers game. In fact, if this starts to stink, I might switch over and start commenting on a replay of that.

The First Quarter coming up next.

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Alabama vs Georgia: 10 Best CFP National Championship Predictions, Prop Bets

Alabama vs Georgia top prop bets for the College Football Playoff National Championship … if you dare to dabble.

What ten Alabama vs Georgia College Football Playoff National Championship predictions and prop bets appear to be the best bets and picks?

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So you’re bored of the idea of Alabama vs Georgia for the College Football Playoff National Championship after just seeing this a few weeks ago … fine.

Let’s make this interesting with a few wise investments.

Here are the ten best-looking prop bets, predictions, and big picks for the College Football Playoff National Championship.

Value means as much or more here as anything else. That’s why a slew of the player props that don’t give you anything extra aren’t on here. Also, this depends on where you’re looking and who you invest with.

Happy College Football Playoff National Championship. Let these confirm, deny, or help you in some way go with your already held beliefs.

Let’s start with the biggest contradiction pick of the bunch …

CFN Alabama vs Georgia Preview, Prediction
Experts Picks: National Championship

10. Alabama +2.5

LINE: +120

The payoff on this isn’t anything amazing, but if you believe in Alabama, you might as well take the free cup of coffee and get the added sweetener in it.

Now is as good a time as any to go into my belief for this season’s College Football Playoff and the National Championship.

Not patting myself on the back for the first part – I’m usually miserable at picking CFP semifinal games against the spread – but my initial calls were 1) Alabama and Georgia would roll in their respective semifinal games, 2) Georgia’s defense would be the 2021 regular season version in the two game tournament, and 3) Georgia would exorcise the demons and win it all.

Oh yeah, and 4) I’m a firm believer that you never go against Alabama, so picking Georgia hurts. That’s why Alabama +2.5 and getting +120 for it is more than fine.

Because I’ll never, ever, ever argue with anyone picking Alabama to win the national title …

9. Alabama -7.5 and total under 40.5

LINE: +1500

I’m picking Georgia, but yeah, Alabama could roll in this – because it’s Alabama.

It’s entirely possible that Nick Saban’s team takes its game up another notch AND Georgia’s defense is strong in a 24ish-16ish Tide win.

Seriously, would you be out-of-your-mind shocked if this was a defensive clinic like the 21-0 2012 BCS Championship win over LSU? Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen, but at +1500 you’re not crazy to take the shot.

So with that said …

8. Alabama -3.5 and total under 55.5

LINE: +550

Maybe I’m misreading this.

Maybe this will be a bit of a back-and-forth fight and not a defensive slugfest.

This is the one pick of the ten on this list that gives a nod to those who think the offenses are going to roll, because it’s the most practical value.

Alabama winning by 4 or more is hardly asking for the world, and maybe this is like the 41-24 SEC Championship again.

At +550, cool.

7. Alabama RB Brian Robinson scores 1st TD

LINE: +600

I’ll just say it. Player prop bets are stupid.

Yeah, they’re fun, and every once in a while they’ll hit, but over the long haul they’re not worth the trouble.

But this is a prop bet piece. It’s not like we’re doing up the practical thing here.

Brian Robinson ran for over 200 yards against Cincinnati, but he didn’t score. He ran for 55 yards in the SEC Championship against Georgia, but he didn’t score.

In fact, he hasn’t rushed for a touchdown since putting two on New Mexico State back in the middle of November – that’s four straight games without a touchdown.

And that’s why you’re getting the +600.

If you’re going to do a player prop bet, do a player prop bet big.

How good was your bowl? Ranking all the bowl games

6. Georgia on the money line and both teams score 20+ (or, if you like Alabama, go the other way)

LINE+190 for Georgia, +260 for Alabama

It’s about as conservative as the convoluted prop bets get when it comes to value.

This goes back to the call that Georgia wins, it’s a bit of a defensive fight, but it still ends up around 26ish-23ish. Georgia on the money line doesn’t get you anything, but if this ends up on the right side of a good battle with a few scores each, +190 is a nice way to get this done.

On the flip side, if you like Alabama, the +260 is an even better call for the value.

Now, on the slightly contradictory side of this is best national championship prop bet No. 5

10 Best CFP National Championship Prop Bets 
No. 5 | No. 4 | No. 3 | No. 2 | No. 1

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Alabama vs Georgia: College Football Playoff National Championship Prediction, Game Preview

Alabama vs Georgia: College Football Playoff National Championship prediction, game preview, how to watch, lines, and why each team might or might not win.

Alabama vs Georgia: College Football Playoff National Championship prediction, game preview, how to watch 

Alabama vs Georgia: College Football Playoff National Championship How To Watch

Date: Monday, January 10
Game Time: 7:00 ET
Venue: Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
How To Watch: ESPN, Live stream on ESPN+
Record: Alabama (13-1), Georgia (13-1)
CFN Predictions | Bowl Schedule

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Alabama vs Georgia College Football Playoff National Championship Preview

Let’s do this again. Alabama was playing for its playoff life in the SEC Championship, was razor-sharp, explosive, and rolled to a 41-24 win back in early December. Bryce Young threw for 421 yards and locked up the Heisman, the slightly-maligned defense played one of its best games of the year, and the team earned the No. 1 spot in the College Football Playoff.

– Alabama was nice to Cincinnati. Rested, prepared, and focused, it had the game won after the opening drive in the 27-6 Cotton Bowl victory. Now it’s in the College Football Playoff National Championship for the sixth time in seven seasons – winning three of its previous five – as Nick Saban goes for his eighth national title overall.

To do that, Bama has to make it eight in a row over Georgia – the last Bulldog win was back in 2007. The streak includes two epic SEC Championships – 2012 and 2018 – and one all-time classic of a national title finish in a 26-23 overtime win to close out the 2017 season.

Yeah, the “Alabama is in Georgia’s head” is part of the narrative. How do we know?

How good was your bowl? Ranking every bowl game

Georgia trounced Michigan 34-11 in a College Football Playoff Orange Bowl semifinal that wasn’t even that close. The Dawgs players and coaches were all complimentary to the Wolverines and didn’t show a lick of disrespect after the game, but everyone had a faraway stare – it’s Alabama time.

Head coach Kirby Smart demanded to not be doused with Gatorade, the celebration was muted, and the team that was No. 1 and dominant for most of the regular season before the SEC Championship game instantly pivoted to the task ahead.

– 1980. Georgia finished the season 12-0 behind its freshman sensation running back Herschel Walker, closing out with a victory over Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl for the national championship. It had another shot at a title in 1982, but lost to Penn State in the Sugar Bowl.

That was about it until coming so achingly close to getting by Alabama in Atlanta in early 2018, but over 40 years of frustration can finally be eased with one big win.

– The College Football Playoff needs this. Since this began, 13 of the 16 CFP semifinal games were relative blowouts, and after a terrific start with an entertaining Ohio State win over Oregon followed by three straight classics – Alabama over Clemson, Clemson over Alabama, Alabama over Georgia – the national championships have been total duds.

America might be bored with more SEC teams, but Alabama and Georgia were the two best teams this season. Either Bama throws another national title on the pile and Nick Saban starts to push into John Wooden territory as – maybe – the greatest college coach ever, or Kirby Smart finally translates all the loaded recruiting classes and years of a program failing to finish the drill – to use a Mark Richt term – to make it six SEC teams to win a national championship in the BCS/CFP era.

Why Georgia Will Win
Why Alabama Will Win
Prediction, What’s Going To Happen, History
Expert Picks: National Championships

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College Football Expert Picks, Predictions: Alabama vs Georgia, North Dakota State vs Montana State

Expert Picks for the College Football Playoff National Championship: Alabama vs Georgia and FCS National Championship: North Dakota State vs Montana State

College football expert picks, CFP National Championship: Georgia vs Alabama, FCS National Championship: Montana State vs North Dakota State

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* next to the pick means the team will win, but not cover.
Click on each game for the game preview and CFN Prediction

CFN Predictions & Game Previews

FCS National Championship: Montana State vs North Dakota State

12:00, ESPN2
Line: North Dakota State -7, o/u: 47.5

Gill Alexander, VSIN: NDSU
Adam Dubbin, NDSU
Jeff Feyerer, CFN: NDSU
Pete Fiutak, CFN: NDSU*
Dan Harralson, NDSU
Phil Harrison, NDSU
Jeremy Mauss, NDSU*
Zac Neel, NDSU
Big Game Ben Niewoehner, CFN NDSU
Nick Shepkowski, NDSU
Scott Steehn, NDSU
Joe Vitale, NDSU
Clucko the Chicken, CFN: Montana State

College Football National Championship Expert Picks
FCS NDSU vs Montana St | Total Alabama vs Georgia
CFP Alabama vs Georgia | Total Bowl Results So Far 

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Georgia Wins Orange Bowl Over Michigan: Reaction, Analysis, 5 Thoughts

Reaction, Analysis, 5 Thoughts on Georgia’s Orange Bowl win over Michigan

Georgia beat Michigan to win the Orange Bowl. Five thoughts and analysis of the game, and what it all means.

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Georgia beat Michigan 34-11: Orange Bowl 5 Things That Matter

Final Score: Georgia 34, Michigan 11
CFN Prediction: Georgia 30, Michigan 20
Line: Georgia -7.5, o/u: 45.5

5. Georgia returned to 2021 form

Oh were the post-SEC Championship narratives were rich. One rough loss to Alabama, and …

Georgia’s secondary was a weakness.

Georgia was exposed.

Georgia didn’t beat anyone who was all that amazing.

Georgia was playing the wrong quarterback.

Okay, so maybe that last one still sort of holds – more on that in a moment – but it was as if everyone had forgotten just how dominant this team was throughout the regular season.

The offense didn’t get a touchdown in the 10-3 opener against Clemson. No one else came even remotely close to touching this team up until Alabama pulled off the win, and even then the loss could partly be explained away that the Dawgs sort of played like it didn’t need the win – which it didn’t.

So was this a bad performance by Michigan? Yeah, sort of, but Georgia did that to Arkansas, and Florida, and Tennessee, and Kentucky, and everyone else on the slate except for that one team that’s coming up in a rematch a few days from now.

Oh, and …

Orange Bowl College Football Playoff 5 Thoughts 
5; Georgia returned to 2021 form
4. Georgia had more talent. Duh.
3. Stetson Bennett was terrific
2. Nothing takes away from Michigan’s great season
1. Now Georgia gets its chance
5 Thoughts: Alabama 27-6 over Cincinnati 

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Georgia vs Michigan Prediction, Orange Bowl, CFP Semifinal Preview

Georgia vs Michigan: Capital One Orange Bowl prediction, game preview, how to watch, lines, and why each team might or might not win.

Georgia vs Michigan: Capital One Orange Bowl prediction, College Football Playoff semifinal game preview, how to watch 

Georgia vs Michigan: Capital One Orange Bowl, College Football Playoff Semifinal How To Watch

Date: Friday, December 31
Game Time: 7:30 ET
Venue: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL
How To Watch: ESPN, Live stream on ESPN+
Record: Georgia (12-1), Michigan (12-1)
CFN Predictions | Bowl Schedule

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Georgia vs Michigan Capital One Orange Bowl, College Football Playoff Semifinal Preview

Oh are the respective fan bases ready for this. Georgia hasn’t won a national title since 1980, it came brutally close to close out the 2017 season, and now it’s back and two wins away from finally getting it done.

Michigan hasn’t won a national championship since 1997, and even then it was split with Nebraska.

After years of being hammered for not being able to win a really big game under Jim Harbaugh, the program came up with two in a row with the breakthrough moment against Ohio State and the blowout Big Ten Championship over Iowa, and now it’s a victory away from playing for the national championship.

Michigan received just 12 votes in the preseason AP Top 25 rankings. No, it wasn’t ranked 12th – it got 12 votes, ranking behind Liberty and just ahead of Northwestern. It wasn’t ranked in the preseason Coaches Poll top 25, either.

With a power style on both sides of the ball – and enough timely downfield passes to get by – this isn’t as flashy team. It wants to get physical.

The program and Harbaugh have earned respect no matter what happens here, but there’s been just one bowl win since taking down Tim Tebow and Florida to end the 2007 season going 1-6 in bowls since then.

– Georgia has won six of its last eight bowl games and is 4-2 under head coach Kirby Smart. There wasn’t any lack of respect from the preseason polls – ranked fifth in each – before becoming the unquestioned No. 1 team right up until it lost to Alabama in the SEC Championship.

The defense is loaded with NFL talent, the offense is loaded with NFL talent, and this game might just become a key moment for Smart and the Bulldogs.

Smart has shown he can get the Dawgs close to being among the elite of the elite, but lose this to close out with two straight defeats, and everything that happened in the amazing 2021 will be soured.

Why Georgia, Michigan Will Win
Prediction, What’s Going To Happen, History
Orange Bowl Top Players To Know

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College Football Playoff 2021 Bracket: Who Will Be In, Where The 4 Teams Will Go

What will the College Football Playoff bracket be and how will it all shake out?

The College Football Playoff rankings and top four will be out on Sunday. Here’s what’s going to happen and where the teams will go.

College Football Playoff Bracket: What’s Going To Happen

[mm-video type=playlist id=01f1343a1wt7q817p7 player_id=none image=]

NFL Predictions Week 13 | NFL Experts Picks
College Football Playoff rankings prediction
Coaches Poll rankings prediction
AP Top 25 rankings prediction

5. What if Oklahoma State won?

Before diving into what’s going to happen …

The college football world was just a few inches away from an all-timer of a debate.

What if Oklahoma State running back Dezmon Jackson was able to turn the corner a little bit sooner and barreled his way into the end zone to win the Big 12 Championship over Baylor? OSU lost 21-16, by the way, after Jackson came up just short.

Who would’ve been left out of the College Football Playoff bracket with five teams that deserved to be in?

The hypothetical best guess is that Cincinnati probably misses out only because the schedule isn’t that great outside of the win over Notre Dame, and Oklahoma State would have two wins over Baylor – a CFP top ten team – and had the win over an Oklahoma team that was CFP No. 10 at the time.

Let’s just say the committee had a much, much easier night than it could’ve been.

4. Really, do Notre Dame or Baylor have any case?

Not really. No two loss team has ever made it into the College Football Playoff, and Baylor has two losses – one against a mediocre TCU squad. However, the Bears did win a Power Five championship.

Notre Dame’s only case is that it had a slew of solid wins over Power Five teams, but it wouldn’t get in over Cincinnati – the Bearcats won the head-to-head meeting – and it wouldn’t have enough to push out Georgia. The Irish will likely end up No. 5 in the final rankings.

Bowl Projections: The Final Call

3. Remember, the 2 and 3 spots don’t really matter

There’s no advantage to being the No. 2 seed in the College Football Playoff instead of the 3. Of course it’s a fun destination to be the higher-ranked team, but unless you’re the 1 playing the 4 – or vice versa – it makes no difference.

However, there’s going to be some debate over whether or not the College Football Playoff committee will want an Alabama vs Georgia rematch of the SEC Championship in the semifinal.

The committee ranks the top four based on how good those four teams are, and it doesn’t worry about the matchup, so there’s a wee bit of a shot that Michigan is 1, Alabama is 2, and Georgia is 3, but …

Nah. It’s not going to happen. And that means …

2. Michigan will be a wee bit ticked off

Oh sure, Michigan is living its best life right now with a win over Ohio State and a Big Ten Championship in the span of a week, but after the euphoria settles down, it’ll be mad when it thinks about what might have been.

Had Georgia beaten Alabama and had Oklahoma State been able to get past Baylor, the Wolverines would’ve had a much, much more favorable matchup against Cincinnati or Oklahoma State in the semifinal instead of likely having to play Georgia.

And so …

1. The College Football Playoff bracket will be …

Be absolutely stunned if it’s not …

1. Alabama. It beat the No. 1 team, did it convincingly, and it got through as the champion of the best conference in college football. Again, there’s a slight case for Michigan at the 1, but it’s not going to happen.

Alabama will almost certainly play in the Orange Bowl on the undercard game against …

4. Cincinnati. There’s no disrespect whatsoever by putting the Bearcats in at the 4. Yeah, it’s unbeaten, and yeah, it beat Notre Dame, but there weren’t any truly great wins over anyone else. It’s a joyous moment for college football – a Group of Five program is in for the first time.

2. Michigan. Again, there’s an argument to be had that it should be the 1 seed, but it’s most likely going to be the 2 and playing in the Cotton Bowl in AT&T Stadium. It’s bigger than the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, and the Wolverine fans are going to pack the house with all the tickets that aren’t snapped up by …

3. Georgia. Again, the 2/3 seed doesn’t matter – you don’t get an extra cookie or anything by being the higher seed – and Georgia isn’t going to fall to 4. There’s going to be an energy from the Bulldog fan base that wants another shot at Bama – but don’t be stunned if it gets a rematch of its bowl game last year against Cincinnati.

[protected-iframe id=”361699434b6d70baf15f631ed2408ac1-97672683-92922408″ info=”” ]

NFL Predictions Week 13 | NFL Experts Picks
College Football Playoff rankings prediction
Coaches Poll rankings prediction
AP Top 25 rankings prediction

SEC Championship: Georgia vs Alabama Prediction, Game Preview

SEC Championship: Georgia vs Alabama prediction, game preview, how to watch, lines, and why each team might – or might not – win on Saturday.

SEC Championship: Georgia vs Alabama prediction, game preview, how to watch: Saturday, December 4

SEC Championship: Georgia vs Alabama How To Watch

Date: Saturday, December 4
Game Time: 4:00 ET
Venue: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA
How To Watch: CBS
Record: Georgia (12-0), Alabama (11-1)
Sign up and live stream college football on ESPN+
Today’s Best Bet to Lock in Now

[mm-video type=playlist id=01f1343a1wt7q817p7 player_id=none image=]

All of the CFN Fearless Predictions

SEC Championship: Georgia vs Alabama Game Preview

Why Georgia Will Win

Okay, Georgia defense. It’s time to show just how good you really are.

The Alabama offensive line has talent – lots and lots of talent. It has future NFL players, all-star skill, depth, and all the guys you’d expect a Nick Saban team to have at this stage of the program’s consistent dominance.

It also doesn’t provide a lick of pass protection.

QB Bryce Young is talented and savvy enough to overcome the issues – for the most part – but no matter how many ways you want to spin it, if you’ve scored three points for the first 58ish minutes and you need to go 97 yards to save your season against a very-good-not-Georgia Auburn D, something isn’t quite right somewhere on your O.

Georgia’s defense has been a brick wall all season long.

It allows just 79 rushing yards per game, it’s the best in the nation in pass efficiency defense, No. 2 in pass D, and it leads the country in total defense.

This isn’t the team to go against when your offense is still trying to figure some things out.

Best of all for the Dawgs, it’s not like they’ve had to tax their top players in a whole slew of high pressure situations. No one doubts that this group can rise up when needed – it did that in the opener against Clemson – but it’s been so good at getting the job done early that this is about as fresh a team as you’ll find this late into the year.

However …

College Football Expert Picks, Championship Week

Why Alabama Will Win

That team that’s coming out of the tunnel as the SEC West champion has guys, too.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the pass protection hasn’t been great, the offensive line hasn’t been consistent, and the defense has a weird way of checking out for long stretches from time to time, but the team is here.

Auburn could’ve taken care of business for everyone by just staying in bounds, or coming up with a stop when the Tide offense had 1st and 97 to go, but nope.

Does Alabama have the talent to hang around with Georgia? Of course.

Can it run with the Dawgs? Does it have the athletes? Does it have the We’re Alabama And Georgia Isn’t arrogance/confidence? Duh.

Georgia might be playing at a dominant-high level, but it also hasn’t had to deal with anyone that amazing for a while.

Tennessee is fine, and Kentucky is good, and Auburn and Arkansas are solid, but Georgia didn’t have to play Alabama in the regular season. It didn’t have to face Ole Miss, and it didn’t deal with the Mississippi State curveball.

No, of course there’s no dogging the Georgia schedule against nine bowl bound teams – no, there’s NO dogging 12-0 from the SEC – but it’s going to need to find a gear that it hasn’t had to use since early September.

To be kind, let’s just say Alabama is battle tested.

Yeah, Alabama has the guys, and it has …

NFL Expert Picks, CFN Week 13

What’s Going To Happen

Bryce Young.

Really, do you believe that Stetson Bennett is ready to deliver an SEC Championship against an Alabama team has it on Georgia in one key area – pass rush.

Georgia’s pass rush is fantastic. Alabama leads the SEC in sacks and tackles for loss, and Bennett’s not going to have the 19 days to throw he enjoyed throughout the season.

However, this is going to be a LONG game.

Alabama will have the early energy. Young and company will score on its first drive, the charged up D will get off the field after a sack, and Bama will get a field goal off of its second drive.

For about a half, Alabama will play like the team that needs this to stay alive for the College Football Playoff, and Georgia will play like the team that’s in no matter what.

Social media will have handed Young the Heisman, Cincinnati fans will start freaking out as their team – playing Houston at the same time as this – struggles through its own start, and then …

Georgia will settle in.

The running game won’t take over, but it’ll be effective enough to take the pressure off of Bennett. The defense will start to stuff everything the Alabama ground game tries to do, it’ll hold firm on a deep Tide drive, and everything will slowly turn before a turnover leads to a late lead.

Young will march the Tide down the field with one last shot to pull it off, but his fourth down pass in the final moments will be broken up in the end zone to give Georgia the national – uh, er, sorry – SEC championship.

College Football Schedule: Championship Week Predictions, Lines

SEC Championship: Georgia vs Alabama Prediction, Lines

Georgia 27, Alabama 23
Line: Georgia -6.5, o/u: 49.5
ATS Confidence out of 5: 2

Must See Rating: 5

5: The King’s Man
1: CMA Country Christmas

[protected-iframe id=”361699434b6d70baf15f631ed2408ac1-97672683-92922408″ info=”” ]

Championship Week Schedule | CFN Expert Picks
Rankings CFN 1-130 RankingsAP | Coaches
Bowl Projections, CFP Predictions
Heisman Top Candidates: Who Wants To Win?

SEC Predictions, Schedule, Game Previews, Lines, How To Watch: Week 13

SEC Schedule, Game Previews, Predictions for Week 13, highlighted by Ole Miss at Mississippi State, Alabama at Auburn, Texas A&M at LSU

SEC college football predictions, schedule, game previews, lines, and how to watch for Week 13 of the season.

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Thursday, November 25

SEC Results So Far
SU: 79-25, ATS: 59-44-1, Point Total: 52-49-1

Ole Miss at Mississippi State

7:30, ESPN
Line: Mississippi State -1.5, o/u: 62

Friday, November 26

Missouri at Arkansas

3:30, CBS
Line: Arkansas -14.5, o/u: 62.5

Saturday, November 27

Georgia at Georgia Tech

12:00, ABC
Line: Georgia -35, o/u: 54.5

Florida State at Florida

12:00, ESPN
Line: Florida -2.5, o/u: 59

Alabama at Auburn

3:30, CBS
Line: Alabama -19.5, o/u: 55.5

Vanderbilt at Tennessee

3:45, SEC Network
Line: Tennessee -32, o/u: 63

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Texas A&M at LSU

7:00, ESPN
Line: Texas A&M -6.5, o/u: 45.5

Kentucky at Louisville

7:30, ESPN2
Line: Louisville -3, o/u: 57

Clemson at South Carolina

7:30, SEC Network
Line: Clemson -11.5, o/u: 42.5

College Football Schedule, Predictions, Week 13

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