PSU in NFL: Week 11 moments from former Penn State players

Here are the top NFL moments from former Penn State players from Week 11.

We are through 11 weeks of the NFL regular season. With some former Penn State players on bye weeks, we still saw plenty of exciting games from the ones that did play this week.
With some key teams coming out on top in the NFC East, that division just got a lot more interesting to finish off the regular season.
[autotag]Adrian Amos[/autotag] continues to be one of the most productive players on the Packers defense. However, the team continues to struggle, and at the rate they’re playing right now, this will likely be the first time the Packers have missed the playoffs under head coach Matt LaFleur since hiring him after the 2018 season.
We also saw some productive games from key Penn State rookies like [autotag]Jaquan Brisker[/autotag] and [autotag]Arnold Ebiketie[/autotag].
Another struggling team is the Rams. With Cooper Kupp out for the season, they turn to veterans like [autotag]Allen Robinson II[/autotag].
It was another productive week for former Penn State players.
Here are the top moments from former Nittany Lions from Week 11 of the NFL regular season.

PSU in NFL: Week 10 NFL recap from former Nittany Lions

Here are the top standout former Penn State players from Week 10 of the NFL season.

We are through 10 weeks of the NFL season. That’s pretty crazy to think about. We are seeing some teams, like the Green Bay Packers, trying to keep their playoff hopes alive after an overtime win on Sunday over the Dallas Cowboys.

Other former Penn State players, like [autotag]Saquon Barkley[/autotag], continue to impress, playing their way into a contract extension.

In general, it was a pretty exciting week of NFL football. We started with the wild ending to the VikingsBills game.

Then, we made our way to Green Bay, where the Packers snapped their five-game losing streak, beating the Cowboys 31-28 in overtime. It was a game where rookie receiver Christian Watson had three touchdown receptions. However, this has also been a season for the Packers where the production of former Penn State safety [autotag]Adrian Amos[/autotag] has not gone unnoticed.

So, how did the rest of the former Nittany Lions do this week? Let’s take a look.

PSU in NFL: Week 9 highlights from former Penn State players

PSU in NFL: Week 9 highlights from former Penn State players

We are through another week of the NFL season. We saw a few positive moments from former Penn State players, while others struggled this week.

There were also a few key former Nittany Lions on a bye week. Those notable names include [autotag]Micah Parsons[/autotag], [autotag]Saquon Barkley[/autotag] and rookie wide receiver [autotag]Jahan Dotson[/autotag].

We also have a few notable players that will be unrestricted free agents after this season. Those players include Barkley, [autotag]Miles Sanders[/autotag], and [autotag]Adrian Amos[/autotag].

On top of that, some notable teams with former Nittany Lions are continuing to struggle. The Packers are a great example of that, after falling to 3-6 with a loss to the Lions on Sunday on the road.

The Buccaneers are another good example, but Tom Brady turned it on in the fourth quarter and helped the Bucs with a last-minute win over the Rams and give them the divisional lead.

Let’s take a look at some of the key highlights from some notable former Penn State players from Week 9 of the NFL season.

PSU in NFL: Week 8 moments from former Penn State players

Here are the top NFL Week 8 moments from former Penn State players.

It’s crazy to think we are already halfway through the NFL regular season. On top of that, we have seen plenty of former Penn State players that have shown out so far through the course of the season.

Not only that, but players like Saquon Barkley and Miles Sanders, who are coming up on contract years, have really increased their value, especially Sanders. Barkley has put himself in the running for the Comeback Player of the Year Award and it kind of seems like there isn’t really anyone close to him as of right now.

There have been multiple former Penn State players named every week in here, and will continue to do so. Those players are Micah Parsons, Saquon Barkley and Miles Sanders.

One interesting former Penn State player to keep an eye on is Miami Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki. It will be interesting to see if Miami trades him at the deadline, which is today.

Let’s take a look at the top performers from former Penn State players from Week 8 of the NFL season.

Penn State in the NFL photo gallery for Week 8

Check out these images of former Penn State players in action in the NFL’s Week 8.

It was another big weekend in the pros for a handful of former Nittany Lions. Among the highlights of the weekend was former linebacker [autotag]Micah Parsons[/autotag] scoring his first career touchdown in the NFL, but there were some good highlights from others as well.

[autotag]Chris Godwin[/autotag] had six catches for 75 yards, but his Bucs continue to struggle. [autotag]Mike Gesicki[/autotag] had a touchdown in a win by the Dolphins. [autotag]Miles Sanders[/autotag] scored a touchdown for the Eagles, who remain undefeated after seven games. Saquon Barkley scored a touchdown as well, but it wasn’t enough to help the Giants avoid a loss in Seattle.

Here are some of the best photos from this past weekend’s NFL action with a focus on some former Penn State players.

Watch Micah Parsons score his first career touchdown

Micah Parsons scored his first career touchdown in the NFL, and he was impressed by his own awesomeness

Former Penn State linebacker [autotag]Micah Parsons[/autotag] continues to be making a name for himself in the NFL. After unanimously winning the NFL’s defensive rookie of the year award, Parsons is already considered one of the favorites to win this season’s NFL defensive player of the year award in just his second season.

Now he has a defensive touchdown to add to his highlight reel of accomplishments this season.

Parsons returned a fumble for the Dallas Cowboys against the Chicago Bears on Sunday for his first career touchdown.

Parsons did not have a sack in the Cowboys victory over the Bears, but Parsons continues to leave an impact on the game by any means necessary, and it has helped keep the Cowboys among the top teams in the NFC East and the NFC as a whole.


After the game, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was asked for his reaction to Parsons’ first career touchdown. The Cowboys quarterback knows he’ll be hearing about it from Parsons at every opportunity.

Having looked at the footage after the game, and the mentions on his Twitter feed, Parsons even seemed to impress himself with this rare feat.

Just another day at the office for Parsons.


PSU in NFL: Week 6 NFL recap from former Nittany Lions

Here are the top moments from Week 6 of the NFL season from former Penn State players.

We are through another week of the NFL season, and we are still seeing former Nittany Lions continuing to shine.

There have been multiple Penn State players that we have mentioned, like [autotag]Micah Parsons[/autotag] and [autotag]Saquan Barkley[/autotag].

However, the teams some play for are struggling. The Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are perfect examples of that.

We were also without some key Nittany Lions players like [autotag]Jahan Dotson[/autotag], who was ruled out of Sunday’s game with an injury. [autotag]Allen Robinson[/autotag] was also on a bye.

On top of that, there are also some key Penn State players who are coming up on contract years after this season. Barkley, [autotag]Mike Gesicki[/autotag] and [autotag]Miles Sanders[/autotag] are examples of that. Gesicki has been shaky, while Barkley and Sanders have been going off so far this season.

So, let’s take a look at this past week of the NFL season and recap the performances of some former Penn State players.

PSU in NFL: Week 6 moments from former Penn State players

Here are the top Week 6 moments from former Penn State players.

We are through six weeks of the NFL season, and former Nittany Lions are continuing to show out. It’s not just the veterans, but the rookies like [autotag]Jaquan Brisker[/autotag] for the Chicago Bears are also performing well.

Sure, we have seen the struggles from certain players. But those, like Allen Robinson and even [autotag]Mike Gesicki[/autotag], were a part of their team’s offensive success in Week 6. Yes, the Dolphins did lose to the Vikings.

We also have two former Nittany Lions running backs in the top five rushing category. Those two are [autotag]Saquon Barkley[/autotag] and [autotag]Miles Sanders[/autotag]. What makes it interesting is that both are under their final years of their contract.

Others like rookie wide receiver [autotag]Jahan Dotson[/autotag] did not play this week against the Bears due to an injury.

So, let’s a more in-depth look at some of the former Penn State standouts.

Here are the top moment from former Penn State players from Week 6 of the NFL season.

Saquon Barkley and Micah Parsons generated plenty of Twitter reactions in NFL’s Week 5

Saquon Barkley and Micah Parsons continue to be trending topics on NFL Sundays.

One thing that has never lacked at Penn State is sending players to the NFL. Under [autotag]James Franklin[/autotag] however, the quality of player and people being sent to the world’s biggest league seems to have taken a step up somehow.

Last week it was [autotag]Miles Sanders[/autotag] and [autotag]Micah Parsons[/autotag] headlining the big performances and while Parsons had a repeat performance, another former Penn State running back made a giant impact.

[autotag]Saquon Barkley[/autotag] helped lead the Giants over the Packers as they now sit at an impressive 4-1 on the season. The health of Barkley is a big part of why that team and its new coaching staff are having the season they are having.

Likewise, for Parsons and the Cowboys, they have had the injury bug but his performances have carried that team. We aren’t the only ones noticing of course, social media was buzzing again over  all their performances.

Former Nittany Lion Matt Rhule fired by the Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers fired Matt Rhule. Could he possibly return to Penn State in some capacity?

Former Penn State Nittany Lion player and coach [autotag]Matt Rhule[/autotag] has been removed from his head coaching position with the Carolina Panthers. Rhule had proved to be a successful college coach but couldn’t find a way to make the transition to the NFL.

In the NFL, Matt Rhule had a record of 11-27 versus his college coaching record of 75-43 during stops at both Temple and Baylor. Both programs he really built from the ground up after being a successful coaching assistant prior to that.

Rhule was raised to be a Nittany Lion

Rhule has Penn State in his blood. His family had Matt Rhule in New York, New York and he grew up there until he was a teenager when his family moved to State College. He would attend and graduate from State College Area High School before attending Penn State University, where he played linebacker under Joe Paterno.

He was a four-year starter and a three-time scholar athlete and Big Ten Academic All-American. He would do both of these while earning a degree in politcal science from the school.

He would stay in State College after graduating as he became a member of the staff as a graduate assistant.

Penn State fans may be seeing him again…

While James Franklin has proven to be a coach to bring in recently fired head coaches, Matt Rhule isn’t taking any job as an assistant at this point. Unlike Nick Saban at Alabama, Franklin simply isn’t on that level yet. Despite Manny Diaz coming in and having the success he is having, no one else sees State College as a recovery stop.

For Matt Rhule, Penn State fans will likely see him on another college sideline before he is on the home sideline. So far this year there have been five college coaches fired, with two in the Big Ten. Colorado, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin, and Nebraska all have openings at head coach. The question is not if Rhule gets offered these jobs (he will) but if he has any interest.

Of this massive deal that Matt Rhule signed just short of three years ago, he is still owed $40 million dollars. He can sit out this year and wait for a college job that he likes to open and take advantage of it. All in all, Nebraska seems like a perfect fit. At this point, if he were to take a job, I would have to imagine it is there. The division in which Nebraska competes in is significantly easier than the other. Rhule could thrive in that and have Nebraska in a Big Ten title game in short time.

Whether they win is another story.

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