Teacher learning why students call them the ‘GOAT’ is the best thing you’ll see today

When you learn what it means to be a GOAT >

By and large, “GOAT” is an acronym most closely associated with sports and hip hop debates. But since the proliferation of its use in the last couple decades, it’s not uncommon to hear people in other fields of work referred to as the GOAT — or the Greatest of All Time — at what they do.

We here at For The Win even celebrated sports legends with GOAT Week.

Sometimes it’s said in jest, and sometimes it’s completely from the heart. But hardly ever is it said without good intentions, which is why it was so cool to see a teacher’s reaction on Reddit after learning what it means to be called the GOAT by their students.

Why do my students call me a goat? from NoStupidQuestions

All of the edits to the teacher’s original post were after the teacher learned that not only was GOAT a compliment, but the ultimate compliment a teacher could receive, which might be my favorite part of the whole thing.

Without knowing whether GOAT was an insult or not, the teacher played along and apparently never lashed out, even calling the kids GOAT (which had to make them feel good).

It clearly made the teacher feel good if it brought them to tears.

That’s what it’s all about.

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SPECIAL DELIVERY: The Heritage Jordan 1 can be whatever you want it to be and that’s so cool

The Heritage Jordan 1 is so much fun.

The Air Jordan 1 is everywhere these days, obviously. It’s the most popular sneaker around.

Because of that, we’ve seen just about every iteration of the shoe we can see. We just keep getting the OGs over and over again. We get new colorblocking schemes, new Travis Scott collabs, and more colors.

It’s sort of rinse, wash and repeat at this point. And we’re all good with it! But now, we’ve finally got a model we can have a little bit of fun with.

The Heritage Jordan 1 that dropped earlier this spring is one of the most customizable Jordan 1 models out there.

You can turn these things into Chicago or Bred 1s. You can paint over it and turn it into a quasi-Travis Scott x Fragment model. There’s so much you can do if you’re just moderately good with a paint brush.

It’s so fun. And we took a look at it on last week’s episode of Special Delivery. Tap in.

A Reddit user highlighted a massive football mistake in Top Gun: Maverick

Ok, this is a really good point.

Top Gun: Maverick is not only the biggest movie in the U.S., it’s absolutely obliterating box offices worldwide. Maverick as sped through the $900 million mark as it looks to join Spider-Man: No Way Home as the only post-pandemic movies to hit a billion dollars in ticket sales. It is already Tom Cruise’s biggest box office success, and it has also received high praise from critics and audiences alike with a 97 percent and 99 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively.

Maverick features incredible aviation sequences, thrilling action and a lot of up-and-coming stars. With a lot of nostalgia that harkens back to the 1986 original, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Joe Kosinski made a few updates to bring the action into the 21st century.

It can be difficult to get everything correct, as one savvy Reddit user highlighted. Instead of the iconic beach volleyball scene, Maverick features an oiled-up beach football scene.

There’s just one problem.

As naval aviators, all of the game participants have Navy ties (although it’s not a given that they are all Naval Academy grads).

“However, the game consists of almost exclusively spread formations with forward passes, a clear slap in the face to the much superior triple option offense run by the service academies,” user puuma20 said in a self-proclaimed rant. “I almost got up and walked out of the theater.”

They’ve got a point. In 2021, Navy completed just 48 passes for a total of 681 yards and six touchdowns. Most impressively last season, the Midshipmen upset Tulsa, 20-17, without completing a single pass.

Man, what an oversight by the filmmakers. We need answers, Maverick.

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Marvel boss Kevin Feige said clues point to Avengers’ next Thanos-level threat — here’s who is most likely

Who – or what – is up next for The Avengers after Thanos?

We’re officially closer to the end of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe than the beginning and if you still have a ton of questions, well, that may just be the point.

The transitionary period for the film franchise has seen us say goodbye to series stalwarts Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff and a few other fan favorites—or at least variations of those favorites. As Phase 4 continues exploring the multiverse, we’ve gotten a glimpse at what life could’ve been like had events played out a little differently.

But Phase 4 hasn’t brought us that much closer to another Thanos-level threat that requires a franchise-spanning team-up. Or maybe it has.

MCU mastermind Kevin Feige recently told Total Film the studio is closing in on its next phase and viewers should begin seeing some common threads develop:

“As we’re nearing the end of Phase 4, I think people will start to see where this next saga is going. I think there have been many clues already, that are at least apparent to me, of where this whole saga is going. But we’ll be a little more direct about that in the coming months, to set a plan, so audiences who want to see the bigger picture can see a tiny, tiny, tiny bit more of the roadmap.”

Obviously the first thread is already out there: The Multiverse.

That might just be a means to the next Big Bad, however, and not the MacGuffin the Infinity Stones were. So we put on our best, non-descriptive baseball hats and put together (entirely fictional) odds for who—or what—will cause the Avengers to assemble next.

With six films left on the Phase 4 docket, including Thor: Love and Thunder here’s a look at who’s most likely to rival Thanos’ arrival in the MCU.

Note: This list veers into some of the newer MCU projects, so if you aren’t caught up, read with caution. 

Beyoncé and Drake are bringing all the ‘oontz, oontz’ vibes for the summer and fans are here for it

Everyone liked Beyoncé’s oontz a bit better than Drake’s, but it’s all fun

Man. 2022 has been the year of unexpected stuff coming back into pop culture. Baggy clothes, Air Jordan 2s, the Tootsie Roll. We’re living in wild times, y’all.

Now, the “oontz, oontz” music is back in full effect, too.

Y’all know what I’m talking about. House music. Club music. The music that sounds like somebody just added a bunch of synths and some piano keys to your heartbeat after you just had a mean cardio session at the gym for the first time in 3 months.

That’s what our music this summer is going to sound like thanks to Beyoncé and Drake. The two pop stars dropped music over the last few days featuring that signature sound and it was pretty shocking.

Drake dropped an entire album called Honestly, Nevermind featuring 13 tracks of all the oontz.

Then, heading into Tuesday night, Beyoncé dropped a new single called “Break My Soul” from her new album coming in late July. The vibes were immaculate. It featured that oontz with some signature New Orleans bounce and even had a Big Freedia feature.

This was the vibe.

Like I said, immaculate. Between these two powerhouses, this different sound had everyone hyped.

Folks liked Beyoncé’s bounce a little bit (a lot) more, but the point still stands. The oontz is here for the summer and we’re all here for it.

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Paul McCartney turned 80 and everyone celebrated the music icon

Throughout his career, Sir Paul McCartney has written or co-written hundreds of songs, including 32 Billboard No. 1 hits.

When all is said and done, Sir Paul McCartney will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the best and most influential musicians of all time. With McCartney celebrating his 80th birthday Saturday, we thought it appropriate to quickly sum up the man, the myth, the heartthrob.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with McCartney, he is, of course, best known for his work with the The Beatles. (If you haven’t already, you should check out the terrific “Get Back” documentary on Disney+, to see McCartney’s genius on-the-spot songwriting skills in action.)

Throughout his career, McCartney has written or co-written hundreds of songs, including 32 Billboard No. 1 hits. Back in 2017, our Charles Curtis embarked on quite an ambitious endeavor and ranked all 188 (!) Beatles songs and ranked all of their albums the following year. Some of the more famous (or, really, the very best, in this writer’s opinion) include:

(Exhales): Now, back to the birthday.

As a worldwide treasure, everyone poured out love for McCartney’s 80th trip around the sun.

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Please don’t miss the point of the A Ma Maniére Air Jordan 2

The Air Jordan 2 has themes worthy of exploration…but nobody seems to want to explore them.

The A Ma Maniére Air Jordan 2 is an absolutely gorgeous shoe. The details are to die for.

It carries the same “Airness” theme we talked about from the Jordan 1 and has many of the same materials. Cracked leather, snakeskin prints, a quilted sock liner with a silky smooth finish. Everything about this shoe is luxury.

But it’s also the Air Jordan 2. And not too many people out there are fans of the Air Jordan 2 — it’s not the highest-ranked Jordan sneaker on anyone’s list.

That’s beside the point with these joints here, though. No matter what they look like, this theme of “Airness” is what we need to discuss. It’s a theme about Blackness in sneaker culture and how sneaker culture is Black culture.

Yet, when you Google this shoe, all you see are videos and articles about how people would rock them or what they’re selling for on the resale market. The shoes are falling victim to the hype of the sneaker world and nobody is diving deep into it.

Well, except us. And you can check that out on the latest episode of Special Delivery.

Hasbro released their new NERF mascot named ‘Murph’ and everyone was disturbed by its look

Who…who asked for this?

If you grew up in contemporary America, there is positively very little way you never played with Hasbro’s NERF foam toys.

I know, I know. Just mentioning this probably brings up some traumatic memories. Your dog probably chewed up your beloved NERF football from when you were eight, and you still refuse to throw it away. I get it, and I’m genuinely sorry.

Bad news: What I’m about to describe isn’t going to make you feel any better. On Friday, Hasbro revealed their new NERF mascot, “Murph,” a.k.a. their agent of chaos. This toy mascot monstrosity certainly lives up to the billing of a worthy messenger of the apocalypse:

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Is that supposed to make children excited to shoot foam  and/or toss it around to each other? Because if I was 10-years-old now and saw that, I’d never leave the house. No. Thank. You.

Per AdWeek‘s Paul Hiebert:

Murph, [is] an anthropomorphic character made entirely out of Nerf darts.

“We wanted to introduce a mascot that represents this ageless, unbridled fun that lives in all of us and creates a physical embodiment of that feeling you get when you play with Nerf,” said Adam Kleinman, svp and gm of Nerf at parent company Hasbro.

Kleinman noted the marketing push around Murph, who he described as a playful spirit and gifted athlete, is based on internal research showing parents desire to create moments of active play they experienced as kids with their own children.

We’ll let the Internet take it from here.

Lightyear is just another example of what Pixar does best

Buzz is back on the big screen, and Pixar’s latest is full of the heart and charm we’ve come to know and love.


I now understand why Andy so desperately wanted that Buzz Lightyear action figure back in Toy Story.

Disney Pixar’s latest film, Lightyear, hit theaters Thursday, and it’s simply the studio doing what it does best. It doesn’t have the same heart that Coco has, nor does it absolutely devastate your soul like the first 10 minutes of Up or the entirety of Inside Out. But it takes you into a far away world and really makes you care about Buzz and co.

Not only does it warm the heart, but it’s also visually stunning. It one of Pixar’s more gorgeous movies, rife with beautiful space vistas, lava fields and more. At times, it looks more like a live action movie than an animated one.

Opening text informs the audience that Lightyear is the movie that Andy saw in Toy Story that made him want the action figure, clearing up a little bit of the mystery around how this flick would fit into the timeline or canon of the Toy Story series. Hunky superstar Chris Evans has taken over the voice role of Buzz, and he brings a perfect mix of Steve Rogers rule following and young exuberance to the character.

Buzz and his best friend and mentor, Alisha Hawthorne (voiced by Uzo Aduba), divert the course of their turnip-looking spaceship to investigate a new planet. That duo — plus rookie Featheringhamstan (if you though that was the voice of the incomparable Bill Hader, it was) — unsurprisingly run into problems in the form of giant vines and flying bugs. In trying to escape, Buzz refuses the help of the rook (he doesn’t like rookies), and he crashes the ship.

As a result, the entire crew of Space Rangers, scientists and more are now stuck on this new planet. Lightyear begins testing out different fuel mixes to try and find the right combo that will allow them to hit hyper-speed and resume their original mission, but they find out quickly that each four-minute trip off planet for Buzz equals four years for everyone on the ground.

Filled with a deep sense of regrets over his mistake and responsibility to come up with a solution, Lightyear continues to make test flights. He lets his life and friends pass him by — each return home shows us the life that Alisha has made with her new wife, son, granddaughter and eventual death — all while trying to right his perceived wrong.

Thanks to his emotional support robot cat, Sox, the appropriate fuel mixture is discovered. But by the time he returns to the planet, 22 years have passed, the Hawthorne suited up is granddaughter Izzy (not Alisha) and an ominous group of robots have invaded.

Buzz, Izzy (voiced by Keke Palmer), convicted felon and demolitions expert Darby Steel (Dale Soules) and the very nervous Mo Morrison (the impeccable Taika Waititi) band forces to attempt to reconnect with the rest of the members of the colony cut off by the robot forces. Oh, and Sox. You cannot forget Sox. Sox (Peter Sohn) is utterly wonderful and must be protected at all costs.

They run into several challenges, none bigger than a face-to-face meeting with the mysterious Zurg (James Brolin) that is way more than he seems. Along the way, Buzz must learn to cooperate, ask for help and realize that although life may not go as you planned, it doesn’t mean that it needs to be fixed.

Lightyear is a ton of fun and a very worthy entry into the Toy Story lineage. There’s just enough nostalgia that connects us to the Buzz of years past, plus plenty of new faces that will have viewers of all ages laughing, stressing and yes, crying (it is Pixar, after all). To infinity and beyond.

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