Jayson Tatum reacts to Kendrick Perkins’ criticism of his shooting in Boston’s blowout win

He offered Perk some solid advice in response to some questionable criticism.

We do not blame former Boston Celtics champion big man Kendrick Perkins for doing his job, which has increasingly been to focus on the travails of All-Star forwards Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

But the latter took issue with a tweet from Perkins that seemed to pit Tatum against Brown even after an impressive blowout of the New York Knicks that saw the Georgia native record the first triple-double of his career. “Jaylen Brown completely took over this game with his first triple-double of his career!” tweeted Perkins. “Played a perfect game while Jayson Tatum went 6/14 from the field. They got the win tho! Carry on…”

The Duke product replied by saying “Normalizing uplifting one man without bringing another one down… JB played great it’s alright to leave it at that”, which teammate Robert Williams III retweeted as well.

It’s good advice for anyone, not just the Celtic champion turned-ESPN analyst — though we imagine Perkins wouldn’t mind if Twitter had an edit button right about now.

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Former Heatle Dwyane Wade admits Celtics icon Paul Pierce is the owner of his favorite NBA nickname

The two former rivals share an affinity for The Truth, it seems.

One of the more intense inter-player rivalries of the last several decades was between former Miami Heat champion Dwyane Wade and Hall of Fame Boston Celtics small forward Paul Pierce, with the two stars going at it on the court throughout the lengths of their professional careers no matter the team they were with.

And that rivalry spilled into their retirement, with some acrimony over who had the better career overall leaking into the narratives surrounding their respective recent retirements. But when it comes to NBA nicknames, Wade is willing to concede that Pierce has one of the best — his personal first choice, actually, when asked about that topic in a recent question-and-answer session he conducted in a video for Wired.

Watch the clip embedded below to hear all the former Heat guard had to say about NBA nicknames, The Truth, and more.

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Twitter reacts to Celtics guard Jaylen Brown’s chipped tooth

Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown chipped his tooth in a collision against the Milwaukee Bucks and NBA Twitter did its thing.

The Boston Celtics couldn’t take home the win against the Milwaukee Bucks on Christmas Saturday, but it wasn’t the only loss on the day as guard Jaylen Brown lost part of a tooth from contact under the basket. Brown took an unlucky elbow from teammate Jayson Tatum while going up for a rebound, breaking his front tooth.

The broadcast camera later panned to Brown smiling with a large chunk of his front tooth missing. Hilarity on Twitter ensued from the picture of Brown, including Tatum himself chiming in to say he’s going to get him a new tooth for the holidays.

Here are some of the best reactions to Brown’s new smile:

Twitter reacts to the return of Joe Johnson to the Boston Celtics after nearly 20 years

It made for quite the reunion in Boston’s win over the Cavs.

The Boston Celtics were reunited with their No. 10 pick of the 2001 NBA draft — Joe Johnson — after nearly 20 years apart on Wednesday, with Johnson logging his first minutes for any team in the league since the 2017-18 season with a 2-point outing in a 111 – 101 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers that same evening.

It might not seem like much, but fans were excited for the perceived righting of the wrong committed by unpopular former team president and head coach Rick Pitino all those years ago when Pitino dealt away the future star for a comparative pittance in return.

They were even more ecstatic when ISO Joe sunk his sole basket attempt late in the win, and many fans and analysts took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the signing and Little Rock native’s return to action.

WATCH: Celtics center Enes Kanter Freedom responds to criticism over his ‘Tucker Carlson’ appearance

The Boston big man appears to have walked back his earlier comments suggesting Americans ‘shut up’ and stop criticizing their government, but is that enough?

Most fans of the Boston Celtics and NBA more generally have heard or read Boston big man Enes Kanter Freedom’s controversial statement on the controversial Fox “Tucker Carlson” television show on which he suggested Americans “shut up” and stop criticizing their government by now.

Now, in a recent episode of the “Rematch” podcast with BasketballNews.com’s Etan Thomas, Freedom took some time to talk about those comments, his appearance on the show, and his activism more generally. “What I mean is people should feel lucky, and at least they are not in a country like Turkey, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Belarus, and many other countries,” related the Celtics center. “I would never tell a person to shut up” (about what is wrong with the US domestically).

Has the nascent activist come to terms with the responsibilities of using one’s platform for the ostensible greater good? Or does he still have work to do on managing the delicate balance between recruiting powerful allies and becoming their pawns?

Watch the video embedded above, and decide for yourself.

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WATCH: Celtics’ bench goes off, gets tech after Payton Pritchard hits 3 straight treys

Boston’s bench couldn’t contain their excitement.

The bench of the Boston Celtics absolutely lost its mind on the road in Moda Center as second-year point guard Payton Pritchard hit his third shot in a row from beyond the arc late in the Celtics’ 145 – 117 beatdown of a struggling Portland Trail Blazers squad down multiple, key players.

Pritchard, who has had to snatch his playing time in fits and starts so far this season while buried in a deeper depth chart for Boston in 2021-22, came into the game and started to sizzle quickly, hitting trey after trey on his way to 19 points in just 18 minutes of play while shooting 6-of-12 from the field and 5-of-10 from deep.

The celebrations got a little *too* intense, earning the Celtics a technical foul and an apology from head coach Ime Udoka to Portland for the exuberant bench celebration.

Watch the video embedded above courtesy of NBC Sports Boston to see the festivities for yourself.

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Twitter reacts to unknown Boston Celtics player sporting Darth Vader costume pregame

Will we ever know Vader’s true identity?

We do not know why it happened (rumor has it that it is “Star Wars” night), but we have photo evidence — and from the Boston Celtics themselves. The team’s Twitter account posted a common tweet of several Celtics arriving at the arena for their contest against the Utah Jazz on Friday night, and everything seemed normal.

And then someone showed up to the game wearing a Darth Vader suit. As in, a full one that could pass for the arch-villain himself if we were actually in a galaxy far, far away instead of Salt Lake City, Utah and the Jazz’ home court.

NBA fans were perplexed, impressed, and on the hunt for who it might be — let’s take a look at some of the reactions.

Twitter reacts to Enes Kanter Freedom saying Americans should ‘keep their mouth shut’ and not criticize their government

Enes Kanter Freedom is getting a robust response to his words on Fox’s Tucker Carlson show.

Enes Kanter Freedom is so happy to have gotten the security that comes with the freedom his brand-new US citizenship provides that he literally changed his last name to “Freedom” on getting said citizenship this past Monday.

The Boston Celtics center, an outspoken defender of human rights abroad, went on another television show soon after getting his citizenship and spoke about his beliefs in ways which he might not be able to do in his native Turkey. But his choice of venue and words both might be in the midst of teaching Freedom an important lesson about freedom — let us explain.

Freedom appeared on Fox’s “Tucker Carlson Show” to talk about his freedom, a show — and network — which has had some controversial stances on issues Freedom himself has used his freedom to speak up and even protest about.

LeBron James reacts to Enes Kanter’s political criticism after Celtics blow out Lakers

The Los Angeles star downplayed Kanter’s critique after the loss.

Boston Celtics reserve center Enes Kanter is making waves with his politics, but his most recent political stance taking Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James to task for his alleged connections to Chinese forced labor camps producing the Nike sneakers James is a spokesperson for has stirred up a little controversy closer to home.

The two did not speak about Kanter’s criticism after the game, but in a post-game press conference, the Lakers star downplayed Kanter’s words. “I think if you know me, you know I don’t give too many people my energy,” James related via USA TODAY’s Analis Bailey. “He’s definitely not someone I would give my energy to. He’s trying to use my name to create an opportunity for himself. I definitely won’t comment too much on that.”

“He’s always had a word or two to say in my direction, and as a man, if you’ve got an issue with somebody, you really come up to him,” he added.

“He had his opportunity tonight. I seen him in the hallway, and he walked right by me.”

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WATCH: Boston Celtics alumnus Evan Turner interrupts Jayson Tatum’s presser after Lakers win

ET phoned home, literally.

After the Boston Celtics‘ 130 – 108 home statement win over the Los Angeles Lakers Friday evening, there were a lot of smiling faces in the Celtics locker room, and a few beloved Celtics alumni managed to join the team courtside — Hall of Famers Bill Russell and Paul Pierce were in attendance — with one former Celtic even making an unscripted appearance during All-Star forward Jayson Tatum’s postgame media availability session.

That would of course be former Boston wing and (last season) assistant coach Evan Turner, who had some jokes for the Celtics faithful that involved coming for the job of yet another Celtics alumnus not present to defend himself.

To see what Turnter was joking about, check out the video from the presser embedded below, courtesy of our friends over at CLNS Media’s YouTube channel.

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