NFL Week 14 rooting guide for the Steelers

The Steelers need some help this week to stay in the playoff hunt.

Despite all the struggles the Pittsburgh Steelers have had over the course of the last month, they are not completely out of the running to make the playoffs. It’s a long shot at around a 10 percent chance after the loss to the Minnesota Vikings but in the NFL, anything can happen.

There are four games of key interest to the Steelers this week if Pittsburgh wants to try to keep pace for a Wild Card spot and here is your rooting guide.

Steelers could lead the AFC North with a win over the Lions

Don’t look now but the Steelers are pretty good.

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This week the Pittsburgh Steelers are in a position to seize a perfect opportunity. Thanks to an upset loss by the Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers have an opportunity to take over the lead in the AFC North with a win over the winless Detroit Lions.

As it stands now, the Ravens are 6-3 and on top in the AFC North. Pittsburgh is nipping at their heels at 5-3. Baltimore has an 0-1 record in the division while Pittsburgh is 1-1. So if the Steelers can not slip up against the Lions they would move into the top spot based on division record.

It’s hard to imagine this team was 1-3 at one point this season and seemed to be in a spiral they couldn’t pull out of. But thanks to the continued improvement of the young offensive line, this team seems to be capable of doing enough to win and in today’s NFL that seems to be just good enough.

Here are the current NFL playoff rankings heading into this week’s game:

1. Tennessee Titans (7-2)
2. Baltimore Ravens (6-3)
3. Los Angeles Chargers (5-3)
4. Buffalo Bills (5-3)
5. Las Vegas Raiders (5-3)
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3)
7. New England Patriots (5-4)

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Steelers sitting as No. 6 seed in AFC at midway point of the season

Pittsburgh is in the thick of the playoff hunt halfway through the season.

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Don’t look now but the Pittsburgh Steelers have won four games in a row and have gone from dead last in the AFC North to second place, nipping at the heels of the Baltimore Ravens.

Based on the current standings in the AFC, the Steelers are in the playoffs with the No. 6 seed and control its playoff future. Here are the full AFC playoff standings through Week Nine.

1. Tennessee Titans (7-2)
2. Baltimore Ravens (6-2)
3. Los Angeles Chargers (5-3)
4. Buffalo Bills (5-3)
5. Las Vegas Raiders (5-3)
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3)
7. New England Patriots (5-4)

Nipping at the heels of the top seven are four more teams that are currently over .500 after nine games.

8. Kansas City Chiefs (5-4)
9. Cleveland Browns (5-4)
10. Cincinnati Bengals (5-4)
11. Denver Broncos (5-4)

This week the Steelers welcome the winless Detroit Lions to Pittsburgh with a chance to extend its win streak to five games and push closer to the top of the AFC North. The Baltimore Ravens travel to Miami to take on the Dolphins on Thursday night.

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Steelers head into the bye week as a playoff team in the AFC

The Steelers are holding onto a spot in the playoffs heading into the bye.

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We know it’s only six weeks into the season. And we know that there are still 11 more games for the Pittsburgh Steelers to be played. But we wanted to share an interesting fact and something that should not only inspire some optimism for those fans who have written the Steelers off but also illustrate how competitive the AFC is.

According to the NFL website, if the playoffs started this week, the Steelers would be in as the No. 7 seed at 3-3. The NFL chose to add an additional playoff team and this is where Pittsburgh currently lands. This is somewhat ironic because if you go back to every season under head coach Mike Tomlin when the Steelers missed the playoffs, they would have gotten in then as well if the league would have had this seventh team.

The current AFC playoff seeds are as follows.

1-Baltimore Ravens (5-1)

2-Buffalo Bills (4-1)

3-Los Angeles Chargers (4-2)

4-Tennessee Titans (3-2)

5-Cincinnati Bengals (4-2)

6-Las Vegas Raiders (4-2)

7-Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3)

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AFC North title up for grabs after Steelers collapse

Steelers Wire looks at how the AFC North could be decided in the final week of the regular season.

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As of now, the Pittsburgh Steelers are still at the top of the AFC North. Despite losing three straight games, Pittsburgh holds onto a slim lead over the Cleveland Browns that could quickly evaporate.

In fact, due to recent and pending games, the final week of the regular season could have huge playoff implications. Next week the Steelers take on the 10-4 Indianapolis Colts and there’s really no evidence to say the Colts won’t beat the Steelers.

In the meantime, the 10-4 Browns take on the 1-13 New York Jets. The Browns are playing great football right now and given the stakes will bring their best against the lowly Jets.

This means the scenario if the Steelers lose and the Jets win is their Week 17 showdown in Cleveland would be for the AFC North crown.

Who would have thought a team just three weeks ago who was undefeated and making a case to go 16-0 now might have to win a road game against the Browns to beat them out for a conference title?

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Steelers Week 15 AFC playoff rooting guide

Here are the games every Steelers fan should be watching this weekend.

There are three weeks left in the NFL season but there is much work to be done for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh has a chance this week with a win over the Cincinnati Bengals to lock up another AFC North crown.

But with such a crowd at the top of the AFC, seeding is still a puzzle that needs to be sorted out. The Steelers currently sit as the No. 2 seed at 11-2 with the 11-3 Buffalo Bills right behind them. A loss this week would drop Pittsburgh behind the Bills based on their head-to-head game.

Here’s our Steelers rooting guide for the weekend.

Steelers clinch spot in the playoffs without playing a snap

Thanks to the Miami Dolphins losing to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Steelers are in the playoffs.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers headed into Week 14 with a great shot to clinch a playoff berth and even a chance to wrap up the AFC North crown if a few things fell their way. We won’t know about the AFC North title until later on but thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Miami Dolphins, the Steelers have secured a spot in the playoffs before they even play the Buffalo Bills.

If the Steelers can beat the Bills tonight and the Baltimore Ravens can find a way to beat the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh would secure another AFC North crown. The Steelers have missed the playoffs completely the last two years.

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Steelers Week 14 NFL rooting guide

The Steelers have a shot to lock up a playoff spot this weekend or even win the AFC North.

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This week the Pittsburgh Steelers have a shot to not only secure a playoff spot but could win the AFC North if a few things fall their way. We have four games we are keeping our eye on this week for the Steelers and you should too.

Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

This Monday Night Football showdown is the one to watch for Pittsburgh. If the Steelers can get past the Buffalo Bills on Sunday night, a Ravens win over the Browns would mean the Steelers would win the AFC North.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Miami Dolphins

This is the game to watch for that No. 1 seed in the AFC. Pittsburgh has the edge right now over the 11-1 Chiefs for the top see but this can change quickly. The Dolphins are playing very good football right now and could get the home upset.

Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars

If the Steelers do start to falter late in the season, playoff positioning will be the thing to keep an eye on. The Tennessee Titans enter the weekend as one of two teams in the AFC South fighting for their conference title but a loss by the Titans means the Steelers make the playoffs whether they win or lose.

Indianapolis Colts vs Las Vegas Raiders

Another scenario that gets the Steelers into the playoffs on Sunday is if the Raiders lose to the Colts. Pittsburgh gets the Colts later in the season so let’s root for them today to get Pittsburgh into the playoffs with a win over Las Vegas.