Mac Jones has request for Patriots coaching staff after disappointing offensive performance

Mac Jones wants a small favor from the Patriots’ coaching staff.

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones has struggled in his second season with the team, and he made a request for his coaches after Thursday night’s loss to the Buffalo Bills.

He wants to be “coached harder.”

New England was defeated by the Bills 24-10, in a game that saw the offense struggle mightily.

Jones went 22-of-36 on the evening, throwing for a touchdown and 195 yards. The offense struggled to move the football through the air in what was another frustrating day for the unit. One of the biggest highlights of the game came when Mac Jones found cornerback Marcus Jones for a 48-yard touchdown.

“I think it’s accountability,” said Mac Jones, via NESN’s Zack Cox. “It starts with me. I want to be coached harder. I want to be a better player. The coaches have given us everything they’ve got. They’ve done everything to put us in position to win. But I want to hold everybody accountable, including myself. I think it’s tough, right? You get called out a little bit, you have to admit that you didn’t do your job. That’s part of the game. A lot of that blame falls on me. I didn’t do my best (Thursday night).”

The quarterback wasn’t the only player to voice his displeasures about the offense. Wide receiver Kendrick Bourne lamented the team’s efficiency on third down, following Thursday’s game as well.

New England’s offense is reaching a crucial point in the season. There is little room for error, as Thursday’s loss to Buffalo makes a playoff berth far less likely for the team.

They face a steep uphill climb as they take on the Arizona Cardinals in their next game. We’ll see if Jones’ comments lead to change moving forward.

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Patriots QB Mac Jones likes this particular dynamic of the offense

Mac Jones sees potential with this offensive change. Will we see more of it tonight against the Vikings?

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones likes a new wrinkle in the Patriots offense, ahead of their Thanksgiving Day primetime matchup with the Minnesota Vikings.

New England has made a concerted effort to use tight ends out of the backfield over the last couple games. Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith saw backfield action on Sunday. Henry was utilized out of the backfield 10 times, while Smith came out in 8-of-34 snaps.

Versatility is something this New England offense could use after scoring only three points with the offense on the field Sunday against the New York Jets. The Patriots have been trying to diversify their play-calling, and this new wrinkle with the tight ends is their way of doing so.

“It was a good little adjustment,” said Jones, via NESN’s Zack Cox. “They’re two really some of our best players right there. They provide, obviously, the ability to block but also to run and catch passes. So two really smart football players. Definitely great to have them on the field together. Definitely provides good stuff that we can do and then it makes the defense — it’s hard for them. It’s a challenge for them. So definitely enjoy those guys. We’ll just continue to do that.”

The use of the tight ends in the backfield may help kick-start the offense, as New England enters a difficult part of the schedule. This offense needs a spark and continued use of the tight ends may help provide exactly that.

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Patriots QB Mac Jones not shying away from obvious needs of improvement

Mac Jones believes the Patriots offense is on the verge of a breakthrough.

The New England Patriots have struggled on offense this season. There are many statistics that can reaffirm that fact, as they have just two offensive touchdowns in their last three games.

Quarterback Mac Jones knows it as well with New England getting set to take on the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night.

Jones appeared on Merloni, Fauria & Mego and was able to identify one of the biggest problems facing the Patriots’ offense. Granted, he put together a stronger showing on Sunday against the New York Jets in throwing 23-of-27 for 248 passing yards. But New England was only able to score three points offensively.

Jones knows the team needs to make adjustments, and he pinpointed one specific area to begin doing so.

“Right now, I think [the red zone is] our biggest area where we need to flip the switch and make something good happen,” said Jones. “That’s kind of the goal there, and it’s all about positive plays and just moving the ball forward, right? We’re going backwards too much.”

Jones did say that he felt like the offense was close to figuring it out.

It would certainly help if he continues to play with the same efficiency he displayed against the Jets. He was clearly accurate with the football, completing 85.2 percent of his passes in Week 11.

Nevertheless, getting the ball into the end zone will be crucial, especially with the competition heating up over the next couple of weeks.

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Damien Harris’ impassioned comments show strong locker room support for Mac Jones

Damien Harris’ comments echo great locker room support of Mac Jones.

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones has had his fair share of struggles this season. It has not been an easy sophomore campaign, as injuries and inconsistent play have bogged him down.

Nevertheless, running back Damien Harris has his quarterback’s back.

Jones had a decent game on Sunday, going 23-of-27 on the afternoon for 246 passing yards, with no interceptions for the second game in a row. His timing has improved, as he continues to battle back from the high ankle sprain he suffered earlier in the season.

And yet, the Patriots offense still struggled to get things going on Sunday, as they only managed to put three points on the scoreboard with Jones and company on the field.

“I’ll let Mac speak on his process and how he handles what’s going on with his situation,” Harris said, via NESN’s Dakota Randall. “But what I can say is Mac is the ultimate leader. He’s an ultimate competitor and he’s an even better friend. I feel very fortunate to have shared the locker room with him twice now. And just watching him grow, watching him turn into a pro quarterback, it’s extra special to me just because that’s my best friend.

“But, you know, just watching his growth and seeing how he’s transitioned, and maturity, the competitiveness, the leadership that he’s gained throughout the years from when I met him when he was a freshman at Alabama, to him being in the second year as a starting quarterback in the NFL. So, I’m truly inspired by him, his story and watching him go out there and improve every single day. And, I’ll speak for myself, but I can say that our entire team feels very fortunate to have Mac as our quarterback.”

Harris has had struggles with injuries of his own.

The running back has tallied 367 rushing yards on the season, and he has also taken a backseat to second-year rusher Rhamondre Stevenson. The latter has assumed the starting role for the Patriots.

Jones will need to continue to progress each week, as the Patriots have a slew of high-quality opponents coming up on the schedule. Even with all of the uncertainty surrounding Jones this season, it’s clear that Harris is still in his corner.

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Dan Orlovsky blames Patriots, not Mac Jones, for offensive regression

Former NFL QB Dan Orlovsky strongly believes the Patriots are the problem, not Mac Jones.

Dan Orlovsky isn’t buying the idea that second-year quarterback Mac Jones is the reason for all of the offensive problems right now for the New England Patriots.

Quite the contrary, the former NFL quarterback and ESPN analyst believes it’s the other way around. He sees the structure of the offense itself as the culprit that has led to the regression of the player.

Something has clearly happened considering Jones was a Pro Bowl quarterback in his rookie year. Now, people are debating whether or not he’s worthy of starting over rookie fourth-round draft pick Bailey Zappe.

The last two seasons are like a night and day comparison for Jones.

“If anyone tells you it’s Mac Jones’ issue in New England they’re out the freaking minds,” Orlovsky posted on Twitter. “This offense has completely regressed this player, and it’s awful.”

It’s hard to ignore the fact that the Patriots wrote the book on a 100 different ways to ruin a young quarterback this season.

Jones lost his offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, in the middle of his formative years as a quarterback, and instead of hiring a viable replacement, coach Bill Belichick leaned on familiarity and handed the play-calling duties over to former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia.

It doesn’t help matters that the offensive line has been a mess to go along with the shaky play-calling. Jones also missed a significant chunk of the season with a high ankle sprain.

There are a lot of reasons to explain why the offense hasn’t taken off yet. The Patriots can only hope to continue to put the pieces together when heading into the bye week and emerge an even better team ahead of their big Week 11 rematch with the New York Jets.

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Patriots assistant Joe Judge refutes highlight-seeking Mac Jones critics

Joe Judge still has a lot of confidence in Mac Jones as the starting QB for the Patriots

New England Patriots offensive assistant Joe Judge is showing support for quarterback Mac Jones as the latter has been struggling with turnovers and interceptions.

Jones has three touchdowns and seven interceptions on the season, including one he threw against the New York Jets on Sunday. He has had an interception in every game he has played in this season.

That includes a three-interception game against the Baltimore Ravens back in September. It’s a considerable drop-off with him only throwing 13 picks in total last year. He’s battling some adversity this season, as he works his way back from injury.

Nevertheless, Judge has faith in Jones heading into a crucial point in the Patriots’ schedule.

“He really did some good things for the team the other day that won’t show up on the stat sheet,” Judge said, via NESN’s Dakota Randall. “That won’t show up if you’re (not) just watching tape and saying, ‘Hey, that’s really a big-time play by Mac of really understanding what the entirety of the game is.’ Or understand the flow of the game. …It’s not always the stuff that you see on the ESPN highlight reels. …Mac does a very good job of staying engaged. And the way he comes to work every day, you know, he’s (improving) on a daily basis.”

Up next for Jones and the Patriots is an Indianapolis Colts team looking to find an identity of their own. The Colts beat the Patriots on the road last December by a 27-17 score. Jones finished with 299 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions for the game.

The second-year quarterback may have to play at a high level on Sunday, as the Patriots will have their work cut out for them in trying to contain running back Jonathan Taylor.

A two-game winning streak could help Jones get his confidence back with the Patriots looking to cement their spot in the playoff hunt.

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Did the Gillette Stadium SkyCam wire cause Mac Jones’ interception?

Did Mac Jones’ intercepted ball touch the SkyCam wire?

If you thought things couldn’t get any weirder from the New England Patriots’ shocking Monday Night Football loss to the Chicago Bears, then you’re going to want to take a seat for this one.

A Twitter user (BillsFilm) posted a slowed down video of Patriots quarterback Mac Jones’ ill-fated interception that was picked off by Bears safety Jaquan Brisker. In the video, Jones’ high-arching ball looks like it might have touched the SkyCam wire hanging above the stadium.

Granted, there’s no certainty that the ball actually made contact, and even if it did, there’s no way to know how much or even if the pass was actually altered. Yet, it’s still an interesting video that does make you wonder.

Jones was benched after the interception ended a drive that was seemingly headed in the direction of the Patriots putting points on the board. Rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe took the reins after that for the rest of the game.

Does the ball touch the wire, or is there nothing to see here? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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Mac Jones gets benched, Bailey Zappe leads Patriots to 10-point comeback

It’s Zappe-mania in New England again

The New England Patriots went away from rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe, but it didn’t take long before they came right back to him.

Mac Jones got the nod to start on Monday night against the Chicago Bears after missing the previous three weeks with a high ankle sprain. Things started off rocky right away with Jones not seeing open receivers, before going completely off the rails with another interception for the second-year quarterback.

A chorus of boos started ringing throughout Gillette Stadium, and coach Bill Belichick made the decision to turn to his red-hot rookie.

Zappe ran out on the field to Patriots fans chanting his name, and he repaid them by leading the team on an immediate touchdown drive. He finished the drive with a 30-yard touchdown pass to wideout Jakobi Meyers.

He then led the team down the field for seven more points to bring the Patriots back from a 10-point deficit. The Patriots now lead the Bears 14-10 before the half.

Zappe-mania is running wild in New England once again—and rightfully so.

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Mac Jones expected to retake starting job from Bailey Zappe against Bears

Mac Jones is expected to start on Monday night against the Bears

Mac Jones is expected to resume his role as the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots on Monday night against the Chicago Bears, according to The Athletic’s Jeff Howe.

Of course, his return would be barring any setbacks with the high ankle sprain he suffered in the team’s Week 3 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. He has been out the last three weeks rehabbing the injury in an effort to cut down the return time.

A high ankle sprain generally takes around six weeks to heal. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if he still isn’t exactly 100 percent entering the game. But he clearly must be near that mark for the Patriots to put him on the field against a 2-4 Bears team coming off three straight losses.

Jones’ return brings a halt to the Bailey Zappe phenomenon. The rookie quarterback stepped in and helped lead the team to back-to-back wins over the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions, along with nearly pulling off an upset victory on the road at Lambeau Field against the Green Bay Packers.

But one has to wonder if coach Bill Belichick will have a shorter leash on Jones if turnovers continue to be a problem. Zappe-mania might be slowing, but it isn’t over by a long shot.

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What did Mac Jones say in his first comments since ankle injury?

Mac Jones made his first public comments in weeks on Friday

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones made himself available on Friday, which is the first time he’s spoken publicly in such a forum since the Monday after his ankle injury.

Jones is expected to be ready to play in Week 7 against the Chicago Bears, and assuming everything checks out health-wise, he’ll be the starter over rookie Bailey Zappe.

But this brief Q&A with Jones wasn’t about Zappe-mania.

He simply talked about where he’s at with his ankle injury and how he’s feeling ahead of a possible return against the Bears.

“I think it feels pretty good,” said Jones. “Just trying to work through all the stuff and being able to play in an NFL football game. I want to be able to go out there and help the team and once I’m there, I’m there. So I’m definitely making progress, and we’ve done a good job with the treatment.”

The fact that Jones was actually fielding questions is a great sign that his return could be imminent. He traveled with the team to Cleveland last week to take on the Browns, but he ultimately wasn’t ready to suit up and play.

Things are clearly trending in the opposite direction this time around with the second-year quarterback ready to take back the reins at home against a struggling Bears team in the primetime spotlight.

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