Julian Edelman reminds Brandon Marshall of tattoo bet for Patriots-Jets game

Julian Edelman isn’t letting Brandon Marshall off the hook with their tattoo bet after the Patriots beat the Jets.

Julian Edelman isn’t letting Brandon Marshall off the hook when it comes to their friendly wager heading into Sunday’s game between the New England Patriots and New York Jets.

Marshall called it a “simple” bet in a recent episode of Inside the NFL before revealing he’d get a tattoo if the Patriots won, while Edelman would get a Jets tattoo if Gang Green earned a victory at Gillette Stadium.

Thanks to a suffocating defensive effort by the Patriots and an incredible punt returned for an 84-yard touchdown by rookie defensive back Marcus Jones, we’re about to learn just how “simple” getting a Patriots tattoo really is for Marshall.

Marshall has yet to publicly acknowledge whether he intends on actually going through with the bet or not. But at the very least, it’s clear Edelman is doing everything possible to hold him to it.

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Julian Edelman places wager on ‘stone cold killer’ Bailey Zappe and Patriots

Julian Edelman isn’t shying away from his confidence in the Patriots and rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe

Julian Edelman is at it again in the world of sports betting.

No, he isn’t dropping another $100,000 on a Super Bowl bet involving the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the retired receiver did reveal he placed a bet on the Patriots to upset the Cleveland Browns on the road on Sunday.

He also talked about rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe, who could potentially be making his second straight start under center.

Zappe helped the Patriots knock off the Detroit Lions in Week 5, and he nearly led them to a win over the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, as a replacement for injured backup Brian Hoyer.

“Everyone in New England is feeling that Zappeness,” said Edelman. “But who is Bailey Zappe, really? Take a look at those eyes—stone cold killer. Can’t bet against that guy. He also has a sensitive side, a real side. It’s one you can relate to. It’s Zappehour, Patriots money line in Cleveland. Let’s go.”

Zappehour might be out of time if Mac Jones gets back on the field for Sunday’s game. The Patriots starting quarterback went down with an ankle injury back in Week 3 against the Baltimore Ravens.

However, he was upgraded as questionable on the injury report and managed to make the trip with the team to Cleveland. The “Mac Attack” could be back on for New England.

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Julian Edelman needed only one word to describe Bailey Zappe’s performance vs Lions

Julian Edelman approved of Bailey Zappe’s performance on Sunday.

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was impressed with the performance of Bailey Zappe on Sunday afternoon against the Detroit Lions. One play caught his eye in particular.

The quarterback threw a 24-yard strike to wide receiver Jakobi Meyers for a touchdown. The touchdown put the Patriots up 26-0. It was Meyers’ first touchdown of the season and added to a day that saw him record over 100 receiving yards.

That was Zappe’s second touchdown of the season, after throwing his previous one on the road last week at Lambeau Field against the Green Bay Packers. Edelman needed only one word when showing his approval via Twitter, as the Patriots continued to take a commanding lead.

The Patriots could use Sunday’s performance against the Detroit Lions as a momentum-builder, when they take on the Cleveland Browns in Week 6.

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Julian Edelman has blunt take on Patriots’ playoff aspirations

Julian Edelman offers a genuine and realistic take on the Patriots’ playoff aspirations

The New England Patriots have started this season 1-3 and are facing an uphill battle to make the playoffs. They have faced a gauntlet of a schedule to open things up, and they’re hoping to get some relief in the form of the Detroit Lions this Sunday.

With that being said, former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman doesn’t even want the team to think about the playoffs yet.

The wide receiver was a stellar playoff performer in his own right. He seemed to turn his play up a notch when the stakes were the highest. He had 1,442 receiving yards in the playoffs alone and was a part of three Super Bowl-winning teams.

However, he does not want this current Patriots team to think about high-stakes playoff situations at the moment. He shared his thoughts on the set of Inside the NFL on Tuesday.

The Patriots’ schedule does get a little bit easier over the course of the next six games. Right now, it’s all about winning one game at a time and building from there.

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Julian Edelman buries Patriots critic Brandon Marshall with one question

Julian Edelman went all in with this comeback

Julian Edelman must have been keeping receipts for all of the negative things his “Inside the NFL” co-host, Brandon Marshall, has been saying about the New England Patriots.

Marshall even went as far as claiming coach Bill Belichick was on the hot seat this season with the team’s 1-2 start. Granted, things haven’t looked great for the Patriots.

Mac Jones is dealing with a high ankle sprain, and the offense is struggling to figure things out with Matt Patricia as the play-caller. But then again, the team has only been in three games, and there’s still a lot of football left to play. When trying to convey that point, Edelman went full scorched-Earth mode on Marshall with one question.

Edelman asked, “How many playoff games you play?”


Marshall, a six-time Pro Bowler, had an illustrious NFL career, but he never played in a single playoff game. Sometimes it’s the lowest hanging fruit that stings the most.

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Julian Edelman to get episode of “A Football Life” this fall

Julian Edelman will get his own episode of “A Football Life.”

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman will get his own episode on the series “A Football Life.”

His episode will air on November 25 on NFL Network.

This comes a little more than a year after Edelman announced his retirement from the game. The wide receiver has an ideal story for the series. The former seventh-round quarterback out of Kent State became one of New England’s most important receivers and was a key asset in the playoffs, including winning MVP at Super Bowl LIII.

Along with enjoying life since retirement, he’s been making his rounds on television as a commentator and sharing funny anecdotes in the process.

Edelman’s story will be part of a series that features Joe Theismann, Rod Woodson, Edgerrin James and Franco Harris. The series will finish with a profile on the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

It will be intriguing to see this episode, as Patriots fans will get to relive historic moments in both Edelman and the franchise’s history.

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Julian Edelman responds to Dolphins fan saying he has the ‘most punchable’ face in NFL

Even in retirement, Dolphins fans aren’t too fond of Julian Edelman.

Former New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman is retired and telling legendary stories of how he got kicked out of a Super Bowl press box with Guy Fieri. Meanwhile, back in Miami, there are hardcore Dolphins fans that still don’t like him.

The rivalry runs deep in South Beach.

One Dolphins fan went viral during an interview with Playmaker. When asked which player in the NFL had the most punchable face, he didn’t hesitate to point out Edelman. It was as if that answer had been hardwired into him, and he’d waited his entire life to be asked that specific question.

“Most punchable face, Julian Edelman. I know he’s retired, bro, but [expletive] that guy,” the fan said.

After seeing the video, the retired legendary receiver took to Twitter to respond.

Throughout Edelman’s NFL career, he has racked up 111 receptions for 951 yards and six touchdowns, on top of a 12-4 all-time record against the Dolphins.

If I was this guy, I guess I’d be mad, too.

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Former Patriots WR Julian Edelman could be eyeing an NFL return

Edelman isn’t ruling out a possible NFL return.

Former New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman is beginning to get the itch again.

He finally feels healthy after spending over a year away from football, and the gears are starting to turn in regards to his decision to retire and ride off into the sunset in April 2021.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s still some sunlight left in an NFL career for the 36-year-old Patriots legend. When asked by former teammate Chris Long about a possible comeback, Edelman didn’t rule out the possibility.

“…I feel extremely better than I did the last year-and-a-half of my career,” Edelman said, during an appearance on the Green Light podcast. “I don’t know if it’s fool’s gold just because I haven’t been compouding loadage. That’s why you get interested. So you kick it up a little bit here and there and you analyze. You don’t make decisions. And that’s what I’m doing.”

Hypothetically speaking, if Edelman did return, the Patriots or Tampa Bay Buccaneers would probably be the only possible destinations.

He’s been a Patriot for his entire career, but his longtime friend and former teammate, Tom Brady, just so happens to be the quarterback for the Bucs. Brady was able to lure tight end Rob Gronkowski out of retirement once to join him in Tampa.

Maybe he’d try to do the same with Edelman.

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Julian Edelman reveals moment he knew it was time to retire

Julian Edelman knew exactly when it was time to walk away.

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman knew when it was time to hang up the cleats.

The 2020 season, his final one, was a rocky one. He was hampered by injuries and played in just six games that season. By the end, he tallied 21 catches for 315 yards after only starting in one game. The former Super Bowl hero retired just before the 2021 NFL draft, as the Patriots were looking to go in a new direction at quarterback.

However, it wasn’t the new quarterback that made Edelman retire. Rather, it was simply just looking at film and coming to the stark realization that he was not the same receiver he used to be. He opened up about this on The Ryen Russillo Podcast on Thursday.

It’s worth noting that Edelman had a productive career. He finished with 620 receptions for 6,822 yards and 36 touchdowns. He grew a reputation for being a strong playoff performer as well and was a key weapon for the Patriots offensively. Nevertheless, this was a stark reminder of how quickly careers can change.

“Atrocious. That’s honestly why I retired,” said Edelman, when asked about watching film of himself in his final year. “When you start looking old—and it’s not even just the games—it’s the practices, the body language. I mean, I wanted to throw up. That’s why I had to retire.

“When you’re a younger player, I remember you play a couple guys and they’re in their absolute prime, when you’re still trying to figure things out. And then you figure things out, and it’s like four or five years later, and that guy that you still are battling, who was a badass dude has diminished. That’s blood in the water. I’m going to embarrass him every time. I’m going to try to light him up because I remember how hard it was and how he used to embarrass me. …The blood was in the water. Guys were going to come after me. I had to get out.”

Edelman’s retirement marked another instance of turnover throughout the past couple of seasons.

Tom Brady’s decision to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers marked the end of an era of Patriots football, while Edelman’s retirement continued to add to that.

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Julian Edelman has one big concern for Patriots entering 2022 season

Julian Edelman has a major concern for the Patriots in 2022

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Former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman has concerns about the team heading into 2022 season.

The Patriots exceeded expectations last season, making it to the first round of the playoffs with a rookie quarterback in Mac Jones. Jones finished the 2021 season passing for 2,813 yards, 22 touchdowns and 13 interceptions –showing promise in his first season.

The defense started off strong in the first half of the season, before struggling on the backend of things. With new faces at several different positions, this Patriots defense may have a bit of a feeling out process to begin the year. The departure of J. C. Jackson was perhaps the biggest loss for a Patriots secondary looking for stable depth.

Edelman spoke on the I AM ATHLETE podcast Tuesday and shared his concerns about one aspect of the defense as transcribed by Nick O’ Malley of MassLive.com. In particular, he referenced a key element of the early Patriots Super Bowl teams that led to success

“They weren’t tossing the ball out after the stadium. It was a defensive-built team,” Edelman said. “That’s the thing that I’m worried about with the Patriots. Is their defense gonna be there to allow Mac to have this slow progression into becoming what he becomes?”

Jones will be tasked with leading the Patriots through a difficult AFC East. With each team making upgrades within the division, the Patriots defense many have their hands full. In the meantime, Jones will be looking to take that next step as the defense looks to provide support.

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