Julian Edelman tells funny story of Bill Belichick’s take on impersonations

Bill Belichick is not a fan of Julian Edelman’s impersonations.

Julian Edelman found a home on television, and he’s been given the opportunity to try out new talents in retirement. In addition to working on TV, he also has had time to work on his impression of his former head coach, Bill Belichick.

It’s become one of the former wide receivers’ more famous bits, so much so that Belichick has taken notice of it. Belichick was with Edelman from the beginning after signing him as an undrafted free agent out of Kent State in 2009, while he was still a quarterback.

The pair went on to win three super Bowls together. Edelman took home Super Bowl MVP honors in 2017. He played a key role in the Patriots coming back to be the Atlanta Falcons, catching five passes for 87 yards.

Despite all of the success the two had together, it seems as though Belichick is not a fan of Edelman’s impressions. The head coach appears to be all set with Edelman’s bit as he told the “I AM ATHLETE” Podcast on Monday.

“I just saw him recently. I went and visited the team,” Edelman said. “He was like, ‘Look, like, if I have to turn on the (expletive) TV and see you doing me every (expletive) day — like, what are we (expletive) doing here?’ Like that’s what he would say to me. I’m over here sitting on eggshells. I’m still scared of the guy, I don’t even play for him. He’s like the emperor or something, you know what I mean? So I walk in, I’m like, ‘Hey, coach. You know it’s all out of love.’ He goes, ‘Look, just shut the (expletive) up.’ “

Edelman has not been afraid to give his takes on Patriots players past and present. It seems as though no former teammate, or in this case coach, is off limits. Nevertheless, he might have to rethink his next impression of Belichick.

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Julian Edelman agrees with Martellus Bennett’s harsh take on Jimmy Garoppolo

Martellus Bennett wasn’t happy with Jimmy Garoppolo in 2016, and Julian Edelman clearly wasn’t either.

The New England Patriots had an odd start to the 2016 season.

Tom Brady was suspended four games following Deflategate and it left room for Jimmy Garoppolo to showcase his talent. The Patriots were high on Garoppolo and many people believed he would be the one to replace Brady — who was appearing to be near the end of his career.

Garoppolo had a solid start in the first two games, but he injured his shoulder in Week 2 against the Miami Dolphins. Jacoby Brissett came in Week 3 and played extremely well, but he ended up injured with a torn ligaments in his thumb. Garoppolo was set to start the final game in Week 4, but backed out last second and left it up to Brissett against the Buffalo Bills.

“Bro, we lost two games (without Brady),” Bennett said, via NBC Sports Boston. “One of them was because Jimmy Garoppolo was being a (expletive). He quit before, decided not to play right before the game. Jacoby (Brissett) came out and played with a (expletive)-up thumb and played his heart out, but Jimmy was just being a (expletive) about it all.”

Julian Edelman joined the I AM ATHLETE podcast and backed up Bennett’s stance — with much less vulgarity.

“I mean, I don’t know we’re all football players here,” Edelman said about Garoppolo’s injury, transcribed by NESN. “So we go into Week 4 and Jimmy was practicing and then decided not to play. Jacoby played with no ligaments in his thumb, which you can’t do that as a quarterback.

“A lot of guys got mad at it. I’m not going to lie, I got mad about it,” Edelman continued. “I sacrificed my body all day long. I was taking shots for this, numbing up that, ribs, broken ribs, shoulders, Grade 3 hanging on by limbs just to play. I can understand why Marty (Bennett) thinks like that.”

In hindsight, this could’ve played a role in Garoppolo being traded to the San Francisco 49ers. Brady led the Patriots to a 14-2 record that season and a Super Bowl victory.

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Julian Edelman opens up about potential return to the NFL

Julian Edelman still isn’t fully ready to shut down the idea of a potential NFL return.

Julian Edelman has been extremely back-and-forth when it comes to conversations about a potential return to the NFL.

The 36-year-old retired ahead of last season with the New England Patriots and he was adamant on the fact that he was done. Rumors came out almost monthly about him joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski ventured out. Edelman laughed off the rumors and constantly said he was a Patriot for life, while reiterating that he’s staying away from the field.

Last month, Edelman said “you never” know about a comeback to the NFL and he opened the door for conversation. He did say that if he made a return, it would “probably be with the Patriots.”

On the I AM ATHLETE podcast, Edelman was asked about where he was at with the idea.

“The amount of work I have to put into my body to train, to make me confident — like, that’s so much for the output because of the injuries, my knees, this, that. I’m not getting the same output,” Edelman said, transcribed by NESN. “So now that I’ve taken a year off and I’m not loading my body, compounding loads every single day, my body feels pretty straight, you know? I’ve gone and dabbled out and you go run routes. But then, you see when you run routes, the next day, like, all right, I’m not too bad, but I’m already like 10,000 reps behind I feel in my mind.”

The Patriots have a deep receiving corps and Edelman is doing just fine with his post-NFL career. He likely won’t make a return, but never say never.

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Julian Edelman on returning from retirement: ‘We’re staying in shape but you never know’

Julian Edelman didn’t shut down the idea of a comeback.

Retired New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman has repeatedly shut down the idea of a comeback to the NFL — until last weekend.

During an appearance at the Sunset Sports Media Festival in Zadar, Croatia, Edelman addressed the potential for a return to playing.

“I don’t know, we’ll see,” Edelman said of returning to the NFL to play with Brady, via WEEI. “That’s called a little teaser. We’ll see. We’re staying in shape but you never know.”

It’s not a no.

I know what you’re thinking. Quarterback Tom Brady has made a push on social media to get his trusty receiver out of retirement. So Patriots fans have to be wondering whether Edelman would come out of retirement to play with Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — just like Rob Gronkowski did.

“…I’d probably go back to the Patriots. I love the Patriots. Foxborough Forever,” Edelman said.

New England has an awfully crowded group of receivers, but Bill Belichick would probably have a hard time saying no to Edelman.

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Rob Gronkowski says he’ll return if Julian Edelman joins the Buccaneers

Sounds like Rob Gronkowski is going to hit retirement this offseason then.

Rob Gronkowski’s future in the NFL is up in the air at the moment.

The 32-year-old retired following the 2018 season with the New England Patriots and then he joined Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. It took a new team and convincing from Brady to bring Gronkowski back into the game that put endless damage on his body.

The path looked clear for him to retire and move on following the 2021 season when Brady announced his retirement — but, that clearly changed a month later. Brady announced his return to the league and now Gronkowski has a decision to make before the season begins.

While in Las Vegas during the 2022 NFL Draft, Gronkowski said Julian Edelman “needs to sign with the Bucs” in order for the tight end to return for a full season.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, for Gronkowski — Edelman recently shut down the idea of joining the Buccaneers and said he’s “a one-team guy.”

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Julian Edelman bluntly shuts down possibility of joining Tom Brady, Buccaneers

Despite any recruiting attempts, the 35-year-old isn’t going to join Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

Julian Edelman joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made sense for a few different reasons.

The 35-year-old retired after the 2020 season, which was his first year without Tom Brady throwing him the ball. Two of his closest friends, Brady and Rob Gronkowski, left the New England Patriots to join the Buccaneers and eventually went on to win the Super Bowl.

It would’ve been an enticing place to continue his career due to the relationships and a more relaxed setting. But, Edelman only wanted to play in Foxborough and he stayed true to that sentiment.

Multiple times over the past couple years, Brady and Gronkwoski have tried to recruit Edelman to the Buccaneers. While joining the “Green Light with Chris Long” podcast, Edelman had a blunt reason for staying strong with his stance.

“Nah, man. I’m a one-team guy,” Edelman said.

Edelman will always remain one of the most beloved Patriots.

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Julian Edelman has excruciating April Fool’s joke for Patriots fans

Every Patriots fans’ heart skipped a beat while seeing this tweet.

Julian Edelman retired with the New England Patriots and he will always been a fan favorite.

But, there’s been a slight fear that he would join Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady has joked in the past about Edelman joining him and nothing has ever transpired from it.

A couple weeks ago, Brady posted a video of him and Edelman throwing and getting a workout in. Gronkowski replied to it with the hopes Edelman was making a return to the NFL and it brought the idea back to life.

Edelman continues to feed into it and he did so with the perfect April Fool’s joke — announcing he signed with the Buccaneers.

There’s a lot of nervous Patriots fans who didn’t likely get the joke at first.

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Tom Brady worked out with Julian Edelman and Patriots fans feared the worst

Julian Edelman and Tom Brady posted a video on Twitter that got people talking.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady recruited a good friend for a workout: Julian Edelman, the retired New England Patriots receiver. And it would be no big deal that the two friends spent some time on a football field together — if Brady hadn’t convinced a different one of his friends to come out of retirement (Rob Gronkowski) to play in Tampa.

So even though Edelman once ruled out a return to the NFL due to chronic knee pain, the receiver stoked the flames around a potential return with this video with Brady. Immediately after the video went up on Twitter, everyone had so many questions: Would Edelman come out of retirement? And would he go to Tampa? Some Patriots fans feared the worst.

Julian Edelman’s reaction to seeing his clone at the NFL combine is too funny

Julian Edelman’s response on Twitter was pretty hilarious.

Julian Edelman appears to like what he’s seeing from Slade Bolden, the receiver who compared himself to Edelman at the NFL combine on Wednesday.

Bolden, an Alabama slot receiver, is almost farcically suited for the New England Patriots for many of the reasons we just mentioned. He’s also special teams contributor, he played for former Patriots OC Bill O’Brien, he threw for a touchdown at Alabama, and he roomed with Patriots quarterback Mac Jones when he was at Alabama.

All those things seem to have drawn Julian Edelman’s attention, with the receiver posting a funny meme on Twitter with his face photoshopped on top of a GIF of Bill Belichick (at the NFL combine).

That’s awesome. Another first down for Edelman.

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Julian Edelman offers his thoughts on Tom Brady’s decision to retire

Julian Edelman has an honest take, and wouldn’t be surprised if Tom Brady were to either return or stay retired.

Julian Edelman has a level of understanding for his good friend Tom Brady right now.

Brady, after 22 incredible seasons, decided to hang up his cleats so he could spend more time with his family. He’s 44-years-old and retirement is somewhat expected at his age, but he’s also coming off of a tremendous season and it’s clear he can still play. Brady is conflicted and he admitted that while leaving the door open for a return in the future.

Edelman retired last season due to injuries, but he still had the itch to continue playing and he still likely had some more gas in his tank. Both players are fierce competitors and both players knew that they have more they can give.

But, for their own reasons, the moved on from the game of football.

While speaking on Tom E. Curran’s “Patriots Talk Podcast,” Edelman explained why it will be difficult for Brady to stay away from playing.

“My answer for, ‘Were you surprised (that) he retired?’ was, ‘No, I’m not. And that’s the same answer if he comes back,” Edelman said. “You wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t know how he’s going to feel in six months when he’s sitting there.

“The first offseason when you retire, it’s different. You have a routine, you have a body clock that you’re so used to. I did it for 12 (years), he did it for 22. So like, it’ll hit him in some form or another. But it wouldn’t surprise me.

“… I mean, it’d make for a hell of a documentary that I’m sure he would make.”

Brandon Bolden believes Brady has a higher chance of returning than staying retired and that seems to be a consensus from players around the league.

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