Seahawks all time record vs NFC West teams

Seahawks all time record vs NFC West teams

Today is part four in Seahawks Wire’s ongoing series to see how Seattle has fared against every team in the NFL, all time. Each weekend we’re going to look at how the Seahawks stack up record wise against each team, going division by division.

So far, we have gone through the NFC East, North, and South. Now it is time to look in the Seahawks’ own backyard: the NFC West.

Recently, we examined Seattle’s biggest/most important wins over each of their division rivals. But how do the Seahawks look historically when compared to their rivals?

Seahawks’ most important wins vs. NFC West rivals

Let us go back and take a look at the biggest wins over division foes

Another season is well in the books, so I thought it would be a fine time to go back and look at how the Seattle Seahawks have fared against their division rivals in the biggest moments. Ever since joining the division during the 2002 re-alignment, the Seahawks have mostly owned the west.

Seattle has won the division nine times since 2002, which is far more than San Francisco (5), Los Angeles/St. Louis (4), or Arizona (3). Yet not all games – or wins – are created equal. Some simply mean much more.

Whether it is for high stakes or merely symbolic, let us examine the Seahawks’ most important wins over their division rivals.