Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf reach out to fans in Instagram live chat

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson conducted a live stream on Instagram that involved wide receiver DK Metcalf and others.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson resorted to social media to discuss the upcoming NFL season.

Wilson had an Instagram Live chat with wide receiver DK Metcalf and several other associates.

“We’re in a time of severe measures,” Wilson said. “We’re in a time of trials, tribulations and finances and everything else…and I think the reality is, we need to be able to find the joy in it.”

Wilson took the time to reflect on his tenure in the NFL and expressed his gratitude after the league-shaking events that have transpired, including the CBA vote and the aforementioned pandemic.

“It’s kind of crazy to think about a whole 10 years,” Wilson said. “Interesting times, especially the vote happening during all this craziness. Everyone’s away from each other. I am so grateful that I get to play the game though and that’s the good news in it.”

Metcalf has been in Arizona training for the 2020 season and seems to be embracing the underdog role while remaining excited to wreak havoc on any opposition.

“It’s gonna be a big surprise, I think,” Metcalf said, “The doubters always out there, bro.”

Wilson gave a confident response: “They ain’t ready for what we about to do.”

Metcalf is entering his second season in the NFL, while Wilson is entering his ninth. We will see how the two continue their connection in 2020.

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