Alvin Kamara says he’s ‘not 100% committed’ to his dinner plans after Sean Payton report

Alvin Kamara says he’s ‘not 100% committed’ to his dinner plans after Sean Payton report

Let’s count Alvin Kamara in the camp not sweating Sean Payton’s commitment to working with the New Orleans Saints this year. After a report from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said Payton had not verbally, 100% committed to returning to New Orleans for the 2022 season, Kamara issued his own statement making light of the whole situation on Twitter.

“I’m not 100% committed to putting ketchup on my fries tonight,” Kamara wrote, advising fans to turn to WDSU’s Fletcher Mackel for details on his dinner plans later that evening.

Maybe there’s more smoke to this fire than the reactions of Kamara and Saints owner Gayle Benson would suggest, but it sure doesn’t sound like either of them are worried Payton might be about to ride off into the sunset. Obviously it’s a developing situation, so be sure to watch this space for movement in the days ahead.

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Alvin Kamara had the best reaction to Taysom Hill’s win-sealing TD run

Alvin Kamara had the best reaction to Taysom Hill’s win-sealing TD run

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The New Orleans Saints held onto a 14-point lead over the New York Jets late in the fourth quarter, but Taysom Hill wanted to leave no doubt. So when his coach Sean Payton dialed up the perfect play — and his blockers did an excellent job paving the way for his path to the open field — Hill took off at a sprint and kept going for 44 yards, outrunning rookie Jets safety Ashtyn Davis for the second-longest score of his career (only a 45-yard touchdown reception from Drew Brees in 2019 traveled further).

But it wasn’t supposed to go that way, at least if Alvin Kamara had anything to say about it. The Saints star running back had his own big performance against New York but found time to joke about Hill’s feats in his postgame press conference.

“He should’ve slid, I told his dumbass [to] slide,” Kamara quipped after the game. Sure, that may have been the smarter play in controlling the clock and setting the Saints up to keep the ball away from New York. The analytics community will certainly sign off on that opinion. But there’s no doubting how much more exciting a walk-off touchdown like Hill’s can be.


Watch: Alvin Kamara scores 16-yard rushing TD vs. Jets in return from injury

Watch: Alvin Kamara scores 16-yard rushing TD vs. Jets in first game back from injury

Whew: Alvin Kamara is good at football, guys. The New Orleans Saints running back retook the lead in Sunday’s game with the New York Jets on a 16-yard touchdown run, cutting back behind the formation to put some space between him and the Jets defenders in pursuit. A subsequent point-after kick gave the Saints a 10-3 lead over New York.

It’s wild how easy he makes feats like this look. But when you’re a unique athlete you make special plays, and that’s become Kamara’s calling-card. Great to see him moving so well after he missed four games with a knee injury.

In a a bigger-picture view, this was the 67th touchdown that Kamara has scored in his Saints career as a runner, receiver, or returner. That cut the gap between him and legendary Saints wideout Marques Colston to just five scores in franchise history. If Kamara can finish his year strong, there’s no reason he won’t claim that record before season’s end.


Alvin Kamara breaks Roger Craig’s NFL record for most RB receptions in first 5 years

Alvin Kamara breaks Roger Craig’s NFL record for the most receptions by a running back in their first 5 years:

Make some more room in the trophy case: New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara has broken another NFL record, catching his 359th reception in Sunday’s game with the New York Jets.

Previously held by San Francisco 49ers legend Roger Craig, often the tip of the spear for Bill Walsh’s game-changing West Coast Offense, it’s another impressive accomplishment for No. 41.

This latest broken record goes to show just how unique Kamara’s skills set is. There aren’t many players out there who can run like he does, either behind the offensive line or lined up outside the formation.

He’s the latest step in a series of evolutions to change how the sport has been played, and it’s not hyperbole to suggest he’s making his own Hall of Fame resume. Let’s see what Kamara has in store as the Jets game continues — he’s six touchdowns away from tying Marques Colston’s team record, and a couple of scores today would do a lot to help his cause.


The Saints offense must sink or swim if Alvin Kamara can’t play this week

The Saints offense must sink or swim if Alvin Kamara can’t play this week

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A concerning storyline picking up momentum this week is the absence of New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara, who missed the team’s first two practices with a mild knee strain suffered in last week’s loss to the Atlanta Falcons. While Kamara could return to practice on Friday or even play on Sunday without having taken a practice rep, it’s looking increasingly likely that the Saints will be without their best player against the Tennessee Titans.

Kamara has played 78.4% of their snaps on offense this season, well above his previous career high (69% in 2019), though that number has dropped to 67% and 68% in the Saints’ last two games after Mark Ingram came home in a trade with the Houston Texans. And it makes sense to decrease his workload. Kamara has never been someone asked to handle 30 or 40 touches in a single game.

Having a competent No. 2 in Ingram should help the Saints offense keep it moving if Kamara can’t go, but there’s no one who can really replace what he brings to the offense. Kamara has accounted for 59.8% of the team’s rushing attempts and 19.6% of their targets, as well as 32.2% of their total scrimmage yards. He’s accounted for 7 of their 24 combined rushing and receiving touchdowns (29.1%).

So those are big shoes to fill. The good news is that Ingram can do enough of those things — running behind a strong offensive line, catching dump-off passes underneath the coverage, and things that aren’t reflected in the box score like helping out in pass protection by picking up blitzing defenders — to support the Saints’ quarterback, whoever that ends up being.

But Kamara has qualities few of his teammates can substitute: his elusive movements in the open field, his ability to line up as a receiver and run real routes against defensive backs, and his comprehensive understanding of the playbook. He’s a rare talent and the offense will miss him.

Let’s round out with a positive, though. If Kamara can’t play on Sunday it won’t catch the Saints by surprise. Sean Payton has had all week to plan without his best player. Even if their offense is running thin at the skills positions, Payton remains one of the game’s most creative play designers. If anyone can navigate a game against a tough opponent without Kamara, it’s him. Keep an eye out for status updates on Friday’s final injury report.

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Alvin Kamara says he’s ready to ‘get my Drew Brees on’ as Saints’ emergency QB

Alvin Kamara says he’s ready to ‘get my Drew Brees on’ as Saints’ emergency QB, if the team needs him:

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A common question rolled through the Caesars Superdome and New Orleans Saints online when Jameis Winston went down last Sunday — who was the emergency quarterback? With Taysom Hill out with an injury and Ian Book inactive for the game, that left Trevor Siemian as the only available passer. It was a riddle that took a few days to solve, but now we have our answer: Alvin Kamara.

The Saints’ do-it-all All-Pro running back has scored touchdowns as a runner, receiver, and even kick returner, but his first career touchdown pass remains elusive. He’s not looking forward to any sort of full-time role as a quarterback, but Kamara has lobbied for a trick play pass here or there before. And if the team is so short handed that his number gets called, he’s pledged to do his best.

“Yes, I’m a quarterback. They came up to me on the sideline and had my extra helmet with the little mics in it, I was ready to put it on,” Kamara grinned to the Advoate | Times-Picayune’s Rod Walker while relating the emergency situation that came up in Sunday’s win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He joked to WDSU’s Fletcher Mackel that a full-time wildcat role would have been “disrespectful,” while adding: “Alright okay, this is my time to shine. Probably get a little more money. Throw a couple passes, get my Drew Brees on.”

Fortunately, it doesn’t look like this is going to happen any time soon. Hill has returned to practice on a full workload ahead of this week’s game with the Atlanta Falcons which provides a buffer between any contingencies like putting a radio in Kamara’s helmet — whether that means Hill is backing up Trevor Siemian or starting in his place remains to be seen, but for now, Kamara’s dreams of dropping dimes downfield are just out of reach.

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Alvin Kamara named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for Week 7

Saints RB Alvin Kamara is NFC Offensive Player of the Week for Week 7:

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A big game deserves big recognition, and Alvin Kamara has earned the award for NFC Offensive Player of the Week following his efforts against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night. The New Orleans Saints superstar secured 10 receptions for 128 receiving yards and a touchdown catch while running 20 times for another 55 rushing yards, converting a critical late-game third-and-10 with a 12-yard gain.

But this is somehow only Kamara’s second NFC Offensive Player of the Week award in his already-storied NFL career, last doing so after scoring six touchdown runs against the Minnesota Vikings on Christmas Day last season.

Here are your Players of the Week for Week 7:

  • NFC Offense: RB Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints
  • NFC Defense: LB Deion Jones, Atlanta Falcons
  • NFC Special Teams: K Graham Gano, New York Giants
  • AFC Offense: WR Ja’Marr Chase, Cincinnati Bengals
  • AFC Defense: DE Yannick Ngakoue, Las Vegas Raiders
  • AFC Special Teams: P Rigoberto Sanchez, Indianapolis Colts

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Alvin Kamara breaks NFL record to reach 3,000 rushing yards, 3,000 receiving yards

Alvin Kamara is the fastest NFL player to reach 3,000 rushing yards, 3,000 receiving yards:

This is impressive: ESPN Stats & Info found that New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara is now the fastest player in NFL history to run for 3,000 rushing yards while picking up another 3,000 receiving yards — doing so in 66 games.

The previous record-holder was NFL legend Roger Craig, who achieved that in 70 games.

There just aren’t many playmakers like Kamara, who seems to be a threat in almost every phase of the game. He’s a unique talent in a sport filled with unique talents. Kamara sent the Saints into halftime with 138 yards from scrimmage — against just 141 scrimmage yards from the entire opposing offense. If it somehow wasn’t clear before, the Saints have a special one wearing No. 41.

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Watch: Alvin Kamara scores his 61st touchdown in 63rd career regular season game

Watch: Alvin Kamara scores his 61st touchdown in 63rd career regular season game

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Bang: Alvin Kamara asserted himself early on against the New England Patriots by linking up with Jameis Winston for an 11-yard touchdown grab. It’s the 61st touchdown of Kamara’s career, spanning 63 regular season games. That helps close the gap between him and Marques Colston for the New Orleans Saints career scoring record (72 touchdowns in 146 games).

Funnily enough, the play looked like one the Saints were burnt on a week ago. Saints film analyst Deuce Windham identified it as a Texas concept — the same design the Carolina Panthers used to pick up 30 yards on a Christian McCaffrey grab-and-go in Week 2. Sean Payton has always taken time to look at what’s working around the league, but this note-cribbing feels a little more personal.

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Alvin Kamara again ranks top-15 on NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2021 list

Alvin Kamara again ranks top-15 on NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2021 list

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Alvin Kamara’s peers across the NFL still don’t seem to understand just how great of a player he is. When he isn’t running through their tackles he’s leaping over them or sprinting around them. There almost aren’t enough words to describe the New Orleans Saints superstar.

“Bruh, he’s different bruh,” gushed former teammate Jared Cook after Kamara’s long grab-and-go touchdown embarrassed the Green Bay Packers defense. “He was made in a lab, bruh. He’s not human.”

Kamara clocked in at No. 14, as voted on by his fellow players around the league, tying his highest ranking on the NFL Network Top 100 so far. Here’s where he has been placed before:

  • 2021: 14
  • 2020: 42
  • 2019: 14
  • 2018: 20

And that’s still too low. Let’s see how high Kamara climbs with another big season. This year he’s joined by fellow Saints standouts Cameron JordanDemario Davis, Michael Thomas, Terron Armstead, and Marshon Lattimore.

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