Tom Brady breaks NFL single-season record for passing completions

Another day, another record for the legendary quarterback.

Another day, another record for Tom Brady.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback eclipsed 5,000 yards for the second time in his career in Week 18, and he also broke the single-season record for passing completions at 472. While playing against the Carolina Panthers at home, Brady connected with Mike Evans for the record-setting play.

Drew Brees held the previous record with 471 completions over the duration of a 16-game season — Brady accomplished this within the 17-game season.

Here’s the top five seasons in completions throughout NFL history, via Touchdown Wire.

Most pass completions in a single NFL season:

1. Tom Brady, (472), Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2021
2. Drew Brees (471), New Orleans Saints, 2016
3. Drew Brees (468), New Orleans Saints, 2011
4. Drew Brees (456), New Orleans Saints, 2014
5. Ben Roethlisberger (452), Pittsburgh Steelers, 2018

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Tom Brady breaks NFL single-season record for pass completions

Tom Brady took advantage of the 17th game to set a new single-season record.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady added to his lengthy NFL résumé on Sunday afternoon against the Carolina Panthers.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion broke the league’s single-season record for pass completions when he connected with Mike Evans in the third quarter at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The completion was Brady’s 472nd of the season, eclipsing the previous record set by Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints in 2016.

The feat took place in the Buccaneers’ 17th game of the season, whereas Brees set the previous mark in a 16-game schedule.

Brady already held many of the NFL’s career passing records, including total yardage, touchdown passes, attempts and completions.

Most pass completions in a single NFL season:

1. Tom Brady, (472), Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2021
2. Drew Brees (471), New Orleans Saints, 2016
3. Drew Brees (468), New Orleans Saints, 2011
4. Drew Brees (456), New Orleans Saints, 2014
5. Ben Roethlisberger (452), Pittsburgh Steelers, 2018

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Tom Brady revealed his initial reaction to Patriots drafting Jimmy Garoppolo

No one could have known Tom Brady would have played this long.

Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had a rough season in 2013, so probably not coincidentally, coach Bill Belichick decided to draft Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round in 2014. It was the highest Belichick had ever taken a quarterback at the time.

It seemed like a signal that Belichick was preparing for life after Brady. At the very least, Belichick was prioritizing a strong backup at the position.

“We drafted Jimmy and I just thought, like every other time, you embrace them, they’re you’re teammate,” Brady said during an interview in the ESPN+ docu-series “Man in the Arena.” “Now, we drafted Jimmy higher. Coach Belichick referenced my age to me, referenced it to the media. In my mind, I was thinking, ‘What are you talking about?’”

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Brady was 36 years old and was set to enter his 15th NFL season. No one could have anticipated at the time that Brady’s longevity would be what it is. No one has ever had this much success into their 40s like Brady.

“I think he was just referencing, well, not many quarterbacks have ever played and been successful late in their career, and that’s just a fact. Of course, for me, I was just like, I don’t care about any of those things,” he said.

Back in 2014, Brady predicted he could play to 2020 or 2021. Nowadays, he’s not giving an answer. He wants to play to 45 years old, at least. That’s all he’ll say. So he’ll play through next season. Then what? Only he knows.

But Belichick couldn’t have prepared for Brady to play as long as he did. The Patriots coach prepares for every scenario, even if it’s the decline of the greatest quarterback of all time.

“From the team standpoint, again, you’re always looking to, ‘What’s going to happen if Tom retires, what’s going to happen if Tom isn’t the player he is?’” Brady said. “I never thought about those things ’cause I didn’t think of myself aging in a traditional way. I was really beginning to understand how to take care of myself. I was really beginning to understand the game, how to study, how to be more efficient. I was really beginning to understand how to train, how to communicate more with my teammates.

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Tom Brady details the confusion he felt at the early outset of Deflategate

“I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t know what they were talking about.”

Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said he didn’t truly understand what was happening in the wake of accusations he had deflated footballs, a scandal which he initially laughed off.

But those accusations — and the scandal — escalated enormously in the months that followed into Deflategate. The now-Buccaneers quarterback explained what was going through his mind during the first few days of the ball-deflating controversy.

“I think the next morning is when I heard about it,” Brady says, with his interview spliced up with video clips from his infamous Deflategate news conference. “… I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t know what they were talking about, so I kind of just laughed it off. … I think everyone was trying to figure out exactly what was happening, what was — obviously what we were being accused of doing. … I just remember walking in (to a press conference), and there was different cameras there than ever before. This was not a football story anymore. … When you’re being accused of something, first of all, you’re trying to figure out exactly what happened yourself.”

As he came to digest the accusations, Brady actually had familiar feelings.

“We’d accomplished so much as a team, and here we are talking about something that we didn’t know much about at the time,” Brady said. “All it is is negativity and people trying to take us down, and I think that part was familiar.”

The NFL ultimately issued a four-game suspension for Brady and though he attempted an appeal in court, he served the suspension. In the Super Bowl immediately after the initial accusations, Brady and the Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks. Then in the Super Bowl following the suspension, Brady and the Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl.

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Tom Brady trolls Tony Romo over broadcast analysis: ‘Is he not watching?’

Tom Brady had the perfect response to Tony Romo on Twitter.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady took offense to something CBS analyst Tony Romo said during Tampa’s eclectic win over the Buffalo Bills in overtime on Sunday.

“He’s slow, right?” Romo said during the broadcast. “He can’t actually make someone miss.”

It was a bad day for Romo to go after Brady for his speed. Most Sundays, Romo would be spot-on. Brady has never been known for his mobility and rarely runs for big plays. Brady’s juke on Brian Urlacher went down in infamy for the Bears linebacker. But on Sunday, Brady had a surprisingly impressive day running the football — at least by his standards.

So the Buccaneers quarterback took to Twitter to troll Romo for whiffing on his analysis.

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Brady comes away with the W in this one.

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Tom Brady tells the story of hearing the Patriots were trading for Randy Moss

Tom Brady was thrilled at the idea of playing with Randy Moss.

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New England Patriots fans weren’t the only people excited when the team landed Randy Moss during the 2007 NFL Draft. Quarterback Tom Brady was equally as ecstatic.

Acquired for a fourth-round selection in that year’s draft, Moss and Brady lit up NFL fields in 2007. Moss would record 1,493 receiving yards and a NFL-record 23 touchdowns. Brady set his own records that year, recording 4,806 passing yards and 50 touchdown passes.

Moss would spend four seasons with the Patriots, recording 259 catches for 3,904 yards and 50 touchdowns.

Before the trade, Bill Belichick suggested to Brady that they might acquire Moss. In Episode 4 of his new ESPN+ docuseries, Brady revealed he was giddy at the prospect of Moss coming to New England that offseason, as transcribed by Adam London of

“So that offseason came and I got a phone call from Coach Belichick,” Brady said on ESPN+. “He said, ‘We’re thinking of trading for Randy. What do you think?’ I was like, ‘What do I think? I mean, abso-(expletive)-lutely.’”

Although Moss spent a relatively short time in New England, he was able to cement himself in Patriots history.

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Bill Belichick ‘can’t wait’ to watch Tom Brady’s ‘Man in the Arena’ series

Along with giving a slew of compliments to Tom Brady, Bill Belichick said he’s extremely excited to watch the show.

Tom Brady’s “Man in the Arena” series on ESPN+ has rolled out episodes on a weekly basis and gives much further context into the New England Patriots’ dynasty, starting from the very beginning.

Brady, with Drew Bledsoe giving his input as well, elaborates on taking over the starting role and he dove deep into the first three Super Bowl runs during the first three episodes. The fourth episode debuts on Tuesday and it will take a look at the 2007 season, beginning with the signing of Randy Moss.

On Tuesday morning following the Patriots’ 14-10 win over the Buffalo Bills, Bill Belichick was asked whether or not he’d check the series out.

“I haven’t, but I am sure Tom did a great job, like he always does,” Belichick said on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show”. “He was such a centerpiece in obviously all those games. I can’t wait to see it.”

He continued to give Brady praise, along with Lawrence Taylor, and continued to express the fact that he’ll watch the show.

“I definitely will (watch it) and as I have said many times, nobody deserves more credit for our success here than Tom does,” he said. “He’s a great player, great person, great leader. Just a tremendous opportunity for me to coach. Probably the greatest player in NFL history and on defense with [Lawrence] Taylor, the greatest offensive player with Tom and greatest defensive player with Taylor. It’s been a tremendous opportunity for me as a coach. I certainly learned a lot from Tom. He helped me develop as a coach, as did Taylor. I am very thankful for my opportunity to have over 30 years coaching those two guys.”

Belichick is oftentimes selective about discussing Brady-related topics, but he felt good and expressed his respect for the greatest quarterback to ever play.

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Tom Brady jokingly says Julian Edelman ‘pretended to be Wes Welker his whole career’

It’s difficult to imagine a relationship where Tom Brady and Julian Edelman don’t troll each other.

It’s difficult to imagine a relationship where Tom Brady and Julian Edelman don’t troll each other.

Despite the fact that Brady’s in the league with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Edelman is starting his career as an NFL analyst — the two remain extremely close. During ESPN’s ManningCast of the Monday Night Football with the Buccaneers and New York Giants, Edelman did an impression of Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

Brady reacted to Edelman’s impression on his SiriusXM podcast “Let’s Go! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray.”

“It’s so funny,” Brady said, transcribed by WEEI. “And you know what? I think he’s right on! Usually I tell Julian to stick to his day job with something like this. I don’t even think he has a day job, though. He was pretty right on with that conversation. He’s always mimicked me pretty well, mimicked Gronk pretty well, mimicked [Bill] Belichick pretty well over the years and now that he’s got a platform to do it? He’s doing a good job of it.”

Brady came back with a quick, but hilarious, jab at Edelman.

“He basically pretended to be Wes Welker his whole career so what can’t he do?” Brady said.

Edelman and Welker were two of the most important offensive weapons in the New England Patriots’ 20-year run with Tom Brady.

Welker’s run with the Patriots began in 2007 and Edelman was slowly phased into the role after being drafted in 2009 — which he took over entirely in 2013. Welker finished his Patriots career with 672 catches for 7,459 yards and 37 touchdowns while Edelman had 620 receptions for 6,822 yards and 77 touchdowns.

It’s hard to argue that Edelman didn’t follow Welker’s footsteps very closely with his NFL career — so, Brady isn’t necessarily wrong.

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Tom Brady describes eye-opening ‘welcome to the NFL’ moment

Tom Brady described the first time he realized the nature of life in the NFL.

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Having been in the NFL for almost two decades, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has seen just about everything in the game. However, even he gets caught off guard.

On the second episode of ESPN’s “Man in the Arena,” Brady cited the 2003 release of Lawyer Milloy as something that hit home. Milloy was a key member of the New England Patriots backfield for seven seasons, and was coming off a Pro Bowl season in 2002.

New England released Milloy just before the start of the 2003 season. The safety quickly found a home, signing a four-year deal with the Buffalo Bills the day after his release.

“It was the first time that I recognized that this was, you know, a really tough business,” Brady said during Episode 2 of “Man in the Arena,” as transcribed by the New York Post. “I didn’t know they brought Rodney (Harrison) in to replace Lawyer, I thought they brought Rodney in to complement Lawyer. I just was so mad that we let him go, and I just couldn’t understand why we let this guy go, who had meant so much to the team.

“That was kind of the welcome to pro football moment.”

Harrison ended up being an adequate replacement for Milloy. Coming over from the San Diego Chargers, Harrison was a key part of two Patriots Super Bowl teams. He was named to the organization’s 50th Anniversary Team, as well as the New England Patriots All-2000’s team.

If anything, Brady’s eye-opening moment was a jarring reminder of just how cutthroat the NFL can be.

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In ESPN’s ‘Man In the Arena,’ Tom Brady reflects upon Patriots’ dynasty in a way he’s never done

Tom Brady revisits his greatest NFL triumphs in the upcoming nine-part ESPN+ series “Man in the Arena.”

Tom Brady often said he wasn’t ready to look back on his career during his final years with the New England Patriots. The quarterback echoed Bill Belichick’s company line: there will be time to reflect in retirement. In the meantime, the Patriots were on to winning the next Super Bowl.

That’s what makes “Man In the Arena” unique. Brady looks back on his career, with a special focus on each Super Bowl in a nine-episode series, which debuts on ESPN+ on Nov. 16. (A 10th episode will be released later). Brady sits down with director Gotham Chopra, who directed another documentary series on Brady, “Tom vs. Time.” The former Patriots and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback looks back at his Super Bowl appearances to reflect upon the complicated emotional evolution of the superstar’s career.

With Brady freeing himself from The Patriot Way — with players in New England forced to share as little information as possible — we’re seeing a new side to him. He’s open to sharing more stories and details. which makes for a much more complete story.

Man in the Arena is more than a series of career highlights compiled together,” Brady told ESPN’s PR team, via a press release. “This series shows what an incredible journey it has been for me these past 22 years and the incredible people that have impacted me on this amazing ride. It is an inside look into how this journey has helped shape me into the man I am today.”

Notable guests include former Patriots stars such as quarterback Drew Bledsoe, safety Rodney Harrison, linebacker Tedy Bruschi, receiver Randy Moss and tight end Rob Gronkowski. Those are names we come to expect for projects like this.

The surprises? Brady’s sisters, Julie, Maureen and Nancy Brady, will make appearances. There are interviews with Brady’s wife, Gisele Bündchen. And then there are interviews with Brady’s fiercest opponents: former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan and former Seattle Seahawks cornerback (and current Bucs teammate) Richard Sherman.

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