Antonio Brown drops video, wants to return to call the plays in Pittsburgh

Antonio Brown has been itching to return to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a while, but now it’s in a different role.

Antonio Brown has been itching to return to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a while now. But now it’s in a different role: Offensive coordinator.

“Matt Canada is a terrible offensive coordinator,” Brown said on X. “Last week, we scored six points in four quarters. I think I should call the plays being that I’m an offensive skill and I put the players in the best position to emphasize their skills.

“Check me out, AB offensive coordinator. Ya dig.”

It’s sad that in the crazy fantasy world where Antonio Brown is the offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers, he’d be an upgrade over what they currently have.

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Before you ask, no Antonio Brown is not coming back to the Steelers

Former Steeler Antonio Brown hints he wants to come back to Pittsburgh.

Oh boy, this one is a doozie.

The Pittsburgh Steelers stumbled out of the gates on Sunday and got blown out by the San Francisco 49ers in Week One of the NFL season. On top of that, starting wide receiver Diontae Johnson suffered a hamstring injury in the game that will sideline him this week.

Antonio Brown has entered the chat…

It didn’t take long for former Steeler Brown to show up on Twitter with what appears to be an offer to come back to help the Steelers.

Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t a player in the NFL right now as entertaining as Brown is as a former NFL player and we can never wait to see what his next thing is. And it appears his next thing to draw attention to himself is make himself available to his old team.

Obviously, this would never happen, even if Johnson’s injury were season-ending. So before any of you ask, no the Steelers are not signing Brown under any circumstances. This is already in disarray after last week’s game, there is no sense in adding fuel to the fire.

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Ryan Clark makes bold prediction on future of ex-Steelers WR Antonio Brown

ESPN analyst and former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark believes, unequivocally, that Antonio Brown is a Hall of Famer.

Ryan Clark is at it again. And while this isn’t his boldest prediction by far, it certainly has sparked conversation.

The ESPN analyst and Pivot Podcast host believes that former Pittsburgh Steelers legend Antonio Brown is a Hall of Famer. “I don’t think he gets in on the First Ballot because we know how that goes, but for a period he was one of the ‘greatest’ to ever do it,” Clark recently posted on X.

How bold it is, really, though? We all know Brown has a Hall of Fame resume and could’ve kept adding to it if he hadn’t gone off the deep end. Like many players who leave, his career took a significant dip after he left Pittsburgh.

It’s not a question of whether his career is worthy of enshrinement, only that he’ll have to clear some hurdles to clear to get in. Voters take into consideration off-the-field issues almost as deeply as on-field performance.

There’s a backlog of HOF-caliber receivers who have yet to get their gold jacket, including Steelers’ own Hines Ward.

Whether Brown will get in is anybody’s guess. He never officially retired, so the countdown has yet to begin. Players must be retired for five years to be eligible for induction.

What do you think: Does Antonio Brown get into the Hall of Fame? Cast your vote below.

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Former Steeler Antonio Brown tries to mend fences with former colleagues

It looks like Antonio Brown is trying to make peace with the Steelers.

Let’s not try to pretend that we will ever understand what is going on with former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. His life is like a reality TV show and even though he’s not playing football anymore he keeps himself relevant with his unique lifestyle.

Brown’s latest post on social media caught our eye and since it was directly related to the Steelers we had to share.

Brown took to X, the artist formerly known as Twitter and went out of his way to make peace with the Steelers. He mentions Ben Roethlisberger, Ryan Clark and head coach Mike Tomlin. Keeping in mind, Brown threw all of these guys under the bus at one point or another during his time after the Steelers traded him away.

Many former players work to get back in the good graces of the team after retirement. There’s no denying how great Brown was as a player but his antics make it hard to root for him.

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National Arena League terminates Albany Empire

Antonio Brown has lost his National Arena franchise.

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In a move we have to believe is somewhat unprecedented, the National Arena League has terminated the Albany Empire franchise. This is the franchise that was owned by former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Brown’s time as a team owner had proven to be just as tumultuous and riddled with controversy as his time in the NFL and his personal life. Brown has been accused of not paying players, locking them out of their hotel rooms and even scammed fans into thinking he would play and then backed out.

No one should be surprised that everything Brown touches at this point crashes and burns. This is heartbreaking when you consider Brown was easily on his way to being a Hall of Fame wide receiver with the Steelers. Brown had the greatest six-season run of any receiver in NFL history and was on his way to breaking franchise and possibly NFL records.

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Former Steelers WR comes out of retirement. . .sort of

Are you going to watch Antonio Brown take the field one last time?

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If you are one of those Pittsburgh Steelers fans who missed seeing wide receiver Antonio Brown on the field, you are going to get your chance. Kind of. Brown has transitioned from player to team owner (or did he?) of the Albany Empire of the Arena League and this Saturday, Brown is going to suit up.

Is this just a publicity stunt? Of course it is. That’s not to say Brown can’t run some routes and get some catches on Arena League guys. I’m sure he can. But as with everything Brown does, it is a way to draw attention to himself while simultaneously drawing attention away from the last ridiculous thing he did without meaning to.

A case can be made that Brown is the best receiver in Steelers history. But he squandered a Hall of Fame career and has been on a steady downward spiral ever since. Having said all that, you can bet we will be tuning in this weekend to see what Brown does next.

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Former Steeler Antonio Brown gets taste of reality as arena league owner

Antonio Brown is getting a taste of his own medicine as a team owner.

Since he stopped playing professional football, former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has had his hand in a number of ventures. His latest is being part owner of the Albany Empire of the National Arena League. It might have come too late but it seems Brown is finally getting a sense of what a problem his me-first attitude was for his team.

Brown posted on Twitter Saturday night about how he can finally see how important it is to make sure no player is bigger than the team. And he readily admits he felt the exact opposite when he was a player.

There was a time when Brown was easily the best receiver in the NFL and headed straight to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Then his ego got the best of him and he completely torpedoed his career through a series of on-field and off-field meltdowns. Now Brown is responsible for making sure none of his players end up like him.

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Ex-Steelers HC Bill Cowher shares take on Antonio Brown saga

While Terry Bradshaw and Michael Strahan over at FOX Sports were mocking brown, Bill Cowher treated the matter as it was — serious. 

The Antonio Brown saga was Sunday’s topic du jour. And while Terry Bradshaw and Michael Strahan over at FOX Sports were mocking brown, the analysts at CBS Sports treated the matter as it was — serious.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach and analyst at CBS Sports Bill Cowher commented on the situation during the postgame report.

“It’s a pattern of behavior,” Cowher said. “We’ve seen it everywhere he’s been. You could see it from the time he was in Pittsburgh, to the Raiders, to New England, and where he is right now. It’s sad. An intervention is really needed right now.”

Cowher speculated about what caused Brown’s epic meltdown and defended Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians’ actions.

“You talk about a player’s coach,” said Cowher of Arians. “He holds people accountable, yes. He may have pulled him out of the game because he didn’t like the way he was playing. That’s part of being a coach.”

Bill Cowher never had the pleasure of coaching Antonio Brown, but Arians was the Steelers offensive coordinator when Brown was just a pup.

Did Arians Make the Wrong Call?

Though some will argue — especially now — that Arians shouldn’t have, he can’t really be blamed for welcoming Brown back to the team. A coach always has the team’s best interest in mind, and with Chris Godwin sidelined for the season, the Bucs needed Brown. And, until the fake vaccination card drama, Brown had been a model citizen.

Per the New York Post, in a SiriusXM interview in the fall of 2020, Arians said, “He’s been a model citizen. If and when he’s not, we’ll move on. He knows that. Our team knows that. I don’t really think we’re going to have any problems. We haven’t had any so far, and I really would not anticipate any.”

Only, Arians didn’t move on — because he wants another Lombardi. And now the Bucs will have to deal with the backlash because this Antonio Brown saga will only be a distraction.

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