LaVar Ball: Hornets ‘don’t understand what they got’ in LiAngelo

LaVar is ready for LiAngelo to join LaMelo on the Charlotte Hornets.

LaVar Ball is at it again.

The Big Baller Brand CEO spoke with TMZ on Friday and had some things to say about his son LiAngelo not getting called up the Hornets yet.

“They don’t understand what they got,” LaVar said. “They need to go ahead and let my boy play.”

LiAngelo is currently playing for the Hornets G League affiliate, the Greensboro Swarm, but there’s been no indication that he’ll get called up to the Hornets roster anytime soon.

“I dropped them a superstar in the G League and they don’t know what to do with him,” Ball said.

LiAngelo is averaging 9.6 points on 35% shooting from 3-point range in five games with the Swarm, including a 22-point debut.

LaVar stated that he thinks LiAngelo will get called up to the NBA this season, but if not, he has another NBA team in mind for his middle son to play for.

“I already said the Lakers but they got rid of Zo. Then I said Charlotte — y’all got him right in your backdoor. Bring him in and let him play with Melo! Now, I got a new destination — L.A. Clippers.”

Check out the full clip here.

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Lavar Ball announces new Big Baller Brand luxury lifestyle shoe

Big Baller Brand is back like it never left!

Long live Big Baller Brand.

On Tuesday, Lavar Ball announced on his Instagram that Big Baller Brand has a new luxury lifestyle shoe available for purchase.

Lavar opened his announcement video with an ode to Charles Barkley’s old Nike commercial, stating he, unlike what Barkley said, is a ‘role model.’

Per Nick DePaula of ESPN, the new luxury lifestyle shoe starts at $695 or for $895, you can get your hands on the “I Told You So” theme.

Though Lonzo now wears Nike and LaMelo has an endorsement deal, and now his own signature shoe, with Puma, Lavar is still cranking out BBB merchandise and shoes.

You can hate the player but don’t hate the game because Lavar Ball did indeed tell us so.

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LaVar Ball sports ‘I Told You So!’ hat at LiAngelo’s debut

Check out the hat worn by LaVar Ball in support of LiAngelo at Summer League.

LaVar Ball spoke it into existence — almost.

With his middle son, LiAngelo, playing for the Charlotte Hornets Summer League team, LaVar is on the cusp of having all three of his sons in the NBA.

LiAngelo has had a few opportunities to get his foot in the league’s door, yet COVID-19 and an ankle injury put his NBA dreams on hold over the last two seasons.

But, with an impressive showing in Summer League with the Hornets, LiAngelo could find himself on the Hornets roster alongside his younger brother, LaMelo.

Sitting court side at Summer League to watch LiAngelo, LaVar Ball sported a ‘I Told You So!’ Big Baller Brand hat to show the world that he was right all along about his three boys.

Check out the image below posted by Boardroom’s Twitter page.

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WATCH: LaVar Ball reacts to LiAngelo hitting 3-pointer against Blazers

LiAngelo’s father celebrates court side as he nails a 3-pointer in Summer League.

Typically, the NBA Summer League is headlined by the top rookies in that year’s draft class.

This summer, that remains true but LiAngelo Ball has become one of the spectacles in Las Vegas this year.

Through two games with the Charlotte Hornets SL team, Ball is averaging 13 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 2.0 steals per game on 50% shooting from the floor and 50% from 3-point range.

In Sunday’s loss to the Trail Blazers, Ball scored 16 points on 5-of-8 from downtown. Following one of those hits from behind the arc, LaVar Ball, sitting court side, jumped up in celebration for his son.

Check out LaVar’s reaction below in the video posted by NBA Summer League’s Twitter.

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WATCH: Big Baller Brand Drew League team wins on buzzer-beating alley-oop

Big Baller Brand picked up their first win in the Drew League in dramatic fashion this weekend with a game-winning alley-oop.

Big Baller Brand’s Drew League experience wasn’t a great one through the first two weeks of the season with a pair of losses, but that changed on Sunday. Facing off against Problems, a fellow winless team, BBB trailed after each of the first three quarters but did not trail when it mattered most.

Down a point in the final seconds and in-bounding the ball on the sideline, BBB completed a memorable win and comeback with an alley-oop to former JBA standout Curtis Hollis for his 36th points of the night, sealing an 81-80 win for the first victory of the season.

Hollis, as noted, played not just in the JBA but with the JBA Select Team that toured Europe with LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball. However, like the league in general, once LaMelo returned to America and SPIRE Institute, Hollis faded out of the spotlight.

Since the JBA folded, Hollis joined the Dragons Rhöndorf of the German ProB league in 2019 where he averaged 22.7 points, 8.2 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 3.0 steals per game in 18 games.

On Sunday, he added 13 rebounds to his 36 points for an impressive double-double.

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WATCH: LaVar Ball featured on Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets segment

LaVar Ball made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets segment on Tuesday to joke about his….dental hygiene?

One of the more enjoyable semi-regular NBA-related segments has been Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets bits. Every few months on Jimmy Kimmel Live, pandemic pending, the show will welcome on NBA players and those associated with the league to read mean tweets from random Twitter accounts and get a raw reaction.

On Tuesday night, Kimmel revived the segment and included LaVar Ball, who was one of the first ones to read a tweet directed at his dental hygiene. To Ball’s credit, his reaction is both funny and remarkably on-brand to his lavish Big Baller Brand lifestyle.

Also included was Lonzo Ball’s Pelicans teammate Brandon Ingram, who is featured much later in the video and reads a tweet about how skinny he is, a criticism and joke made about him predating his time in the NBA.

Credit to all who take part in the segments though as everyone took the tweets in stride and laughed them off.

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LaVar Ball says Lonzo Ball can’t stay in New Orleans, wants to be traded

Despite Lonzo Ball giving quotes indicating otherwise, LaVar claimed in a radio interview on Thursday that his son wants out of New Orleans.

After a prolonged silence with two of his sons playing exceedingly well in the NBA, LaVar Ball has re-emerged with a bombshell…kind of.

In an interview with ESPN LA on Thursday, LaVar claimed that Lonzo Ball wants out of New Orleans ahead of the March 25 trade deadline (h/t Andrew Joseph/ForTheWin).

“No! No, he can’t stay in New Orleans. Come on, man. Come on, listen. … Lonzo’s always been a playmaker. Why are you trying to change him into a defensive specialist that stays in the corner and shoots 3s? And you’re trying to change Zion and Brandon Ingram who, all through their careers, have never been playmakers. Scorers! Now you want to put the ball in their hands and be playmakers?! … Go score the ball and do what you do and guess what? They’re gonna have a hard time trying to win every game if the playmaker ain’t making the right plays.”

The caveat with LaVar at this point is that it has been a long time since he’s spoken on behalf of his two sons. Memorably, LaMelo took a hard stance against his dad during the predraft process, distancing himself from his father’s opinions.

Lonzo has not taken that stance publicly – yet – but has spoken about being in New Orleans in the future in quotes that directly contradict LaVar. Prior to the All-Star break, Ball stated that he wanted to be apart of the future with the Pelicans alongside Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson.

“I love playing with those guys, and I’m also really cool with them off the floor as well. We’re all young. I think we can do some big things, especially in the future coming up.”

In reality, LaVar’s quotes from Thursday likely are how he feels about Lonzo’s situation. It ultimately likely won’t matter anyway as reports have indicated the Pelicans are focused on keeping Ball at least through the trade deadline and into restricted free agency.

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WATCH: Kenan Thompson revives LaVar Ball character on SNL, jokes about LaMelo Ball and Hornets

On Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, Kenan Thompson returned as his LaVar Ball character to discuss COVID-19, LaMelo and Big Baller Brand.

This weekend’s Saturday Night Live featured the return of a memorable character on Weekend Update in LaVar Ball, played by Kenan Thompson. It had been over a year-and-a-half since Ball appeared on SNL and the return was long overdue.

With both LaMelo and Lonzo thriving, the former the frontrunner for Rookie of the Year, there was plenty of content for Thompson’s LaVar character to discuss.

Before he discussed either of his sons, Ball made jokes about having all the COVID vaccines available plus his own home remedy, LaVartrex. Then, they jumped into “the most storied franchise in all of basketball,” the Charlotte Hornets and LaMelo.

LaVar declared that LaMelo not only had Rookie of the Year locked up, but also MVP and “prettiest hog at the Mecklenburg County Fair” as well. After LaMelo wins all the awards, LaVar also noted he would unite both North and South Carolina into “Carolosaus.”

He also debuted Big Baller Brand’s newest shoe, the CaraMelos. On top of being an entirely chocolate shoe, each pair of CaraMelos includes caramel inside the shoe as well as Alexa. In line with the exorborant prices on Big Baller Brand’s website, the shoes cost $2000 with a 7-month waitlist and available only between the hours of 3-6 p.m. Mountain Time.

It’s a hilarious revival of the character and hopefully one that makes multiple more appearances as the Ball brothers continue to flourish in the NBA.

LaVar Ball claims LaMelo is secretly unhappy about bench role with Hornets

Following a fourth-quarter benching of LaMelo on Friday, LaVar Ball claims his youngest son is unhappy with his role on the Hornets.

LaMelo Ball has had a new role with the Charlotte Hornets this season by coming off the bench. With his short stint in Lithuania set aside, Ball has never come off the bench dating back to his time in Chino Hills.

Ball has not shown any sign of discontent with his role this season. However, in an interview with TMZ on Saturday, LaVar Ball claimed his youngest son is unhappy as a non-starter.

“…He ain’t happy with that but he ain’t going to show that. If I train you to be the best and you’ve been starting all your life, here’s what they don’t get, my boys are not freaking role players. They’re superstars. Let them do what they do. But if your mentality ain’t like that, guess what, it’s hard to coach my boys and tap into the best because you don’t have a killer mindset.”

This season, LaMelo is averaging 24.6 minutes per game and has played in every game. He’s also averaging 11.5 points, 6.4 rebounds and 5.9 assists. He’s found success in various ways, including being the youngest player with a triple-double in league history.

Ball has not publicly stated or shown any unhappiness with his role. In the past, he’s also spoken about not holding the same opinions as his father. During the NBA Draft Combine, LaMelo noted that he has his own views separate from LaVar after his father claimed LaMelo did not want to go to the Warriors in the draft.

It’s also interesting, though, that this comes immediately after Ball was benched in the fourth quarter against the Bulls on Friday. The move came after Ball struggled, committing five turnovers for the second time in three games.

Even with that in mind, given what teammates have said about LaMelo even in the last week, it’s hard to put much weight into LaVar’s words.

LaVar Ball criticizes James Borrego, calls for LaMelo Ball to be starting for Hornets

Despite his hot start and strong play to start the season, LaVar Ball has called for LaMelo Ball to be starting for the Charlotte Hornets.

While many around America took in the spectacle that was Lonzo vs. LaMelo on Friday, LaVar Ball was focused on one specific, predictable aspect of the game.

It wasn’t that his two sons were finally squaring off for the first time ever. Or that both had established roles with their respective teams. Or even that LaMelo nearly had a triple-double in a comeback win for the Hornets.

It was that LaMelo wasn’t starting.

A big fan of the starting label, LaVar ignored how well his youngest son had been playing and went straight to criticizing head coach James Borrego in a piece with Melissa Rohlin of Fox Sports.

“Tell me, have you ever seen a marquee guy, a marquee guy that you promoting in all of this ‘brothers going up against each other’ and he don’t start? I never seen that before in my life. That’s like telling Michael Jackson, ‘Hey man, you coming on second.'”

Despite the interview coming moments AFTER the exciting game, Ball had little mention of how well LaMelo had played and only focused on how his sons weren’t being used correctly by either Hornets coach James Borrego or Pelicans coach Stan Van Gundy.

“As they say when you get to the NBA, the speed of the game changes. Well, my boys is the only ones who got to slow down when they get to the NBA.

“Their performances, it’s not going to be up to my standard on the fact that they’re not playing the style I taught them, which is that up-and-down pace, getting that ball in and out and just playing balls out. You can’t do that with these guys [their teammates]. These guys don’t have the confidence in that.”

After a weekend in which he nearly notched a triple-double on Friday and did make history as the youngest player to do so on Saturday, LaMelo is averaging 12.8 points, 6.3 rebounds and 5.9 assists while shooting 43.5% from the field and 35.6% from 3-point territory.

Most importantly, Ball is averaging 24.9 minutes per game. After the opening two games in which Ball was brought along slowly after a scoreless debut, he is averaging 27.2 minutes per contest in the last eight games. In recent contests, he’s also closing games with the Hornets.

LaMelo has established himself in the Hornets rotation, the team is winning and he’s excelling. No starter label, or Michael Jackson comparison, is necessary.