2022 NFL Schedules: All 32 Teams

2022 NFL Schedules By Teams. The schedules for all 32 franchises

Every team’s 2022 NFL schedule. The team-by-team schedules for all 32 franchises.

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2022 NFL Schedules By Teams

AFC East

Buffalo | Draft Analysis
Miami | Draft Analysis
New England | Draft Analysis
New York Jets | Draft Analysis  

AFC North

Baltimore | Draft Analysis
Cincinnati | Draft Analysis
Cleveland | Draft Analysis
Pittsburgh | Draft Analysis

AFC South

Houston | Draft Analysis
Indianapolis | Draft Analysis
Jacksonville | Draft Analysis
Tennessee | Draft Analysis

AFC West

Denver | Draft Analysis
Kansas City | Draft Analysis
Las Vegas | Draft Analysis
LA Chargers | Draft Analysis

NFC East

Dallas | Draft Analysis
NY Giants | Draft Analysis
Philadelphia | Draft Analysis
Washington | Draft Analysis

NFC North

Chicago | Draft Analysis
Detroit | Draft Analysis
Green Bay | Draft Analysis
Minnesota | Draft Analysis

NFC South

Atlanta | Draft Analysis
Carolina | Draft Analysis
New Orleans | Draft Analysis
Tampa Bay | Draft Analysis

NFC West

Arizona | Draft Analysis
LA Rams | Draft Analysis
San Francisco | Draft Analysis
Seattle | Draft Analysis

2022 College Football Schedules: All 131 Teams

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2022 NFL Draft: Day 3 Needs, Picks For Each Team, Mock Draft Prospects

2022 NFL Draft: Day 3 needs for each team with mock draft possibilities

2022 NFL Draft: Team by team look at the possibilities for each remaining Day 3 pick for rounds 4, 5, 6, 7

2022 NFL Draft: Day 3 Needs For Each Team

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Traditionally and statistically, Day 3 of the NFL Draft is a total wasteland. You’re far, far better packaging your picks to move up into the top three rounds of a future draft – the odds of getting a consistently decent starter are shockingly small.

But every team thinks it can make magic out of the Day 3 mess of prospects, and it’s worth a shot to dumb-luck into a possible mainstay. What are the remaining needs that need to be filled for each team? Here are every team’s picks so far with the possibilities of who they could get.

Of course this all blows up once the trades start flying, but the idea is to give a rough snapshot of what each team might be able to do.

NFL Draft 2022: Chicago Bears Draft Analysis From The College Perspective

Chicago Bears NFL Draft 2022 needs, analysis, picks, and biggest reaches and values – from the college perspective

2022 NFL Draft: From the college perspective, Chicago Bears draft analysis, needs, picks, best value selection, and biggest reach

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NFL Draft 2022: Chicago Bears Draft Analysis

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2022 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings, Analysis
QBs | RBs | WRs | TEs | OTsOGs & Cs | DEs & Edge | DTs
LBs | Ss | CBs | 50 Greatest Value Draft Picks Ever
NFL Draft by college over last 5 years: 1-130 rankings
3 Greatest Picks ACC | Big Ten | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC 

Scroll down for Chicago’s 2022 draft slots, last year’s picks, and best values and biggest reaches

Latest update on Justin Fields’ injury

Get the latest on the injury suffered by Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields in Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields left Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens with a rib injury, and we have our first update on his status following the narrow loss.

Fields suffered bruised ribs, though more tests are scheduled for Monday to determine the full extent of his injuries, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Veteran backup Andy Dalton was forced into action in Fields’ absence, throwing a pair of touchdown passes in a heartbreaking loss to the Ravens.

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Bears HC Matt Nagy (finally) names Justin Fields starting QB

Better late than never, Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy finally appears ready to start his best quarterback moving forward

Maybe it was the constant public shaming, or the actual film, or pressure from upper management.

Whatever the reason, Chicago Bears fans can finally rejoice, as head coach Matt Nagy named rookie Justin Fields the team’s starting quarterback moving forward.

Nagy seemed content to die on the hill of “Andy Dalton is our starter when he’s healthy” for the rest of eternity, despite all the evidence that pointed toward that being a terrible idea. After Fields’ painful first start against the Cleveland Browns, the No. 11 overall pick looked much more comfortable in last week’s win over the Detroit Lions, when offensive coordinator Bill Lazor was calling the plays instead of Nagy.

It’s highly likely that Fields’ time in Chicago far outlives Nagy’s, but he’s giving himself a much better chance of sticking around by finally handing the reins to his franchise quarterback instead of a veteran backup.

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Is Matt Nagy to blame for Justin Fields’ dreadful debut?

Justin Fields’ first NFL start was a forgettable one, but is Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy to blame?

Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields made his first career NFL start Sunday, but it was a forgettable one.

The first-round pick out of Ohio State was sacked a whopping nine times in a 26-6 road loss to the Cleveland Browns, completing just six of his 20 pass attempts for 68 yards.

Still, as bad as Fields looked under the constant barrage of pressure from the Browns’ dominant defensive front, many fans place the blame for Fields’ awful outing squarely at the feet of head coach Matt Nagy:

Matt Nagy still can’t admit that Justin Fields is the Bears’ best QB

Matt Nagy was given a gift in Justin Fields, but he’s still clutching tightly to Andy Dalton instead, and it makes absolutely no sense

Somebody might want to tell Matt Nagy that his Chicago Bears traded next year’s first-round draft pick to move up for a franchise quarterback with a dynamic skill set, because he doesn’t seem to be aware.

Despite getting an absolute gift when Justin Fields fell out of the top 10, finding a willing trade partner in the New York Giants, and landing a quarterback prospect who should have gone No. 2 overall at worst, Nagy still wants to die on the hill of the Red Rifle.

Andy Dalton is a serviceable NFL quarterback who can get the job done in a pinch, which is exactly the kind of experience presence every team wants . . . in a backup.

In Fields, the Bears have a quarterback with the talent and skills the storied franchise has never seen, yet it still took an injury to Dalton for Fields to see get anything other than gimmick snaps. The No. 11 overall pick certainly made his share of rookie mistakes against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, but he also missed out on multiple big plays because of dropped passes, and made a play to seal the game that Dalton never could have, breaking a Trey Hendrickson tackle and scrambling for a first down on third-and-long to ice the game.

Even so, Nagy still can’t seem to acknowledge that Fields is not just the future, but the present:

What does that even mean?

Nagy doesn’t seem to know a good thing, even when it falls into his lap. After the Mitchell Trubisky debacle, the Bears’ head coach is getting a rare second chance with a first-round quarterback, but Fields can’t seem to get the same support from the man who gave Trubisky far too much.

At some point, Nagy won’t have a choice. Either Fields will make it unavoidable, Dalton will stay injured, or the Bears will realize the problem and find another head coach.

Until that time comes, the Bears will lose games they didn’t have to lose, and Nagy will keep wasting arguably the biggest steal in this year’s draft.

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WATCH: Justin Fields scores 1st career NFL touchdown

Chicago Bears first-round pick Justin Fields found the end zone for the first time in his NFL career Sunday night

The Chicago Bears finally have a franchise quarterback, and they might want to keep him on the field for more than a play at a time.

Justin Fields, the No. 11 overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, found the end zone for the first time in his young pro career Sunday night against the Los Angeles Rams, keeping the ball himself on an option play and diving into the end zone in his regular-season debut.

Andy Dalton is still the starting quarterback in Chicago, but it shouldn’t take long for the Bears to realize that Fields gives them a much more dynamic skill set at the game’s most important position.

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WATCH: Justin Fields’ top highlights from impressive preseason

Check out the best preseason highlights from Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields

The Chicago Bears made a bold move in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft, trading up nine spots to grab Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields with the No. 11 overall pick.

It’s only been a few preseason games, but the future is already looking bright for the Bears’ new franchise passer.

Watch the video above to see some of the best highlights from Fields’ impressive exhibition action.

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WATCH: Justin Fields’ helmet goes flying after crushing hit

Watch Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields take a devastating blow and lose his helmet against the Buffalo Bills

The Chicago Bears appear to have their quarterback of the future (and present) in first-round pick Justin Fields, but they might want to stop letting defenders get free shots at him.

Buffalo Bills defender Andre Smith made the most of his unblocked opportunity to give Fields a “welcome to the NFL” moment during Saturday’s preseason matchup, delivering a devastating blow that sent Fields’ helmet flying (via Pro Football Focus).

Fields didn’t appear to sustain any injury from the hit, and continued to build upon the success he had in his preseason debut.

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