Report: ‘Zero chance’ Bills will fire head coach Sean McDermott

Report: ‘Zero chance’ #Bills will fire head coach Sean McDermott:

Hoping for the Buffalo Bills to potentially make a move from head coach Sean McDermott?

A report from The Athletic says don’t.

According to the outlet, there is “zero chance” Bills co-owner Terry Pegula wants to fire McDermott despite the current 6-6 record for the team heading into their bye weekend. After their most-recent loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo is not in the current playoff picture. 

The update states:

Asked if there was any chance Pegula would fire McDermott, two of the sources replied “Zero.” The other two sources said they would be shocked if Pegula made such a move. All four sources have intimate knowledge of the Pegula-McDermott relationship.

McDermott not on the verge of being fired makes perfect sense, too. The coach, along with general manager Brandon Beane, signed contract extensions through the 2027 season.

With the ink barely dry on those deals, it never felt likely.

But the update doesn’t state how “hot” the seat could be. That still might be the case.

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3 takeaways from the Buffalo Bills’ season so far heading into the bye

Here are three takeaways from the Buffalo Bills as they head into their Week 13 bye.

The Buffalo Bills have had a disappointing season as they are just 6-6 heading into their Week 13 bye. However, it should be noted that while the Bills are exactly .500 in winning percentage, they are still second to the Miami Dolphins in the AFC East thanks to the New York Jets and the New England Patriots playing poorly for vastly different reasons.

However, Buffalo has dropped too many winnable games over the course of the past 12 weeks that they now find themselves simultaneously slotted as the 10th seed in the AFC. This season is the opposite of what most people expected to be a season in which the Bills would competing for one of the top seeds in the AFC.

Season-ending injuries to cornerback Tre’Davious White and All-Pro linebacker Matt Milano have hurt Buffalo’s defense from what it could be and the offense has been great at times, but disappointing in important moments. With that being said, here are three takeaways from the Bills’ season heading into their bye:

Who should Bills fans root for during the bye week?

Root for these teams today, #BillsMafia:

Western New York does not have their Buffalo Bills to root for on Sunday. The upcoming Week 13 in the NFL is the worst of them all as far as this season is concerned.

It’s the Bills’ bye week.

But with their team sitting at a 6-6 record, Buffalo still has plenty to root for. This team is going to need other teams around the league to help them out.

In regards to the full slate that’s upcoming–Who exactly can help out the Bills? There is plenty of help that could be found.

Here is a full Week 13 rooting guide for Buffalo during the Bills‘ 2023 bye week:

Rich Eisen: ‘We haven’t seen that Josh Allen all year’

Rich Eisen: ‘We haven’t seen that Josh Allen all year’

Despite the loss to the Eagles, the Bills offense played well. In particular, quarterback Josh Allen did.

Upon breaking down the game that was, a 37-34 overtime loss for the Bills, Rich Eisen from SiriusXM said that’s the Allen he wants to see… but hasn’t seen much of all year.

It was a positive breakdown and not at all negative about the way the QB played. Rather, Eisen wants more.

“That’s the Josh Allen we’ve all come to know and love,” Eisen said.

For the full breakdown, see the attached Rich Eisen Show clip below:

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Bills’ Nyheim Hines breaks silence on season-ending preseason incident

Some recent updates on Nyheim Hines:

On July 24, Nyheim Hines suffered an off-field season-ending injury.

And 120 days later, he publicly shared all the trials, tribulations, and mental anguish he suffered in that time to The Athletic.

Hines was traded to the Buffalo Bills from the Indianapolis Colts in 2022. Former Bills running back Zack Moss, who had a strong rookie year before injuries curtailed his availability, was the piece going the other way.

Hines became a part of Bills folklore with not one, but two kickoff returns for a touchdown last season against the New England Patriots, and general manager Brandon Beane expected Hines to feature more in the offense after his success in the special teams in 2022.

“It’s not like I can go out and find another Nyheim Hines.” said Beane after the accident when asked by reporters how he plans to replace the injured running back.

Some expected Hines to feature more this season as well. Unfortunately, one hot July day on the lake would change everything.

The details of what happened were always a little unclear. It was understood that there was a jet ski accident that was the cause of injury, and that he would be unavailable for the rest of the season. A huge blow to his continued success here at Buffalo.

In the incident, one of Hines’ friends did not see him turn his jet ski on the water and crashed into him going somewhere between 20 and 40 mph. Then when Hines when to go workout, somehow his leg, the side of his body not contacted by the other jet ski, was bothering him.

A MRI result showed Hines tore the ACL and LCL in his left knee.

Per Hines, he was bare even using the water craft that weekend, he just wanted to be a good friend and fill it with more gas for everyone else. Then the accident.

Hines detailed a difficult rehab process, specifically the first two weeks after his surgery.

“This will be a heck of a story when it’s over, I’m gonna make sure of it.” said Hines.

At one time, there was speculation that Hines and the Bills were at odds. Turns out, they are not. After placing a player on the NFI list, a team doesn’t need to pay him.

But in the end, good faith in Buffalo paid out. According to The Athletic’s report, Hines and the Bills agreed upon a sum and all-in-all, he’s motivated to make 2024 count even more now.

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Von Miller’s alleged victim: ‘No one assaulted anyone’

“No one assaulted anyone,” Von Miller’s alleged victim wrote in a text message to WFAA.

Von Miller turned himself in to police in Texas on Thursday and was released after posting bond. The Dallas Police Department had previously issued a warrant for Miller’s arrest on a charge of assaulting a pregnant person.

Miller’s longtime girlfriend accused him of domestic violence on Wednesday. According to the affidavit for the arrest warrant, the alleged victim told police that Miller’s abuse included placing a hand on her neck during an argument and applying pressure.

The affidavit says police officers arrived at the scene later and observed “minor abrasions” on her left hand, plus bruising on her neck, abdomen and left biceps. She was treated for minor injuries but not taken to a hospital.

Despite her initial allegations and the police observations, the accuser has now downplayed the incident in text messages to WFAA in Dallas. She called it “a huge misunderstanding” and described the incident as “a verbal disagreement.”

“We’re fine,” she wrote in a message to WFAA. “Things were blown way out of context. This is actually outrageous!”

In a big contradiction to the initial story, she went on to say that there was no assault.

“No one assaulted anyone,” she wrote. “This is insane. And sad.”

Miller plays for the Buffalo Bills, who have a bye this week. He previously played for the Los Angeles Rams and Denver Broncos.

Bills offense made history in overtime loss to Eagles, but not in a good way

The #Bills did so well but still lost in a fashion no NFL team ever has:

The Buffalo Bills lost 37-34 in overtime to the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday afternoon. The Eagles have the best record in the NFL, currently sitting at 10-1, and so going toe-to-toe with a team having a phenomenal year should be a positive for Bills fans and staff alike.

The Bills offense kept up with the high-flying Eagles, who have the most yards of total offense this season. Buffalo generated 505 yards and had 10 third-down conversions in the game. By comparison, the Eagles generated 378 yards and only three third-down conversions.

Additionally, the Bills won the turnover battle in Philly. Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen and Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts threw an interception apiece, and defensive end Greg Rousseau’s fumble recovery gave the Bills the advantage.

Usually when a team gains a lot of yards, converts on third down and wins the turnover battle, it doesn’t lose the game.

And since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, that had happened 39 times, most recently in 2021 between the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals.

ESPN’s Ed Werder noted that the Bills were the first team in that span to lose in a game where it put up over 500 yards, converted at least 10 third downs and had a positive turnover margin:

And that won’t help Bills fans feel good about Sunday’s loss.

We did some digging to see some other games that fit this criteria, and some were close but missed a piece of the stat here or there:

  • Cincinnati Bengals tied Carolina Panthers 37-37 in 2014. Bengals had 10+ 3rd-down conversions and over 500 yards but lost the turnover battle.
  • Philadelphia Eagles lost to San Diego Chargers 33-30 in 2013. Eagles had 500+ yards and won the turnover battle, but only converted five 3rd downs.
  • Buffalo Bills lost to the Baltimore Ravens 37-34 (OT) in 2010. Led by Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Bills had 500+ yards of offense and 10+ 3rd downs, but lost the turnover battle as Fitzpatrick’s two interceptions were the difference. Both teams recovered multiple fumbles.

Some familiar teams in the last decade highlight that this can happen again, and another team is likely to do it soon.

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Stat shows depleted Bills defense unable to close games this season

Stat shows depleted #Bills defense unable to close games this season:

At the end of last season, the Buffalo Bills had a defense that many NFL teams feared. They had held opponents to the second-lowest points per game while securing 17 interceptions, generating 40 sacks, and forcing 11 fumbles. Buffalo’s defensive prowess helped propel the Bills to the No. 1 seed during the regular season.

Many fans and experts predicted Buffalo to continue to have an elite defense this year. However, injuries to many of their defensive stars have prevented their continued success.

Injuries across the defense, from defensive lineman to the secondary, have been rife with four players heading to the injured reserve list. Tre’Davious White in Week 4 was the start, quickly followed by Da’Quan Jones and 2022 All-Pro Matt Milano in Week 5 during their international game in London. A couple weeks later, Kaiir Elam joined his teammates on IR.

And while many defenders have stepped up into these roles, the performances have been noticeably different. Especially in the most difficult part of the game for defenders – near the end.

Now, the Bills defense is still creating takeaways (11 interceptions in 12 games, on pace with last year) and getting to opposing quarterbacks and forcing fumbles more. In fact, they already beat last year’s sack total and forced more fumbles before they reached their bye week, with five more games remaining.

But the Bills have comfortably won a handful games this season, including against the Raiders, Commanders, Dolphins, and Jets. And in those games, the Buffalo defense have generated turnovers in the air and on the ground while getting to the opposing quarterbacks several times.

It’s the games a team loses that usually show the defensive issues.

Currently, Buffalo is 6-6, and in their six games they have lost, their defensive has given up a lot of points.

Especially compared to last year’s Bills.. And especially at the end of games.

The 2023 Bills, in the fourth quarter and overtime, have given up more points that the 2022 Bills did in the entire season, according to independent Buffalo journalist Jerry Sullivan. And no matter how many turnovers a defense generates throughout the game, if they cannot stop offenses from scoring at the end of games then they will have trouble winning. Especially when they have been in 7 one-score games this season, winning only 2 of those games against below average teams (4-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and 4-8 New York Giants).

The hope will be that Bills head coach Sean McDermott, who took over defensive coordinator duties during the offseason, will be able to use the upcoming bye week to address this issue:

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Von Miller turned himself in and was released after posting bond

Von Miller was booked into the DeSoto Tri-City Jail in Texas on Thursday and was later released after posting bond.

Von Miller turned himself in to police in Glenn Heights, Texas and was booked into the DeSoto Tri-City Jail on Thursday, according to a report from ESPN’s Alaina Getzenberg.

The Dallas Police Department had issued a warrant for Miller’s arrest on a charge of assaulting a pregnant person. After being booked on Thursday, Miller posted bond and was released.

Miller has been accused by his longtime girlfriend of assault. From ESPN:

Per the affidavit, Miller stepped on her feet as he pushed her, which caused her to fall into a chair, and then using one hand, he applied pressure to her neck for three to five seconds, which caused pain, but not difficulty breathing, per the affidavit.

As she continued to try and gather her belongings, Miller grabbed her phone and threw her laptop on the floor and stomped on it. When she tried to retrieve it, he pulled her hair and caused her to fall to the ground and a chunk of her hair to come out. When she got up to leave and get her belongings, she started recording on a phone in her pocket, per the affidavit, and was grabbed again by Miller and pushed onto the couch and placed pressure on her neck with both hands, causing pain.

Miller, 34, plays for the Buffalo Bills, who have a bye this week. He previously played for the Los Angeles Rams and Denver Broncos.