Minecraft YouTuber Dream finally reveals his face after eight years

Dream has been on YouTube for eight years, but now fans have finally seen the elusive YouTuber’s face.

One of the most popular YouTube stars on the platform, Dream, has finally revealed his face publicly for the first time after eight years.

Dream has 30 million subscribers, making him one of the most prolific individuals in the history of the platform. His recent face reveal was viewed 15 million times within the first nine hours of uploading, making this video absurdly popular even when compared to the biggest celebrities on the platform.

[mm-video type=video id=01g3e53q81speqpw9pgf playlist_id=none player_id=none image=https://images2.minutemediacdn.com/image/upload/video/thumbnail/mmplus/01g3e53q81speqpw9pgf/01g3e53q81speqpw9pgf-077e5a0dac038bcac491a271b4679544.jpg]

Dream’s face reveal starts with his chair turned away from the camera, just light brown hair and his familiar voice to hint at what comes next. Finally, after more than a minute of teasing, Dream takes off the mask and reveals his face.

Another popular YouTuber and friend of Dream’s, GeorgeNotFound commented saying “this is actual youtube history!” Dream also confirms in the video description that GeorgeNotFound will be uploading a video to his own channel where he showcases the first time he saw Dream in person.

Over the course of Dream’s rise to fame, his simplistic avatar with a crudely drawn smile has become an iconic part of his character and has only fuelled speculation on what Dream actually looks like. For many fans, this is years of discussion finally put to rest.

Dream has seen controversy over the course of his rise to fame, including a number of cheating allegations after Dream claimed the Minecraft speedrun world record multiple times. After a community investigation, it was deemed that Dream’s streak of luck was statistically impossible. 

Dream denied cheating for a long time, before eventually conceding that modifications may have been made to his game to increase his chances. Regardless, this only served to push Dream further into the spotlight.

Written by Dave Aubrey on behalf of GLHF.

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YouTuber Videogame Dunkey starts game publishing label, promises to ‘only publish good games’

YouTube star Videogame Dunkey has started a brand new game publishing label and promises to only publish “great” games.

Popular YouTuber videogamedunkey has announced a brand new indie publishing label, titled BigMode Games. Dunkey is promising to use his years of experience playing games to discern and publish quality indie titles.

Despite having zero tweets, the BigMode Twitter account already boasts more than 45K followers, ensuring any game published by the label will have a fair few eyes on it. Combine this reach with Dunkey’s own 1.3M Twitter followers and more than 7M YouTube subscribers, and it adds up to a lot of online clout – though that certainly doesn’t ensure a quality game publishing experience for developers.

[mm-video type=video id=01fh9xykbrzyph2aakj4 playlist_id=none player_id=none image=https://images2.minutemediacdn.com/image/upload/video/thumbnail/mmplus/01fh9xykbrzyph2aakj4/01fh9xykbrzyph2aakj4-2e7aed67129a8d6187f8bd1d2c073678.jpg]

The publishing label is now willing to receive pitches on in-development games that require a publisher, and also wishes to hear from game developers and artists that would be available for future work.

The video game community is broadly divided on the announcement. Some see Dunkey’s claim of only publishing “good” games as an insult to other publishers, and insist he will eat those words. Others point out that having opinions on video games online does not make one a good judge of games in development.

BigMode Games has not announced any titles as of yet, and it’ll be unclear when we shall see the first game published by the label. Dunkey himself also wishes to be involved in the development of BigMode titles, but only time will tell how valuable that input will actually be.

Written by Dave Aubrey on behalf of GLHF.

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Después de altercado, Paulo Costa dice que Khamzat Chimaev ‘tiene miedo’

Paulo Costa y Khamzat Chimaev se enfrascaron en una discusión acalorada en el UFC Performance Institute. Antes de su pelea estelar del sábado en la UFC 279 contra Nate Diaz (20-13 MMA, 15-11 UFC), Chimaev (11-0 MMA, 5-0 UFC) confrontó a Costa, quien …

Paulo CostaKhamzat Chimaev se enfrascaron en una discusión acalorada en el UFC Performance Institute.

Antes de su pelea estelar del sábado en la UFC 279 contra Nate Diaz (20-13 MMA, 15-11 UFC), Chimaev (11-0 MMA, 5-0 UFC) confrontó a Costa, quien estaba entrenando con Jake Shields, compañero de equipo de Diaz.

El par intercambió ataques verbales y el equipo de Chimaev tuvo que retenerlo y frenarlo. Tras el altercado, Costa (13-2 MMA, 5-2 UFC) publicó su opinión es su canal de YouTube y acusó a Chimaev de estar asustado.

“Me encontré ahí a Chimaev, y oigan, estaba asustado”, dijo Costa. “El tipo se quedó ahí parado, petrificado. Se petrificó. La verdad no estoy sorprendido. Como había dicho antes, el pastelito checheno es un bully con los más pequeños”.

Pareciera que Costa, a quien le queda una sola pelea en su contrato de la UFC, está interesado en pelear contra Chimaev.

“Me llamó para hablar y fui, lo confronté. Me dijo: ‘Oye, Borrachinha, ¿por qué hablas de mí?’ Y le dije: ‘Hombre, ¿qué dije de ti? ¿Quieres pelear conmigo?’ Él dijo: ‘No, no – quiero saber lo que hablaste de mí.’ Yo dije: ‘Oye, quiero pelear contigo. Si le ganas a Nate Diaz, quiero pelear contigo’, y se quedó petrificado. Él dijo: ‘OK, peleemos ahora’. Todo su equipo se interpuso entre nosotros dos. Vaya que está asustado. Está que se c*ga de miedo”.

“Para que sepas, Chimaev, no necesito tener a un par de tipos conmigo. Soy un ejército de un solo hombre. Camino solo y te puedo ganar yo solo con una sola mano”.

Pueden ver el video de la opinión de Costa aquí abajo, cortesía de su canal de YouTube:



La UFC 279 será el sábado en el T-Mobile Arena de Las Vegas. Las peleas principales se transmitirán por pago por evento en ESPNEWS y los preliminares en ESPN+.
Artículo traducido por Ana Lucía Toledo
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WATCH: Trio of Alabama football players compete in chicken wing eating challenge

Watch as three Alabama football players compete in a chicken wing eating contest!

As if competing on the football field isn’t enough for Alabama football stars [autotag]Traeshon Holden[/autotag] and [autotag]Tyler Harrell[/autotag], the two took to a chicken wing eating contest along with [autotag]Emmanuel Henderson[/autotag] to add something a little different to the competition.

Thanks to Whistle Sports’ “Days Off” series on YouTube, Crimson Tide fans have an inside look at what the current stars of their football program do in their spare time. The video also shows a little more of the off-the-field personalities of Holden and Harrell.

Holden and Henderson tied for second place eating a total of 15 chicken wings in five minutes while Harrell took the victory gobbling down 18.

Check out the full video below!

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Watch: Notre Dame players try to sing ‘Victory March’

How does your singing compare to theirs?

A recent feature on the Notre Dame athletics YouTube Channel is the Karaoke Cam, in which football players trying to sing popular songs. So far, they’ve given their best shots at “Living on a Prayer” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. Now, with the start of the season less than a week away, it’s time for them to belt out the “Notre Dame Victory March”. As you might expect, a recording contract doesn’t appear to be in anyone’s future here, but you have to give them credit for their attempts and enthusiasm:

And no, that wasn’t a mistake at the end. For those who missed it, that’s the real final line for Notre Dame’s fight song now. The university has been co-ed for some time now, and it was beyond time for the fight song to reflect that. If that somehow offends you, there are plenty of old recordings out there that you can listen to.

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SPECIAL DELIVERY: Watch us absolutely destroy MSCHF’s and Jimmy Fallon’s new sneaker

Jimmy Fallon and MSCHF made a pretty tough skating sneaker

As a sneakerhead, it goes against every fiber of my being to destroy a shoe before it ever gets worn. It definitely hurt.

But y’all know the vibes.

The Special Delivery crew ain’t one to back down from a challenge. So we had to take action when Jimmy Fallon and MSCHF came together with the Gobstomper sneaker inspired by the Gobstopper candy.

There were too many layers on this thing to peel back for us not to at least attempt it. So we got our sandpaper, our nail filers and our power tools together and gave it our best shot.

Did we manage to sand back the layers? Quite a bit but not really. Did we manage to actually break the sneaker? Most definitely. And we talked about what MSCHF actually is along the way.

Check out how on this week’s episode of Special Delivery. It’s a fun one.

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Nike and Social Status took everyone back to school with the “Recess” Penny 1 pack

Penny Hardaway’s signature sneaker line just got a little bit cooler

Penny Hardaway is one of the most beloved basketball players ever when it comes to sneaker culture.

His signature shoe line is one of the best Nike has ever had — and that’s saying something. The only line unquestionably better than Penny’s is Michael Jordan’s, himself, and there’s a whole brand named after that man.

That’s why it’s so cool to see Hardaway finally getting a collaboration on the Penny 1 here. It’s long overdue and well deserved.

The sneaker line has a cult following, but it’s never been put in the spotlight like this before. It didn’t really need to be either, but we’ll take it. The Special Delivery crew dive into why this means so much in this week’s episode of SD.

Don’t miss it.

LIV Golf Invitational Series event in London to be streamed on YouTube and Facebook

The list of global networks covering the inaugural event “will be made available later this week.”

American fans of both golf and soccer will hear some familiar voices if they decide to tune in to the LIV Golf Invitational Series this week.

The Saudi Arabia-backed entity led by Greg Norman that plans to rival the PGA Tour finally announced on Monday that Thursday’s first round at Centurion Club outside London can be streamed on the company’s website, as well as YouTube and Facebook. The list of global networks covering the inaugural event “will be made available later this week,” according to a release.

The announcement also stated that NBC Sports’ former voice of the Premier League, Arlo White, would be the play-by-play announcer, with Jerry Foltz and Dom Boulet joining in the booth. Su-Ann Heng, a former No. 1 in Singapore, will lead on-course commentating. Troy Mullins, “will serve as an on-course reporter and social influencer.”

Lynch: Dustin Johnson unsurprisingly fails character test with LIV Golf
More: Field list for London event released

The format features a 12-team, 48-player field with a shotgun start. More than 50 cameras, player and caddie mics will be used, with more production value to come as the season goes on.

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Nike’s Panda Dunk is not the new Air Force 1, but we should appreciate it much more than we do

Nike’s Panda Dunks are playing the exact role they should and we need to accept that.

Nike’s Panda Dunk has become a shoe people either love or hate.

It looks incredible and might be the perfect shoe for anybody’s fit-grid they want to share on Instagram. At the same time, it feels like everyone and their cousin has a pair these days. And that seems to bother a lot of people. It’s why folks are calling it the new Air Force 1 — and not in a good way.

Folks want their shoes to be exclusive. They want to be able to flex on one another and say “I have these when you don’t.” That’s a big deal in sneaker culture.

But these Dunks were never meant for that. This is a shoe everyone is meant to have. And we need to accept it as such.

We talk about all that and much more on today’s episode of Special Delivery. Tap in, y’all.

Food TikTokers You Should Know: The Crazy Comedian Vintage Recipe Tester

It’s not unusual to find people on TikTok or Instagram putting old recipes to the test – often with great trepidation. It is unusual to find someone who combines the zinging one-liners of Rodney Dangerfield with the oddball charisma of Ed Grimley …

It’s not unusual to find people on TikTok or Instagram putting old recipes to the test — often with great trepidation. It is unusual to find someone who combines the zinging one-liners of Rodney Dangerfield with the oddball charisma of Ed Grimley (Martin Short circa 1984) or Pee-Wee Herman (Paul Reubens circa 1983). 

Meet B. Dylan Hollis, a man who may not need much introduction based on the size of his followings: He has 8.2 million TikTok followers, 1.1 million subscribers on Youtube, and 396,000 followers on Instagram (no recipe testing here, just pics and videos, sometimes playing the accordion). His recipe-testing videos are universally short and generally follow the same template:

  • screaming recitation of the recipe name and era when it was created
  • joke about said name of dish or concept
  • jiggling pompadour a la Conan O’Brien
  • incredulity when reading certain ingredients
  • sour face when tasting the abomination he’s made

But Hollis is not just making fun of old recipes. He clearly knows his subject; he’s finding these arcane recipes somewhere (he collects them apparently) and he’s genuinely taking the time to test them out, one by one  — since 2020 as far as we can tell. It’s hard to deny his charisma; his eyebrows have a life of their own, the double entendres fly, and the pace is rapid-fire.

Below, I’ve selected three recipes that demonstrate his skills. You’ll get the idea 10 seconds into any of them. But I bet you’ll click to see a second one too.


Who: B. Dylan Hollis





What: Vintage Recipes


Jellied Meatloaf from 1931


What could go wrong? #baking #vintage #cooking #jello

♬ original sound – B. Dylan Hollis

0:08 “Who’s mooing now,” he screams at a pan of ground beef.

0:18 “You know what stings more than a knife Mr. Onion? Rejection!”

0:51 “It’s a cat food recipe!”


Ration Cake from 1942


I have no words for what came out of the oven #baking #vintage #cooking #cake

♬ original sound – B. Dylan Hollis

0:02So it’s the ‘40s and we don’t have any butter, sugar, milk or eggs and we need to bake a cake!”

0:29Looks like barbecue sauce, smells of death.”

0:54 The sour face he makes at the end of many of his videos.


Water Pie from 1929


Hands down the worst so far #vintage #baking #cooking #recipe

♬ original sound – B. Dylan Hollis

0:02 “Can you make a pie with 4 ingredients? Yes, I could also eat my mattress.”

0:21 “Add 3 gills of water… is this written for a fish?”

0:36Finished a bit early… like my ex.”